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Reduce - Should add an ant?

2014-11-15 07:42:58 by Mejson



all my fans (and not only :))...

I give everyone a choice, as you can see we have a choice... Should add an ant to the team or not?

Everyone can vote...

So what do you think?



Reduce - Zip - Best Voice Actor

2014-10-16 05:21:54 by Mejson



Well, we have an obvious result...

In Reduce the best voice actor is ... Zip

Just, you don't be too surprised... :)

He deserved for it...

This image also goes to the "Latest Playlists" -> Other wallpaper...





Hello everybody,

it's time for a new Poster...

As seen on the screen will apply to the assessment of dubbing's actors in Reduce :)


In Reduce took part in the following actors:

- Mejson (as: Mejson and Jason),

- MariogD (as: MariogD),

- Zip (as: Zip and Steve),

- Mazurek (as: Mazurek and Jimmy).


Evaluate this actors on a scale of 0 to 5 :)

The whole crew is also involved...




Mejsom - Happy Birthday

2014-10-06 01:02:41 by Mejson



I have a birthday today...

Another year behind us...

As you can see in the screenshot I'm awfully lucky...
This screen can also be found in my "Latest Art"...

Hey, let the music play...

Reduce - Survival

2014-10-04 13:46:22 by Mejson


Hello everybody,

I put on - Reduce_Survival...

This small project shows the situation after the first part of the Reduce.

What do you think?

Reduce - COMING 1st October 2014 !!!

2014-09-25 13:28:29 by Mejson


Welcome everyone,
Greetings to all of our fans and fans of Counter Strike!

Reduce premiere will be held 1st October 2014!!!

This is a new role-playing adventure with all the characters (a total of 20 characters (or more :P) in the entire saga).
So, it will be saga - counting 4 or 5 parts.
Each character has different abilities and individual approaches to the situation in which he found himself.
Reduce animation will be full of twists and humor, and full of fatal dangers from which few will come unscathed health.

I hope you guys like it :)
Greetings from all the team...

Reduce - Voice Actor

2014-09-10 05:57:31 by Mejson


Hello Animetion24,

It's the job for You :)

Download Audacity (also in English).

This program is used to record sound (simple to use and free).

In the screenshot we see the correct and incorrect recording of sound (very important).


Here is the issues Delsin:

Scene 8

8.1."Are you a leader?" (curious)*

8.2."Nice to meet you, Mr. Mejson." (quietly)

8.3."I'm sorry, I ..." (worried)

8.4."I'm sorry, Mr. Mejson." (confused)


Scene 13

13.1."That's everyone?" (worried)

13.2."Do you want to wait for the others?" (curious)


Scene 14

14.1."How long we stay here?" (curious)

14.2."Redy." (glad)


Scene 15

15.1."What happened?" (worried)

15.2."Impossible, he is there." (quietly)

15.3."He'll be fine?" (worried)

15.4."What have you got there?" (curious)

15.5."Honey." (curious)

15.6."He's right, we can't wait longer" (quietly)


Scene 16

16.1."I don't think so" (worried)

16.2."Look!" (excited)

16.3."Caterpillars?" (curious)

16.4."What now?" (worried)

16.5."She can handle it?" (worried)


Scene 17

17.1."I'm still alive." (painful)


* The expression of emotion in the tone of votes.


If you want I can write you (in ang. of course) a scene where you have dialogues :)


I completed the following points:

- the appearance of the characters - OK,
- shock in the characters - OK,
- show the beast - OK,
- attempt to shoot the monster - OK,
- disappointment attack - OK,
- Mejson's charge (he first attacks the beast) - OK,
- counter of mantis - OK,
- another attempt to attack and the subsequent failure - OK,
- the climbing - OK,
- support of ants with Candy at the forefront - OK,

- surprise Jason's attack - NEW,
- Mejson falls from a mantis - NEW.


Does anyone have any questions?

CS - Renewed versions

2014-08-21 05:21:47 by Mejson


I throw refurbished versions of CS...
Currently we are waiting for approval of their on :)

Enjoy :P

Reduce - New character added!

2014-08-07 15:56:17 by Mejson


Ladies and gentalmanes!

We have a great pleasure to introduce You winner of our competotion!

[dum dum dum]

And winner is Animetor24...

Congratulation to him!!

Animeto24 will have dubious pleasure to play a role in Reduce 2 next to loved and known heroes like MariogD or Me :)


Reduce #1 - We need more...

2014-07-29 11:40:07 by Mejson



This screen show: Last added Characters!

Now we have talked about a new character in future parts of Reduce. It's time to tell more about it...:)

So this hero can be YOU. Yes YOU !!!

We prepared this reward for a person who would be the most active on our pages. Of course choice of a appearance and features will be Your decision.

So comment, be active and You will have change to play role in our new adventure!

You - our dear fans - have time until the next wednesday ( 6th August) This day we will choose person who will have the honour (:P) be in Reduce 2!