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Hello everyone (my fans and not only).

I finished scene 11 - extremely strange (for the first time such a weirdness) and extremely toxic (dangerous biohazard)...

This is a fairly short scene because it has - 15 seconds and surprises with its ending - who would have expected it...

Scene 1 - "The nightmares"
Nightmares... an inseparable aspect of life. They always chase us and don't let sleep at night... They are the epitome of our stress, doubts and past events... They won't stop haunting us until we close some issues from the past or we organize our lives. Nightmares often affect people who have something on their conscience, unless someone has no conscience...

Scene 2 - "The matched duo"
Matched duo... there is always better with company. It doesn't matter whether you are super fast... extraordinary strong... or you have the eyes of a falcon... sooner or later will happen that the cruel beast of reality will dump you from the saddle... and if you go through life alone then it finally going to destroy you... Therefore, never forget what friendship is - it will never let you down...

Scene 3 - "It's raining..."
It's raining... it's better not to go outside. Nothing can be done with the mother's nature rage... neither haste nor perfect equipment of the backpack or experience will not protect against the treacherous weather. It always starts inconspicuously... and deceives with its initial delicacy... then to attack with a full fury - crushing everything on its way... therefore it's better to patiently wait...

Scene 4 - "Training is a health..."
Training is a health... this isn't up for discussion... Excellent condition and strength are essential to survival in an cruel and harsh environment. When you run out of breath and your temples are pulsating intensively from tiredness, then you realize that you weren't ready for this... but it is already too late... Adversities will not wait until you draw air - only crush you immediately... so take care of your health...

Scene 5 - "Almost there..."
Almost there... it is often repeated sentence. Saying it - more or less gives a hope and uplifts... However, sometimes it is only a excuse for exaggerated optimists... Still, don't be discouraged, because of hope we are able to achieve the desired goals... Therefore, never lose hope...

Scene 6 - "The climbing..."
The climbing... one simple activity associated with huge effort. Climbing is the most competitive and dangerous activity - many people have died... And yet they are still trying, because there is nothing more beautiful than reaching the top and great satisfaction with it... That is why it is always worth taking a risk...

Scene 7 - "The coveted support"
The coveted support... so much expected and desired. There is never too much support... no matter if there are some resources or other people, because you can never predict what adversities you will have to deal with or whether you will face with the raw mother nature. She treats all her children equally... judges them regardless of whether they are polite or not... therefore, never despise anyone's help...

Scene 8 - "The clumsy mistake"
The clumsy mistake... it's happens sometimes... everyone makes smaller or bigger mistakes and in spite of appearances it's good because a man learns from mistakes. It's important not to worry and keep moving forward and forward... and forgive someone else's mistakes... however, mother nature is cruel and never forgive... one mistake and you can say goodbye to your life... therefore watch how you walk between her beloved children...

Scene 9 - "The another loss..."
The another loss... it's just as painful as the first, even when you expect it... you can never be prepared for the loss of a loved one. People with a weaker one can experience a mental breakdown or become depressed, and even a worse thing may happen... a sensitive hero with a pure heart under the influence of many traumatic experience can change dramatically... he may become an empty and insensitive shell...

Scene 10 - "Despair..."
Despair... is the result of a loss... the painful loss that can affect everyone... it takes time to come to terms with such a heartbreaking experience. The closer relationship between companions the despair is greater... Even the most heartless and ruthless badasses need time to deal with the loss of a companion... no one can predict how much this process will take. Sometimes it takes days, weeks, and even years... and sometimes... nothing will wear off the sadness, you will carry it in your heart whole life...

Scene 11 - "The nothingness"
Nothingness... can affect anyone. This is an unexpected sudden condition that cannot be simply defined. Everyone has own theory on this subject... no mather if the soul goes to heaven after death or is reincarnated, nothingness leaves an empty body... what if this empty shell still is able to work? Will be this still a life?

What do you think about thisĀ scene? Scary or weird? Certainly quite unusual...