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Flash isn't dead... he's still alive in my heart... don't worry my brothers :)

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Welcome everyone!

Dear NG connoisseurs, another Poster is waiting for you! I invite everyone! Another week - another Poster! :D

New project (animation) update Reduce 2 - Pass of Time - 'Scene 2' is currently 53.2 seconds :P I know it was "only" an extra 3.5 seconds, but the work I did was about 30 hours :P Well, I don't know about other artists work, but with us dynamic action always requires a lot of work.

Additionally, I did background optimization (.png) for 'Scene 1' so it will definitely be a smoother scene. :) You can test if it works equally well with 'Medium' and 'Hight' quality :P

Previously events in 'Scene 2':

  • the camera shows the area - a cliff (depressions),
  • zoom in on Mazurek - breathes heavily, then looks into the abyss, then goes to the others (left),
  • the camera (with Mazurek) moves next to sitting Keni, who looks at Mazurek (he stops next to Keni),
  • the camera pauses (zooms in) on the Zip, who is breathing heavily (dripping sweat), and after a while says irritated: "What the fuck was that?!",
  • the camera returns to the other heroes (the two), Mazurek looks sadly at Zip, then looks at Keni who shrugs and relaxes his neck,
  • Mazurek (his face expresses irritation at Keni's behavior) turns away from Keni and looks down at the ground (he touches his chin with his hand - thoughts), after a while Mazurek says: "Calm down, we need to hide and rethink the next steps...",
  • Keni says (with pity) looking at Mazurek: "You have no idea...",
  • Mazurek looks at him with discontent, then turns (towards Zip) and makes a terrified face, Keni also looks in that direction and reacts similarly,
  • camera moves on seated Zip...

Current events in 'Scene 2':

  • ...God-DL Zombie appears behind him,
  • lunges at him (grunts) and flips him to the ground,
  • Zip squints his eyes tightly and groans (from the impact),
  • his impact raises dust around them,
  • after a while, Zip tries to get up (he looks terrified),
  • God-DL Zombie, seeing this, immediately presses him to the ground,
  • Zip freezes his eyes softly, God-DL Zombie roars in anger...

As you can see, I don't have a bright future for Zip :) Especially that the next event is not a pleasant one... poor Zip... Keep your fingers crossed for him! :)

@ChordC, thank you for a lot of sounds without which it wouldn't be so great! Thank you! :D Well, I have the impression that the sounds (at times) interpenetrate so much that most people will not hear a single sound XD But I still think it's a 'melody' of combined sounds :) We can make a contest :P How many sounds can you hear? (during a zombie attack) :P

What do you think about it, @Cyberdevil@Animetion24@ChordC@MariogD@SayMeBott@Mazurek and Rashty92? I updated the .exe file, so feel free to watch and opinion :)