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Pretty good, dude! Keep fighting! :P

Nice! Not bad :P
Regards Cyberdevil, mate! :D

Mabelma responds:

Thanks for the comment!

Nice! The animation is not amazing :P But amazing soundtrack and Voice Acting :P
Regards Plasmarift, mate! :D

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Interesting idea, but a lot of bugs...

OK, It's a bit weird and biased...

Okeeeey, this is probably not for me...

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Very good! Keeps you in suspense! Cool sounds! Keep it up! It's nice to hear! Positive vibrations!

ChordC responds:

Thank you mate! I tried to make this as positively uplifting, so yeah :), appreciate your review as always, hope the Reduce project is going well ;)

Hmmm nice! I feel like this song is sad at first. Very touching. I associate it with the music that appears in the movie scenes after the bloody fight :) And in the second part / half - it creates some anxiety. Pretty cool! Maybe we can use it for Reduce 3 - Part I (Main Menu)? :P Unless we decide on a different one.

ChordC responds:

Thank your for your review, as always :), pretty nice interpretation you got there, and yeah, you can use this for Reduce 3, feel free to use it ;)

Cool and calm :) But not really my style :) Great melody and perfectly blending sounds :) What else can I add? It reminds me of a sad summary, and the very fact that it is a certain end is evidenced by the sadness present in the piece...

Well done! Keep it up!

ChordC responds:

Hello again! Thank you for leaving a review here, I always appreciate it :)

Yeah, you can say that this is a sad/happy summary of some sort. In fact, I made the titles of the song in this album to represent some kind of a story, you can interpret this “story” however you like.

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I guess it's OK.

Hehehe, nice! Great memories! :)

It's looks more like BG but OK. 😀

Flash isn't dead... he's still alive in my heart... don't worry my brothers :)

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