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Pretty good, dude! Keep fighting! :P

Nice! Not bad :P
Regards Cyberdevil, mate! :D

Mabelma responds:

Thanks for the comment!

Nice! The animation is not amazing :P But amazing soundtrack and Voice Acting :P
Regards Plasmarift, mate! :D

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Hi, mate :)

A very interesting quiz :) It's a pity that I got "0" XD I have so much work that I have never had the strength to engage in such topics... Well, I have the impression that this is why hardly anyone knows me :P

Anyway, cool, people definitely like it. :)


Cyberdevil responds:

Ah not even one?! XD That is a pity! And that might be a reason indeed, though with this particular quiz the subject material is a little oudated either way... maybe you'd get a few answers if it was relevant to 2021. You do know some people now.

Thanks for playing and leaving a review though! And I will check out that planning post soon, just some dues to plow through first...

Pretty cool! :P It's cool for you, my friend :D

Hehehe, as an artist I have a few reservations about XD:
- too little distance between the water and the lower objects (before you understand what's going on, you can lose 5 times XD),
- if you "save" all objects, it should go to the next level automatically :P,
- too short game! XD.

Well... after the assessment, I think you are liked very much :P Congratulations! Maybe someday I'll also be XD (after another 15 years here XD).

Keep it up!

Edit: Second point - there is a "NEXT >" screen, so I'm right XD (I mean the level should end after saving all objects and move on to "NEXT >" screen. Sorry, language barrier! :P) Cool. Hmmm, do I know... I'd rather be liked than medals :P I pay attention / like to interactions with people :)

Cyberdevil responds:

Mmm, fair points! The first one's hopefully not that big a problem since you do get the opportunity to replay instantly when you lose, maybe it becomes a bit of a pull to keep going too, and preparation for the other levels where you do need to be as fast as possible, but you're right I should probably ideally have had the water at least a liiiittle bit lower for the first number. It's a bit imbalanced with how fast you need to click that one and then how the time is more than enough for all the others...

As for the second point I feels a moment's pause between levels in a game like this is actually a very necessary thing. :) You may need a pause. Collect yourself. Get ready again...

Regarding the shortness I totally agree! Didn't have the time to add in all the levels I was planning to, but maybe next time! Hopefully there is a next time!

I'm sure you will too, the secret to popularity - if you don't create good enough work that you become famous regardless - might be to interact with sometimes more people than you really have time for; just get involved with as much as you can. ;) You're already earning higher trophies than I am though!

Thank you; you too!

Nice! A little bit of trolling the player! Hehehe :P

Cyberdevil responds:

Indeed! :D Glad you enjoyed it!

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Equally 5 minutes? Does it have some magic / secret message? :P A specific sharp piece! I can't keep up with what's going on in it XD Not my atmosphere, but it's cool! Perfect for sure! It shows amazing abilities!

Cyberdevil responds:

Hehe just a happy coincidence regarding the track length. :) No track lengths here are intentional, though there are a couple others that turned out just perfect that way, meaningful numerical representations even if not by intention...

Thanks for listening in to all of these after all! Gave it my all for these last two, though maybe a bit too much actually, recording clipped so much here I had to cut certain frequencies a bit!

A brilliant work! My brother is right (and it happens rarely so you can appreciate it XD). I also especially like it. Really great job!

Cyberdevil responds:

Rare that you like the same things, or that you think the same way? :D Much appreciated!

Hehehe is a lullaby? :) Cool! And on the inside, it is stimulating for people who are actually starting to fall asleep XD Hehehe

Cyberdevil responds:

Ahaha maybe a good tactical choice to go louder there then! XD May be conically similar though the intention's definitely not to make you sleepy! ;)

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Nice! Unusual comic...

Hehehe, nice! Great memories! :)

Nice! :D

VortexSupernova responds:

Thanks bruv!

Flash isn't dead... he's still alive in my heart... don't worry my brothers :)

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