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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea :P Great song to listen to in the morning :) Great job! :P I like it! Such a more rocky song :) With a lot of possibilities :D To the animation and everything you can imagine :P Ooooo hehe, are the bells? :)

ChordC responds:

Yeeeeeaa, a combination of bass, rock, jazz, and classical orchestra. The orchestra part caught you off guard huh? It's a part of the song that I made for more variety, a nice change of phase IMO.

Cool sounds! A bit like a concert in a club :) It is catchy! It's great to listen to! Respect! Quite a long piece :) Drums are my favorite instrument :P In my imagination I would see this piece for some old school style game or animation :D

ChordC responds:

I am glad you enjoyed it :), this is the second longest song that I have made thus far, took a lot of work indeed. Thank you for listening ;)

Very cool! What? It's hard to say, but I think that some spy action would definitely fit / stealth :P A very interesting melody that is listened to with great interest :D I think that everyone will like it! As always, an amazing work! Congratulations! I would not call this song "strange", I clearly declare my destiny :) And finally it ends calmly :)

ChordC responds:

Thank you for your nice words, as always :). What this song conveys depends on your imagination, there’s clearly a lot of things going on in this song.

Pretty cool! I associate with songs for old games :D Such as squirrels agent (Chip and Dale: Brigade RR) :) I like the rhythms! Quite a long piece! It definitely required a lot of work :) And why didn't you mention anything that you added a new track? :P You are my favorite artist :D Bravo!

ChordC responds:

Glad that you enjoyed it :) never heard of that game before, but I’m sure that it’s a fun game.

Well I do prefer the “let the audience find you” method rather than having to “force” people to listen to my songs, that will just deter people away IMO.

Music is pretty cool, but work on the vocals :)

Ok, but it's very short... even for a piece of music.

Nice melody, although the words are quite vulgar :P
@ChordC, what do you think, mate?:)

KillerRATband responds:

vulgarity is good

OK, It's reminiscent of game music from the old days :P Nostalgic :)

Cool! Five stars! Your best creation so far! I like! Atmospheric!

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, friends, what do you think? :)

KillerRATband responds:

Yes, I personally like this song a lot too.

OK! It is rather a sound (for a certain situation) than a song :)

PS. When will be the game you make music be ready for?

KillerRATband responds:

Yeah, it's just used as a sound ingame and is just the outro track to the album. There is no release date for the game as of now but it is planned to be finished sometime early 2021.

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