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Man that's a shame. :/ Might be worth a mention at the top of the description if people do complain, something like: NOTE! Be sure to click the trophy icon before you leave a puzzle to get the medal - it doesn't unlock automatically! Each puzzle is reset upon exit.

At least medals seem to be unlocking fine though, finna slowly work my way through those medals now. :) And I assume a lot of people will be playing this now thanks to those, possible audience boost as long as they don't just get annoyed at this...

Regarding the playlist, what happens if you try to add this game? Error message? I thought I'd tried mixing submissions before. You can't ad submissions when they're still Under Judgement though, if that's it right now.

Ok, where to add? If you think you should add it so I will :)

It's nice that they will play :P You know, I understood that when you finish something, you have to win a medal - like at some competition :P And it did not fit here, because there are thanks :)

Ooooo, and I did not know that when there is 'Under Judgment' you cannot add to your collection... Thanks for the info :)

@Cyberdevil @Mejson
I have two ideas about this medals issue:
- @Mejson made a mistake in code (we need to check that)
- NG Player does not know which user is logged (I will able to confirm after making at least one puzzle)

I sent this code to @MariogD :) Maybe he will say something about it :P

I thought maybe it should be more complex to working, but I expected it might not work that way for us...

@MariogD regarding the possibility that it's an issue with NG Player it seems to be working fine for me in regards to the medals, they do unlock when I complete puzzles, so at least the API connection is working. As for any other possible connection problems that seems difficult to test...

And difficult to troubleshoot the code for anyone but @Mejson I suppose?

@Cyberdevil I made the puzzle and I confirm that connection to API is working. After reopening Summary our secrets does not see that medal is unlocked.
@Mejson I as programmer must say that 99% it is our fault, somewhere in the code has to be bug. I do not think that it is NG problem.

Yes, but I don't think there is a bug in the code... just our code is not enough - it's not quite finished, maybe something else is needed... but some professional from AS3 and API would have to look, I don't know...

@MariogD Oh you're a programmer too! Do you work with ActionScript as well? Maybe this isn't as hopeless as I assumed...

@MariogD is a much better programmer than I'm... I can do something in Flash to make it work in a project. My brother works as a programmer, but not Flash. :)

I don't think we should leave it for the end... but we came up with it quite late... we should go to someone a month ago and wait for help. So I'm not surprised it doesn't work XD

Personally I'd put the note right at the top of the description - but only if people do complain. Wouldn't be an ideal place, just the only one it's surely to be noticed by those who might be bothered. Alternatively, of course, some notice within the game itself.

But could you even exit the puzzle without clicking the trophy now btw? Maybe that had been changed too? Don't really want to take the time to test that now, if so then this doesn't seem like a bigger issue either way. Unfortunate lack of desired functionality of course, but nothing that'll cause trouble for those who are here most for the medals...

Yeah it really feels rewarding too, with the confetti and all, after the time it takes to complete some of these. :)

Guess that solved the playlist problem at least then. :)

Ah it's not really complete. XD Ah well, still interesting to see if maybe you see what might be missing @MariogD

The note is in the middle of the author's comment - no one complained about it :P Cool :)

Clicking 'trophy' is the only option, so I doubt anyone will close the project after completing the puzzle :P

Yes, I think it's nice to get applause and confetti after completing such difficult puzzles :P

Our super playlist: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/098d93dbc80aa13ee0ee33e05f6fc26a

I think it's unknown XD A specialist (as I probably mentioned) from AS3 would be nice :P

Ah good to know. :)

No worries at all then.

Nice. :) Regarding the programmer maybe one sees that 'we're looking for YOU' box on the submission hmm...

Regarding OneThousandMeeps review on the missing piece btw, I noticed this too yesterday. It seems like it may be possible to drag them out from behind others sometimes, if the edges are still visible, but it does seem like occasionally they can be hidden so it's just impossible to do so. Or that they're just so difficult to find you don't click on the right place to have them brought forth, if they are always shown over the puzzle pieces that have been placed already when you click on 'em. Maybe there's an order to how they're layered otherwise? Certain ones remain on top? Anyway in most cases it seems there'll always be at least some visible edge to drag on, but started dragging puzzle pieces away from the main board a bit after I discovered this; prevent it from maybe happening accidentally when there's a lot of them on the same spaces.

Maybe someone will come forward or not :P It's important that we had included everything we wanted in the project :)

Well... as I wrote back OneThousandMeeps, this project has a script that makes sure that the stacked element is at the bottom. However, it is known that such situations can happen (like mentioned to the person), because sometimes the script may not work from simple statistics :P

At the 'top' they are not arranged, and at the very top there are those that will be hovered over or moved :)

For sure. :)

Ah it's that thought-out... good to know. Do you know when it's most likely these things occur? If you're solving a puzzle too fast; put too many pieces into places within a short duration of time? Just random?

Sounds perfect.

I think it's... pure randomness, no influence :P Flash and AS3 behave like this sometimes and you can't help it :)

Uuuuuu, it's a pity :/ We had (R2 - Summary) 3.76, and now they lowered us to 3.60... but the position and the trophy are guaranteed :P Nobody will take it away :)

Eeeeee, @Cyberdevil? There are already two projects... two that 'miss' your juicy commentary XD

Good to know. :) Not even machines are perfect hmm...

Seems like the usual order that submissions get an initial boost when they pass judgement, especially when you have a large following, then it evens out a bit. :) But still not bad! Hope it stays close to four at least.

I know! XD Focusing on those puzzles first now, maybe soon...

What's perfect? :P

Close to 4? I think it's rather close to 3.60 and it will probably stay that way... all in all fine! :P

Wow, do you want to put them all together? :P I'm impressed :)

Not sure if that's a question or a 'indeed nobody's perfect' statement? :P

Well 3.60 is pretty close to 4 in my book. :) Rounding upwards.

Of course! Now that they have medals too. :P

Both :P Neither the people nor the designs are perfect! :P

Hehehehehehe... it's a very strong rounding :)


Hello my friends!

Has become! Together we won the second trophy - Daily 2th Place!

Incredible! I'm still impressed :) Despite the incompetence of most viewers XD

I know that everyone thought and hoped it would be 1 place, but I think it's great too :P Hehehe XD

Anyway, THANK YOU again for being with us and for your huge contribution to this project!

You are awesome! Capable! Each of you is unique and necessary :) And I say it honestly, not because there aren't many of us XD Hehehe

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, @Mazurek and others... we make a great team! I hope we will be together forever :P

Best regards,

@Mejson @Cyberdevil @Animetion24 @SayMeBott @Mazurek
Daily 2th place is wonderful news! Thank you guys for cooperation!

Yes bro! It was cool! Demanding project because a lot of repetition, but it turned out nicely! :P

Ain't that the truth. :)

But correct. :P It's just like money! And score = slang for money, too, so it all goes full circle!

lol the 'incompetence of most viewers'! XD Is that the right way to look at our potentially consistently growing fanbase here?!

Anyway it's an honor to be a part of this too! Sometimes gets a little hectic keeping up with all updates but in the end seems worth it, didn't fully realize how comprehensive this was until the final test too! When you really dig in. Great work on all of this.

Cool, that's a joke :P I know that some people see it difficult to understand or something may be unfamiliar because they may not know something about something :)

It was an honor for me too! :)

Yupp yupp, reacting in similar manner there. :)

Honor like equals!