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Flash isn't dead... he's still alive in my heart... don't worry my brothers :)

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Hehe I should've understood though, no worries. Well I mean it seemed too soon as in: it seemed like there was still a lot of development time ahead/a lot that needed to be done! :) Never too soon though of course!

Well, my wise friend, this 'Scene 1' isn't that difficult and I have all the elements ready and there is no complicated MoveClip to create (this scene is like an introduction, so it doesn't take long), that's why this scene can be created in fairly fast :P But imagine if 'Scene 2' is going to be a lot more difficult due to / difficulties: creating a new background, animating a God-DL Zombie fight, creating a God-DL Zombie... so then there will be a lot of work :P

Since you are here :D... then how to correctly (and where) to add info about the enormity of the project in the comment of the project "R2 - Pass of Time"?

The viewer cried:
"Does not work. I can see only white screen (FF and Chrome).
Edit: Ok it works, but it is not even a game anyway."

And then I wrote back:
"Because it is loading... it looks like it is loading for the first time (big projects have it - like this one)... you had to wait a while (a bit longer if you have worse internet)."

What should the text be?

PS. By the way why "it's not a game", but these malicious people... Why do they blame? It's probably up to the creator how the game will look like XD

@Mejson “Set me Free” is a song I’m making to represent a person or people fighting for their freedom. If you want to reflect this song on people today, it can represent a person trying to break free from their personal problems, such as school, abusive relationship, etc

For this animation, I think it represents the struggles of the heroes going through, and the friends they lost along the way. So pick the picture that think will fit ;)

Hmmmm, I used quite universal and obvious message :P I think it fits everything related to "Freedom" / freedom fighters :D

You can already see the project in the preview because I have already added to the whole project (in all places). :)

Long road ahead still hmm. :)

Maybe a note right at the top of the description box would be best? Something simple like: NOTE! Very large submission, takes a while to load.

Or better: NOTE! Very large file, may take a while to load.

Hmmmm :P
Humans are silly creatures, dude XD
Maybe something like this:

NOTE! Very large project (file), may take a while to load (white screen when loading).

Mejson (your best animator :D)

Hey everybody, I'm still around, and most likely still healthy. Hope everyone else is too. But I think I've hit a serious impasse.

Naturally with Flash Player out the door, I was looking to install NG Player to replace, but I had already erased all things Flash on my main machine in prep for this year. It turns out in my case, it needs a version from said player, which I cannot seem to get back.

I'm not quite certain how I plan to preview/watch the projects in the future; my machine also has little space to spare, so most likely downloading the external files may be out of the question.

Probably? I hope he is very healthy :) Everyone here is healthy too :)

You don't need it at all... I was reviewing this issue with @SayMeBott and figured out that you should:
- enter Account Settings (your profile on NG),
- in 'Content Display Options' enable 'Use Newgrounds Player for Flash' (You can download the Player here: https://www.newgrounds.com/flash/player),
- you enter the animation on NG and then you see: 'Launch In Newgrounds Player' (if you haven't installed it, do it),
- ready!

Why you don't have disk space? This 300-500 MB is probably not a problem... it's very little space.


Was trying to keep it as simple as possible. XD But sure, that'd work, no confusion!

Thanks for your confirmation! :D

@Animetion24 Good to hear you're alright. :) Regarding Flash Player it seems Adobe are really doing their best to kill it now, no official downloads, and newer versions of the player will apparently actively be blocking Flash content after the 12th too... does NG Player require a specific version? You can find the older ones here for example: http://www.oldversion.com/windows/macromedia-flash-player/

If there's a specific one required maybe I can find a working link for you.

I believe that what I wrote above should work as much as possible. I don't use Adobe Flash Player anymore and I have no problems. :)

I definetly agree with @MariogD

It was so "high" that it's hard to tell what you mean, but it was something about "The new version is ok". :D

It does rely on the official Flash Player too though. According to the official page 'This player also depends on Adobe's standalone Flash plugin. You may be asked to install that as well.'

But maybe it's included... hope so. If not it should be possible to dig up some links! Lots of unofficial sources for something as big as this.

Hope everything will be all right... and there won't be any problems. @Animetion24, I believe in you! :)

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, what's up? Today there is an update to Windows that was supposed to kill Flash wwwwooooooohoooooo awfully terrible... XD update clowns Just spend 30 seconds to fix it :D It's no problem, just follow the simple steps described here - how to fix: https://sonucais.newgrounds.com/news/post/1137244

On Sunday I rested and didn't do Flash animation :P On Monday and Tuesday I had a lot of work at work XD And in the afternoon I didn't have the strength to sit at the computer (additionally I'm sore and tired after the gym). Today I'm going to start doing 'Scene 1 - Part II'. Cross your fingers XD Hehehehe, cool :)


@Mejson I think it is time to think what about this Flash, it seems to be harder and harder to watch our animations. Maybe time to abondon this flash things as menu etc and focus on animation?
To be on the same page, it is only to start discussion

You're acting like "you" as usual! Grumpy and that's it... No talking! You have an easy way and as much as uninstalling silly add-ons.

OK NG Player is not working even for me, so it is time for discussion :C

Fingers crossed. :) That mms.cfg replacement strategy worked perfect too, thanks for linking! Flash Will Never Die As Long As We're Alive after all huh!!!

Exactly, stop whining and go to work!

@Cyberdevil, when 'Ruffle' will work with AS3 because so far it is only made with AS2, but you need AS3?

I don't know when, but I suppose that's the big thing to work on after they fix up current bugs in regard to AS2. Right now I hear they're working on getting bitmap data to render properly, seems like a lot of minor roadblocks to sort through first.

I understand, I will be waiting patiently, and in the meantime I will made an animation :P That's cool :) Today I wrote on the forum with @TomFloup :) Busy as usual :D When I asked a private question, he didn't have time to respond back to me XD (I'm a bit tired after exercise because this sentence didn't have sense XD) Hehehe... I'm probably somebody for him mediocre - a kid :P :D XD

@TomFloup? XD There's a free username if someone wants one hmm! Sounds good. :) Indeed he has a backlog of things to do all the time, would be interesting to know how many PMs he gets each day; how many questions he answers. Always impressive commitment though, even if he doesn't get to everything. :) Maybe next time! I leave comments in pretty much every newspost and on rare and special occasions I actually get at least a mood emoji back. :) It's a good feeling!

Seems like you're working out a lot lately! Over here: a little frisbee golf and shoveling snow. :) Finally got some real winter1

Hehehe, but funny :P It's the first time you joked on me :) Cool. I understand, our busy Tom :P Of course it's a great feeling!

Because when I gained weight then I have to lose weight because I felt bad with it... I lost 6 kg... and still more 19 kg and I will have the same weight as normal XD Massacre... You're cool too!

@Mejson OK this solution with changing file seems quite ok. I will try. I was afraid solution with uninstalling security things.

Great, and did you make it? :)

Wooah that's a lot of weight you've gone down already! How long did it take to drop 6 kg? Impressive... it usually takes me at least a full month to just drop a few. That'd be summer. :P Most important time of the year... but each year I keep telling myself this time I'll actually stay in shape all the time.

Thanks, I know I'm fat :P Hehehe, ok XD Today it's been a month since I've been practicing here :P Well, that's how it turned out :) Summer? No virus? :P How are you? Are you a little fluffy? :P

Nice discipline. :) No virus...? I am a little fluffy yeah, just a liiiittle overweight but it's so much easier to gain just a little more than lose a little more when you're in this state. :) Not sure what my normal weight should be but if I drop around 7 kg I'd be happy. :) 89 feels like my ideal weight. Just gotta turn some fat to muscle to burn fat quicker!

Yes, you have to take care of your health! I hope the vaccines will help and this virus will eventually end... Overweight you can contract 90% of most diseases that people encounter... Cool, you will definitely succeed if you want :) My Cardio is with 6 kg dumbbells :D.

By the way, there was a lot of work to do in my QA job today :P This week I'm not getting have time to be lazy XD Hehehehe, but cool, I'm currently working on the animation moment when Keni is going to yell at Zip, so it's close to the end. Later making details, like sweat and dust, and then probably together with @ChordC we will improve my poor sounds XD Hehehe

This scene will be quite short... I think (Part II) will last somewhere between 10 - 15s.

Right, all the worse a time to have this extra burden! And nice! I work with 7,5kg myself actually but lately... I rarely work so not much benefit in that! XD I bought a pack of 1kg plates a while back to successively lift heavier and heavier, but that's been a bit of a wall so far, was aiming for 10 but need way more regular lifts for that. Every time I skip a few days 7,5 feels heavy enough.

Good and bad hmm? :) Got a lot going on at the company here too, been having online meetings with some SEO firms, going through our inventory and looking for a better webhost... competition's toughening up so it seems like it's time to try to boost business efficiency a bit!

15s is still longer than you'd expect in animation though. Sounds good!

Uuuuuu pretty nice: P I just have at home only such XD

Oh, I can see that you are still happening :P And how are your projects going? You were supposed to have more time for these projects. :)

A lot? Hehehe, ale Reduce 2 lasts almost 30 minutes :P This add-on will last 10-12 minutes :D So a bit of a lot :)

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