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Heheh, I knew God DL would become a zombie, perhaps there will be more characters that will turn into zombies in the future, I have the sifvssa2c #4 vibes again :).

Hmmm, why not ask the voice actors to make zombie sounds? I'm not really a voice actor, I'm pretty sure our voice actors can record zombie growls or sounds.

How did you know? :P Have you read the script? Hmmm, I will add a link to that Poster / Script :P Maybe it is... but they won't necessarily be our heroes :) Hehehehehe, that's cool :)

The character God-DL didn't say anything because she had a wound in the mouth area (seams there), and the fan who this character was for left our crew and NG. Hmm, I'll probably change the tone of voices a little and use the sounds @Cyberdevil recorded for 'Steve Zombie'.

@Mejson I mean, the theme of the movie is about zombies in general, so I could already guess ;).

A little side note, I know that zombie ants exist in real life as well, and it is caused by a certain species of mushrooms, so this movie is scientifically accurate, which is one of the reasons I am interested in the series ;).

"I'll probably change the tone of voices a little and use the sounds @Cyberdevil recorded for 'Steve Zombie'."

Alright, that can work.

Oh, I understand :P Well... it's true :)

We know, this fungus in our animation changes the ants and heroes :P And without this tact would not interest you? :P Are you interested in truth and science, not in fantasy? :P And what else are you interested in this series?

I think 'God-DL Zombie' will have a slightly higher voice. :D

@Mejson I’m interested in science and fantasy, as long as the story is interesting enough for me to watch, listen, or read about ;)

Hmmmm I understand :P Interesting :) I think 'Reduce Saga' meets this requirement :D

God-DL definitely looks more menacing zombified. The spiked shoulders certainly don't help to make him huggable either (my memory might be failing me, but I don't recall him wearing them when he got trampled in II; could it be the hive mind gives them problem-solving intelligence and allow them to arm themselves to better kill the living?).

Well, it looks more dangerous and like a real Zombie :P The whole team thinks it because it has a more "natural" color for a Zombie, and that's because its orginal color was gray.

Unfortunately, your mind disappoints you because he always looked like this :) It's his original clothes.

How are you? Have you seen 'Scene 1'?

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, @Mazurek.

Yesterday I created the face God-DL (front), and as part of the promotion I created this interesting wallpaper, I invite you to rate :D


@Mejson looks incredible! Btw how is the Scene 2 going?

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, I apologize to everyone, but for a few days I have been too tired after work or gym... I haven't done Flash for a few days, but today I'm going to do a new Poster - 'Cliff' - new terrain, it's a dip in the land, probably washed out by rain.