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All sounds good so far. And yeah, I get the want to give the characters respite after they were in a tense first scene. But I think it's only more human for them to continue thinking about their survival, so perhaps after Mazurek finishes his heavy breathing, he is seen inspecting himself for any cuts he might've received while running. It could be explained that Zip has been instructing them to keep doing this as they come back to their (old) sanctuary. We didn't need to see it before because they weren't so overrun back then, but this time they had no safe opportunity prior, so Mazurek remembers to do it now.

It would also serve as a foreshadowing for what's to happen soon in the same scene as well (if the Scene II news page from way back last year is still up to date)

This most likely wouldn't need any sounds, unless the ruffling of the leaf armor is needed. Neither will there be voices, and probably takes all of three seconds at minimum.

What do you think, @Mejson, @Cyberdevil, and @ChordC ?

Have you seen 'Scene 1'? Cool? Well, here they take a breath, but as it turns out, it's not a safe place. It will not check or bandage because something... disturbing is about to happen. I stick to the script and only more add character reactions. Zip is very tired and scared / annoyed now. According to the sounds created by our sound master, we stick to the concept of adding sounds to everything, even running or walking.

Would be nice if the voice actors can do inhale and exhale according to their character role, cause then we can tell who is breathing, it adds more distinguishability (you can differentiate characters easily) to the characters. Maybe add a bit of grunts on the breathing to emphasize who is breathing. I think this is better than hearing the same breathing for every character.

What do you think @Mejson @Animetion24 @cyberdevil @Mariogd @SayMeBott

I already said it, but well... as you can see Zip, Mazurek are not interested in active help - they are not interested in this animation... They only record the voice once a year... Unfortunately that's true, so they can't... And if when it comes to Plasmarift, I once asked him to record sounds for Steve Zombie, he said - no. Cyberdevil recorded and we was lucky because otherwise it would have been very bad...

Friend, can you record this please? I think you're doing great. I'll do it much worse... We need such sounds because the ones we already have are too short... I don't think that breathing is very different, ordinary people do not recognize sounds like you :) So please help, you are amazing! :D And besides, for Keni, I lowered the tone of the sounds in the previous scene, and it was not too recognizable.

@Mejson understood, I’ll try my best to make the sounds ;)

Thank you very much! You're the best! You took this series to the heights! :D

@ChordC I agree with you. More versions of 'breathing' = better effect. <<I still hear 'Thanks' (Mariogd) in nightmares..>>
@Mejson I understand. Well.. :/

I know @SayMeBott, but you know... we're not going to force our buddies into the project, although this animation is about them. :/