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Ooh it's true, no quality options at all via mobile... you sure it's the 1080p version though? Checked via source code...?

I'll ask about the quality toggle at least, feels like that'd be way more useful on mobile, don't want to use up all my bandwidth there...

For me it's the 1080p version, I recognized the length of the animation - it is 13 minutes long and is of very good quality.

Yes, you can find out what's going on... I think so too, this switch for mobile devices. :)

@Cyberdevil Judging from the graphics, I think its 360p, and it still lags quite badly. I wonder why.

Strange... it's probably a matter of the Internet... or maybe NG mobile chooses what quality the animation should be (360p, 720p or 1080p)? Depending on the speed of the internet.

@Mejson Is the animation lagging regardless of the quality you choose? Or is it just my PC or internet? Because the animation is lagging quite a lot both on my phone and PC.

Which one are you playing? This 13min? If so then this version is slower, a bit too slow, and it looks less natural.

"I'm ashamed of my "ears" when I think about 'Reduce 1"

I still love how you say, "WELLCAAHMMM TOOO DE PARRRTEEEEE" at the end XD. It cracks me up everytime :P

Ohhhhh, you know... it was very bad XD XD XD There is nothing to mention a septic tank like that. :P

@Mejson The one on the preview, which lasts 13 minutes. Hmm, I see, I guess it's just a momentary thing.

This one is actually noticeably too slow (1080p), and 720p - how do you feel when you watching?

@Mejson Too much lag on the animation, as a result, there are sound delays everywhere. Perhaps you increase the frames per second? I don't really know the technical details of how t improve it.

Even at 720p? It looks good for me too. Maybe a slight delay sometimes, but very rare. From the very beginning, I increased to a maximum of 30 during compression (swf has 24 frames). Also, no more can be done :/

@ChordC Ah interesting, maybe the setting does carry across then, or get throttled according to connection speed after all..

You guys don't see the quality toggle at all though right? Just the 'Fix to Top/Titles Off' option? For me the resolution options appear on PC as soon as I start playing something - if that submission has multiple options, not all seem to - but on mobile they never load. We are seeing the same thing there right? Same problem?

I'm not noticing any lag myself though, hope that's just temporary.

Maybe it's actually the internet... I'm sorry, @ChordC :/ On 360p without any lag.

Yes, there is no switch on moblie.

You don't see the delay too? What version are you watching? So it's a matter of the Internet... :/

@Cyberdevil @Mejson Yeah I surely believe that it has something to do with my internet. I guess I'll just have to get used to it.

As you said - "Indonesia"... It's a pity, mate :/

@Cyberdevil @Mejson I guess the newgrounds video player adjust the speed of the animation according to your internet speed, whereas youtube just adjust the download speed of videos according to your internet speed. This is interesting, did what I say make sense?

I think so, but I don't know what you can do about it... :/
I can always update the animation on NG (exe) which you will be able to download or I can send you a quality movie in mp4 format.

@Cyberdevil Yeah, I do not see the quality selection toggle on the phone, it is only available for PCs.


@Mejson "Indonesia", yep, the country is so left behind.

I feel sorry my friend :/

@ChordC Thanks, good to know we're on the same page. :) I left a message about it, hope they see it...

Regarding the lag, I was skimming earlier, but going through all maybe it does lag a little for me too, even on 360p, just specific parts like for example right after the eight minute mark. Seems strange that an .mp4 would differentiate between parts the same way as Flash though, when it's a bitmap-based format entirely, one frame at a time... it's not that slower parts like this are intentional is it? Maybe specific bits slowed down via export? If not I guess it is a bit resource intense regardless, the Flash version's always lagged for me even on the lowest quality, as you know, but I know that's a hardware issue.

Just playing via PC now btw, I don't want to use too much bandwidth via phone, limited amount/month there.

I think I know what's going on... I'll check and compare.

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, gentlemen, I came up with something good for the MP4 version (can be used in the future): When there is some big zoom in the animation (which lags very much) then just before I set swf to Q: Low and right after finishing - Q: Medium (this is by default). What do you think about it?

@Cyberdevil Hmm, yeah, I'm also getting the same lagging experience similar to the Flash player with .mp4, it seems to handle props, etc similar to a Flash player, which is very peculiar. I thought it would play videos the same way as Youtube does.


@Mejson So what you're trying to say is, when there is a 'zoom in' scene, the quality of the animation will bet set to LOW right? And after the scene is finished, the quality will revert back to MEDIUM, is that correct? If it's correct, then it is a very good idea ;)

Rather for a fraction of a second... but, never mind :/ I tested it in practice and it didn't work... I wanted well XD

Ah that sounds great. :) If you can adjust the quality between scenes without it being all too noticeable like that then it does sound like the perfect compromise! If you had the option to upload multiple files for different versions maybe just for the lower qualities too; higher ones still as high as possible?

However, it is too noticeable... but I meant well...

@ChordC Yeah it's strange, we use the same format/codec as YT too, as far as I know, haven't experienced this before...

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, I compared and watched the same movies / qualities and I have to say... when playing a movie from a computer, the "360p" version does not look so blurry, and each subsequent one looks a lot nicer than on NG. And when it comes to lags, watching a movie on a computer is much less, even in the highest resolution... It seems that NG does not "handle" movies that well.

Ah shame the plan didn't work. :/

Regarding the blurriness could it be NG processes all files somewhat too? Before this I thought you didn't have the option to make these individually, just to upload the highest quality version, and that NG would then compress according to each individual quality, like it is with for example YT.

Outside the browser everything definitely runs better though, less hardware use when it's standalone, I think that part's just the nature of the browser itself. It's not a very lightweight renderer. Sometimes download YT videos if I want to play them at highest quality, 1080p full screen via browser is a bit more than my hardware can handle.

Yes, I have the impression that NG somehow recycle the mp4 file... as if adding the file to the project - it's converted somehow again... strange.

Wonder what happens if you just upload the highest quality version for all? Maybe the lower ones get converted better directly via NG?

I don't really understand what you mean, I uploaded 1000x700 then bigger and biggest. I don't know.

@Cyberdevil If that is the case, will there be a lot more lag too? Well, for some people of course, but the movie will have a better quality overall.

I sending a file of the highest quality film and that's it?

What do you mean mates?

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