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Comments (35)

You sure any of that ain't taken out of context?

Judge yourself, I only informed about the report by a concerned "citizen" NG...

@Anonymous-Frog @Mejson May I DM you about this?

What do you mean?

I got that PM too, though don't see that it shows concrete proof of anything really, just a segment of a Discord conversation. IMO it seems more like they're just having fun, no serious illwill or mass-voting intent. Especially when Clock Crew submissions are actually very rarely getting any awards at all this February, despite it being their month, where they're continually putting in work every single day, and the chances of actually getting something should be way higher just by amount alone.

They managed a lot more awards last year, but it seems new users just maybe aren't as privy to their type of content now, and vote lower than I feel a lot of their work deserves. There was most definitely a lot of mass-voting going on back in the day, but I can't see it happening now, when a submission does get a spot it usually feels like it deserves it. Personally hope they manage to get way more recognition before the month is over.

Conclusively, in regard to PM: I wouldn't that seriously. Seems there are also people out there who really want to give them a bad rep...

Well, if you say so, I support your opinion as I trust your opinion...

DM = Direct Message btw, IOW continue the conversation in private.

Okay :P

The Clock Crew does not engage in or condone attempts to rig daily award placements. I cannot speak to this conversation as presented in the screen grab but I can assure you it is in no way indicative of typical behaviour in the organization and can be regarded as an isolated incident. Likewise, I would speak to the irreverent tone of the discourse between Pop-Tart, DVa and Pannacotta- Poe’s Law says one cannot determine between sincerity and sarcasm online without a clear delineation of intent from the poster. With this brought to my attention, I assure you that it will be reviewed and discussed amongst the CC moderation body. Have a Clockwork Day!

Okay, thanks for the comment! Take care!

Here's my reaction as poster of that comment and admin of the Clock Crew: Grow up.

Nobody rigged awards. Nobody voted twice. I made a joke. I'm not apologizing for jokes.

In this Poster, I discussed / shared the information with my team... privately. It wasn't an attack... so I don't know from where your such an exaggerated reaction? Besides, we cleared it up an hour ago, so you're late :)

You're lecturing me on exaggerated reactions? You made a public post accusing us of wrongdoing.. instead of PMing me or something. So I said grow up.

You're aggressive... I don't see the point in continuing this conversation, and Poster is private - no option to show on the NG homepage...

So it turns out that even if you do not mark "Artist News" (on NG homepage) on purpose, everyone sees your Poster... it makes no sense and BUG on NG...

I'm not being aggressive. I'm saying if I received a PM from some anonymous new user with a questionable name saying "Mejson is the blammer you're looking for," I would reach out to you directly and not make a news post about it.

@Pop-Tart, Ok, I understand, you could have said that without offending me... :/

That's just my take on things of course, but good to hear. :) Seems like you might not be getting the best first impression of the Clock Crew here though, at least RobertClock came with some impressively proper and positive demeanor, props. :)

Cool, I have nothing to blame and hope others will not have...

@Pop-Tart I think the intention with this post is really pretty sincere. This PM's being sent out in mass apparently; it wouldn't be strange that people without much experience with the Clock Crew (who possibly don't instantly identify you as Pop-Tart on NG via the screengrab either, don't have a habit of sending PMs or partaking in general newspost discussion overall) could take this seriously. Especially if English isn't their native tongue.

No need for apologies, but IMO whomever sent that PM should be the one getting the backlash here. It seems everybody's overreacting these days. I'd see this as simply a topic of potential concern being brought to the attention of his friends by a concerned user (albeit unintentionally everyone who browses the Artist News section too). As I see this there's really no illwill here either, though of course unfortunate this did get the public reach it did. Might be more to be wary of though, that PM's probably finna reach other people similarly unaware of your joculative discord traditions...

@Cyberdevil, @Pop-Tart, How can you create a private Poster? Why is this home page publishing option, when Poster is always public? What's the point of that? I am a professional QA and I work for a company based in Chicago and I believe there is a bug on NG... due to the lack of possibility to add Poster privately :/

My perception was you were facilitating a lie about me, which offended me. I should have taken my own advice and messaged you. Sorry for misreading the situation. <insert embarrassed emoji>

Now that we're friends, I'm going to go vote five twice on all your movies!

See what I did there?

Cool, I'm sorry too... just there was a misunderstanding about the lack of interface logic on NG...

Context is important, something you should edit into this post, here is a screenshot for just above the comment.


This was a submission that was never going to be in contention for an away, here's the submission in question.


So even if vote manipulation went on in that case, it wouldn't do shit, please update your post to reflect this, I also think they took this screenshot on the day to save for future, as it is stamped as "today" when that conversation happened on the 14th.

So again, update your post please bro.

I changed this poster completely... I don't mind how many people vote, I just wanted to communicate with the team on a given topic... that's all...

@Pop-Tart I raise your twice, and I am going to vote THREE TIMES!

If you like :)

Unfortunately there is no way to make these private, though I think that's pretty much the meaning with having a newspost: that it reach as many people as possible. :) The PM (private messaging) is usually more for any private conversations you might want to have. It's also possible to start up a private chatroom via NG Chat btw, and invite only the users you want to there, if you ever need to do that.

Come to think of it an alternative way to make a private newspost could be to create a new project and invite people there. Have the newspost as a description. That'd be pretty much the same thing. Hidden entirely from anyone who's not invited, or who doesn't have the link, etc, whichever you'd prefer.

The frontpage posting privilege is a bonus feature to get even more attention to your work btw, something only those who really make a name for themselves can earn. :) Everyone else gets stuck in the main Artist section.

Hmmm, there has never been a "stranger" under our Poster... for so many years... I thought no one saw it...

Okay, I'll never ask Poster for anything that's unrelated to our case.

@Mejson Okay, well I was giving full context, which is important! Whoever your anonymous source was, it seems their only aim was to cause trouble because of a grudge. Daily awards are nice, but they aren't worth cheating for, I have missed out on an award loads of times, shrug it off and move onto the next project!

As you probably don't know, I was only expecting 3.40 for our last Project (@Cyberdevil can confirm), and this project is for you to watch the animation freely... because Flash (SWF) is not that simple to watch anymore...

@Cyberdevil If this was a private conversation though, the truth would never have gotten out! I hold nothing against @mejson the blame belongs to the anonymous source.

Sorry, it's my fault because I thought Poster worked like I mentioned above...

@Little-Rena At least you really never overreacted here. :) Respect. Good to get a glimpse into the actually context with that earlier screencap too. True true!

@Little-Rena @Pop-Tart @RobertClock @Cyberdevil All of you, thank you for clearing this up, misinformation sure spreads fast these days. Anyway, as a new Newgrounds member, it's nice meeting you all, greetings from Indonesia ;)

@Little-Rena @Pop-Tart @RobertClock, nice to meet you (despite everything), although in uninteresting circumstances :) I would like us to add sometime comments to projects in the future. :P I greet you warmly!

Hmm maybe users who do stumble upon the posters feel like they might be intruding if the content's clearly directed at a particular team... I'm sure people do see these though even if they don't comment. :) Maybe not as many as if you post about more trending topics/things others are actively involved in too, but I'm sure people do click the links and at least skim a little.

A hit counter on NG posts is one of those things I've been hoping to see for a long time, at least a private one, stats on which posts fare better than others/how many people actually read something...

Thanks for your help, everyone! @Cyberdevil, thanks for your participation! It was an emotional experience...

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