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@Mejson Did I understand correctly? You prepare playground for Mazurek? :P

Yeah, more like a labor camp... XD LOL

Thanks for comment! We haven't talked for a long time... how are you?

Hmm, it seems like the underground hole down does not seem natural, it seems like he's in a "box" or something, judging by the perpendicular angle of where the ground and the "wall" meet. Maybe try rounding the angle between the wall and the ground, so that it will look more natural. What do you think?

It has to stay that way for many reasons ... too bad you're not thrilled:

- it doesn't have to be "natural", maybe it's a trash pit... but more importantly, it doesn't matter (in the plot or in general),
- a non-flat surface would make it impossible to present in 2D; the characters did not move straight - they would slide (elliptical surface),
- too much work would require,
- with a high zoom (as in this animation) the surfaces look less round.

Thanks for the comment :P

@SayMeBott 'playground for Mazurek' is wonderful phrase. It makes me laugh!

Hehehehe, nice!

@Mejson It looks nice. I agree with @ChordC point but I understand that it is technically hard to achieve. Keep going like that.

Ok, thanks! Difficult... that's an understatement... rather extremely difficult!

Agree with the boxed in feeling too but it does look good! I like those leaves in particular. Nice details.

Well, I don't know if everyone noticed, but we always have there is a wall and a floor which is under the standard account :) This is the only 2D representation. : P I think that otherwise we would lose the correct representation of reality in 2D... unfortunately, such a representation brings with it such limitations.

Thanks for comment! Nice to hear! :D

I suppose it might just be less noticeable above ground. :) I do think it'd be possible to do this in other ways, with solid layers both for foreground and background, with differing darkness/depth, and transparency for the tunnel in the layer closest to the viewer. But indeed much more complicated, and all the more so with irregular forms.

Don't mean to imply you should try that just do think it works fine in 2D too. :) Have seen it done well at least in games.

All good though!

Yes, much more complicated and a lot of work would be consumed :) But as we know, you have to plan the scenes in such a way as not to add additional - pointless work :P Just like he had the idea @MariogD - in 'Scene 1' - Zombie Ants hurt by the spikes at the gate - very time -consuming and pointless... 2s, which hardly anyone will pay attention to in relation to 100 hours of work for these two seconds. That is why I believe that you should create something that translates into effects. There is to do with a special background that will be used up to two times. You know very well that animation requires a lot of work... 'Scene 2' was made for 300-400h, but it was worth it :)

Maybe it works, but I doubts I will make it the first time... games are made by a team of people, not by one person XD


Woooah 100 hours of work for two seconds!!! :O That sounds crazy. Half a month full-time. It'd really take that long?! For sure though, best find a balance between what looks good and what's realistic. Easier with a group indeed.

I guess so... it would be very difficult and you would have to create frame by frame...
Exactly :)

@Mejson Ahh I see, aside from that, it looks pretty good ;)

Super! Thanks!

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, my great mates... I regret to inform you that my laptop which I work has broken down ... the motherboard or some of its components are damaged (probably). :/ Luckily the data has not been corrupted. I will be using my old laptop for the duration of the repair... Unfortunately, I cannot animate on this old laptop...

Ah dang, that sucks. :/ Had an HDD crash myself this weekend actually, fortunately no files I can't live without but not all backed up, hopefully they're recoverable...

Good luck with getting the laptop fixed! Hope it's a simple/not too costly thing.

Ohhh, sorry to hear that mate :/ hope you get your data back...

Well... 3 situations can happen:
- the laptop will be repaired - low cost,
- replacing the motherboard - high costs,
- they will not find a suitable motherboard.

@Mejson In my opinion, its time for desktop computer. Laptops, like other portable devices, are more prone to damage.
That only what I think, I'm not professional - dont judge me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well, it depends, if we can fix it, it's okay. And if they want to replace the motherboard... fuck it! xD

Anyway, I buy - I put together a desktop computer :P

@SayMeBott agree. I think that laptop is only convenient then you are university student

For one day I had a sentiment for this XD laptop. Now fuck it! If the cost is too high, I will sell a bitch for parts XD Hehehe, LOL. :P

I have two professional advisers - I will put together a new PC :)

Thanks, hope so too. :) Do you do repairs yourself? If the mobo can't be replaced/is too expensive to replace maybe best get a new computer instead and move over the old HDD? Ah seems you might've gotten a price already?

I'd definitely go for a stationary too if I could. :P I mean I do. So many advantages. More ergonomic too. Easier to upgrade and swap out parts. Laptop might be handy if you live in an area prone to power outages or want to work outside but otherwise...

No, computer service. I can give a maximum of 800 zlotys for repairing this laptop, or it will not be repaired anymore. I will be buying a new computer, yes I am moving the disk.

I'm sick of laptops... That's right.

Ah, alright, repair costs almost to the cost of a new computer then, good to hear!

Nice. :) Have you always been using laptops? Just most recent computer?

No, but there is no point in repairing the laptop either.
I've always used laptops... I don't want any more laptops.

Mmm, hope stationary is the experience you hope it is! :) Myself I've actually never had a laptop, not as main computer at least, bought one for travel a while back but haven't used it yet.

Hey guys. Just pinging in, confirming all is well on my end. And hoping it's the same for all of you. :)

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, mates...

Yes, as it is. Completing all the parts for the computer was not easy and took quite a long time... Tomorrow my friend will assemble my PC and I will copy the data, then format / set up a new system, and then prepare the computer just like I had everything on my laptop.


@Mejson Ahh thanks for the update, hope everything goes well tomorrow.

Ah it really has been a while! Good to hear things are going alright... all good here too just lot of work as usual. Office move in a couple weeks.

@Animetion24 hey there, good to know that you’re alright. I’m doing good here, enjoying the rest of the holiday.

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, mates, yesterday afternoon with my friends from Krakow:

- we were screwing my new computer for 3 hours,
- the next 5 hours are BIOS preparation and data backup,
- formatting the "C" partition and installing Windows,

Today, after work, I will configure programs and bring it to the state before the format - just like I had on my laptop. Then I will configure the entire work environment, such as: setting the monitor and handle for monitor, etc.

I think it will take me two more days.

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