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Flash isn't dead... he's still alive in my heart... don't worry my brothers :)

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@Animetion24 ( ͡~ ͜ʖ͡° )

Ahh Crazy Flash Mejson, didn't know about that awesome alter ego alias! XD YEAAAAAAH LET'S KEEP THAT GOING TOO!!!

You didn't chuckle at all? :) Ah well, I'll send a link next time I stumble onto something of similarly low quality that you might enjoy too...

hard to say, though sites like this get linked to a lot now: https://animatearchive.neocities.org/?home

...so I think people are continually picking it up now, since Adobe no longer supports it it seems that there's an overall sense that's it okay to just download and use it for free. There's always been piracy, but when it's publicly shared like this too... at least I don't think it'll disappear entirely anytime soon! There's still no tool as good out there that isn't commercial... as far as I know.

Ah maybe you could pick up CS eventually too? :D People do like simple things yeah, and the shorter their attention spans get maybe the more so. Though I still think it's to a large part a matter of promotion. To just get people to invest time in a few of these they might really get into it too.

In regard to age, yupp, I am starting to notice some changes. :) Maybe when you pass 30 is when that really picks up...

Yes, my alter ego XD XD XD And what else? Hehehehe... Crazy Flash Mejson XD. We will never give up!!! Well, unless we dead... XD XD XD

You can try XD XD XD

There is no latest version of XD Adobe Animate CC 2017 - The important thing is that it is a 64 bit program and will use more computer cores / threads.

Ohhh XD Listen... I understand, but I'm not interested creating CS anymore... Maybe if I will be cloned XD But it's still impossible :P Yes! There is never enough promotion! :)

Maybe :D

Sounds like a good consensus regarding the Bill and Bott* bit.

And narration yeaaah! :D I like that idea!

What? XD XD XD

It's nice that you like it!

The not yelling at Bill thing, sounds like a good decision. XD

Will see what I can find. :)

Right, the CC versions aren't free for all of course, still a benefit with those, though it's cool anyone can get their hand on the older ones, anyone can give it a try.

True that!

OK, it understands :P

What to find? :D

It's nice that new developers have the opportunity to play with older versions.

Just a bad submission that might make you laugh. XD

Indeed. :)