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Reduce 2 - Inspection

Posted by Mejson - September 22nd, 2018



Hello everyone (not just fans :P),

Well, it was a long break, we're starting to do the job right now :)

I divided the project into several chapters with descriptions (including of the importance):

I. Voice Actors (the biggest problem, Reduce 1 had weak dialogues):

  • Delsim (Hero) - AzureDragoonGX (Ang. Voice Actor) - professional and good - OK,
  • Zip (Hero) - Zip (Pl. Voice Actor) - good (my Polish buddy) - great voice recording - OK,
  • Keni (Hero) - Zip (Pl. Voice Actor) - good (-||-) - modification of the tone of the voice - OK,
  • Steve (Hero) - Zip (Pl. Voice Actor) - good (-||-) - too much of the same tone - WRONG,
  • MariogD (Hero) - MariogD (Pl. Voice Actor) - bad (-||-) - poor and uninteresting - WRONG,
  • Mejson (Hero) - I didn't record - my voice in English is hopeless - WRONG.


We need to record at least 3 voices: Mejson (lack), Mariogd (poor), Steve (duplicated voice).

II. Script (all scenes and events in Reduce 2):

  • Preloader + Logo Transformation + Menu - Medium,
  • Scene 1 - "The nightmares" - Medium,
  • Scene 2 - "The matched duo" - Easy,
  • Scene 3 - "It's raining..." - Medium,
  • Scene 4 - "Training is a health" - Hard,
  • Scene 5 - "Almost there..." - Easy,
  • Scene 6 - "The climbing" - Easy,
  • Scene 7 - "The coveted support" - Medium,
  • Scene 8 - "The clumsy mistake" - Hard,
  • Scene 9 - "The another loss..." - Hard,
  • Scene 10 - "The despair..." - Easy,
  • Scene 11 - "The rage" - Easy,
  • Scene 12 - "The thing..." - Hard,
  • Scene 13 - "Just wait..." - Easy,
  • Scene 14 - "The Patching..." - Easy,
  • Scene 15 - "Again..." - Medium,
  • Scene 16 - "The logs under foot" - Medium,
  • Scene 17 - "Too much..." - Easy,
  • Scene 18 - "The eternally hungry..." - Easy,
  • Scene 19 - "The survivors..." - Easy,
  • Scene 20 - "He knows..." - Easy,
  • Closing credits + photos of fallen heroes - Medium.

Legend: Easy - simple to created, Medium - average difficulty, Hard - requires a lot of work.


I have a lot of scenes to make, but it's not bad because: 11 Easy, 7 Medium, 4 Hard, so it's no tragedy :)


Comments (8)

I see
I gotta do better

Yes, what does it look like that I have only you: /
I am glad that you are here :)
Hmm most I need a voice "Mejon", secondly "MariogD", and "Steve" may, after all, I manage to somehow modify this voice.

What the f*ck? poor?... eh sadly it is true. I promise that next time will be better

Sorry Bro, but this is a cruel truth :/

@MariogD Your 'thanks' is killing me :|

Maybe uncookboi will record MariogD's voice, I don't know what to do with mine :/ :/ :/

@uncookboi @Mejson We'll find a way

I hope so...

Hey Mej and Mariog! Been a super long time, hasn't it? :J

Great that you guys weren't finished, because I wasn't either. Been mostly on DA as my last note mentioned, though I drop by from time to time on here. xD

You guys still have my voice lines from so long back, huh? Glad I can be a part of keeping the project running.

- Azure ;)

Yes, a very long time has passed...

Actually, only me because my brother is very busy.
It's nice that you are still here...

Can You send me a side profile of the face to Delsin?
Maybe You can record another voices?


@Animetion24 @Mejson How do you mean by a side profile of the face? You mean basic info about him like from your characters page of Reduce?

And right now, I'm going through some rougher times in college so I can't record new lines for a little while. Sorry about that; I'll see if later on I can. :c

- Azure ;)

No, I mean the picture you sent me :) I will use the hair from the side picture of your profile and create somehow this hairstyle - front, side and back :)

Yes, I know :P heheh uncookboi also has a lot in college, but somehow he can help :)


After 4 years... I knew you'll be back for a reason.
I'm still lurking and hoping that trailer didn't simply disappeared on DA.

It seems to me that for 4 years I didn't create anything - not because there were no awards, but rather because my old laptop wasn't able to hold out my project :P

Will You write something in the new Poster?

PS. I don't visit to DA.

Elaborate effort with the voices! So... all these slots are filled huh...

Not exactly :/