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Reduce 2 - Scene 5 - 6 Completed! / GO! Beta Test!

Posted by Mejson - April 18th, 2019


Hello everyone, <cough> well... I haven't been on NG for a long time... my dear friends. At the end of January my life was turned upside down... and the consequence in February (a whole month) my body gave up and I was sick of chronic pulmonary inflammation (with fever)... while in March... my mind gave up... and I felt the senselessness... of everything.

Well... the loss is the most painful of all harms... I lost over a dozen friends... that's why it was the mourning of the body and soul... now it's good and I hope it will be even better...

My friends... the past is history... and what counts is what is now ... and what the future will bring...

I have two scene for you... 5 and 6... I hope you like them... and one more thing... Happy Easter !

Scene 1 - "The nightmares"
Nightmares... an inseparable aspect of life. They always chase us and don't let sleep at night... They are the epitome of our stress, doubts and past events... They won't stop haunting us until we close some issues from the past or we organize our lives. Nightmares often affect people who have something on their conscience, unless someone has no conscience...

Scene 2 - "The matched duo"
Matched duo... there is always better with company. It doesn't matter whether you are super fast... extraordinary strong... or you have the eyes of a falcon... sooner or later will happen that the cruel beast of reality will dump you from the saddle... and if you go through life alone then it finally going to destroy you... Therefore, never forget what friendship is - it will never let you down...

Scene 3 - "It's raining..."
It's raining... it's better not to go outside. Nothing can be done with the mother's nature rage... neither haste nor perfect equipment of the backpack or experience will not protect against the treacherous weather. It always starts inconspicuously... and deceives with its initial delicacy... then to attack with a full fury - crushing everything on its way... therefore it's better to patiently wait...

Scene 4 - "Training is a health..."
Training is a health... this isn't up for discussion... Excellent condition and strength are essential to survival in an cruel and harsh environment. When you run out of breath and your temples are pulsating intensively from tiredness, then you realize that you weren't ready for this... but it is already too late... Adversities will not wait until you draw air - only crush you immediately... so take care of your health...

Scene 5 - "Almost there..."
Almost there... it is often repeated sentence. Saying it - more or less gives a hope and uplifts... However, sometimes it is only a excuse for exaggerated optimists... Still, don't be discouraged, because of hope we are able to achieve the desired goals... Therefore, never lose hope...

Scene 6 - "The climbing..."
The climbing... one simple activity associated with huge effort. Climbing is the most competitive and dangerous activity - many people have died... And yet they are still trying, because there is nothing more beautiful than reaching the top and great satisfaction with it... That is why it is always worth taking a risk...

What do you think about this scene... this time? :)



Comments (6)

I like the scene. :) But more so hope you're doing alright again! Take some time to really appreciate the occasion too. Those friends, did you lose them because of the sickness? Or get sick because you lost your friends...? Hope you still have some you hold close though. Life's so much better when there's someone you can share it with.

But good to hear you're back too! Looking forward to seeing these scenes for real. And hope you don't burn yourself out in the process again.

Nice to see you Cyberdevil, my friend :)

You could see these scene immediately when I added Posrer :P
It would be weird if I didn't give you the opportunity to watch...

I lost friends earlier and I couldn't help it... and then I got sick...
I still have others, but it's not the same :P

May you like it, each scene contains something interesting and terrible - in the end it's horror / adventure :) The first symptoms of Steve - IED (Intermittent explosive disorder) appear :P

Currently, I create elements for scene 7, the hardest to come up with the background. Previously, it was just grass...

Well, animated, I mean. :) But always good with that too!

Sorry to hear that... hope you keep going anyway; get to a better place eventually.

Hmm, the one yet to be announced, will be interesting to see where that leads too!

Yes of course :P

I have to come up with some flowerpot and other plants...

It's important that the characters are various because everyone is different...

I draw the entire base, and it will be useful in later scene :P

How are you? Are you ok?

Scenes are a little brief, but I do appreciate more characterization and world building involved here. Steve shows the necessity for viewers to monitor all aspects of well-being for the Heroes as his psychological condition is known for going too rampant at times. It could also be a part of the angle of there being a traitor in the mix with clues like that. ;)

Meanwhile, the climbing scene offered no dialogue, but expressed that there are still challenges, even simple ones, that the team isn't infallible with. Not to mention there still is a supernaturally large threat still out there (having killed two of their team already), that is growing as we speak. Very foreboding indeed.

Eagerly awaiting the next scenes, Mejson. :) I'm sorry for your losses and illness. It is good that you are doing your best to move on.

The scenes are short because it is an improvement after the first part (Reduce) because they weren't full-bodied. Maybe not necessarily a traitor, but the heroes have rich personalities.

The climbing scene didn't require dialogues :P This part is a horror movie, so a lot of bad things can happen :)

I create a resistance camp hehehe :)
Thank you for your support :P

Considering their size I guess we still won't be seeing so much of the background that it's easy to see it's a flower pot? Just less grass, and more ground? More flowers? Either way sounds good!

As for me I'm doing pretty good, thanks. Life keeps me busy, but still not to the point I'm running into the walls.... yet. :) Some music projects in the making too. Good times.

It looks like there will be different garden plants, but there will not be such a tight background as before.

It's great that you're happy :) You're busy? It's good and sometimes bad :P Music projects? What projects?

Sounds good!

Yeah... happy for the most part. :) Can't have real highs without the occasional low too, just not TOO low. Indeed. Always wish I had more time, but it teaches you to prioritize a bit, and enjoy the moments. Yeah they're a few collaborations with other artists here, I'm writing stuff and they're making music. :) Can't reveal much more than that, but they should be up in a month or two too.

I'm glad that you are doing well :)
When you finish it, I will be happy to listen :P

You know i'm still here as always.

I know, but I like to write with you :P
Here's the latest news...
Soon Poster with the fortress :P
And a review of it :) such as: palisade and fence, watchtowers, gates with lifting system, tent / roof, training and shooting place, stacke of wood / stone / creepers / food, camp beds, ant place, decorative elements.