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Reduce 2 - Scene 7 Completed! / GO! Beta Test!

Posted by Mejson - May 23rd, 2019


Hello everyone my fans ( and not only - maybe someone else is reading this) :)

This time, I have only one scene for you (this is the seventh episode of our adventure :P)... but it presents a new hero - Keni...

As you can see - Keni is a very specific hero... as usually you can find out more about him in Reduce_2 > Extras > Heroes... I will add that he is a "bit" too confident... :P :P :P

Scene 1 - "The nightmares"
Nightmares... an inseparable aspect of life. They always chase us and don't let sleep at night... They are the epitome of our stress, doubts and past events... They won't stop haunting us until we close some issues from the past or we organize our lives. Nightmares often affect people who have something on their conscience, unless someone has no conscience...

Scene 2 - "The matched duo"
Matched duo... there is always better with company. It doesn't matter whether you are super fast... extraordinary strong... or you have the eyes of a falcon... sooner or later will happen that the cruel beast of reality will dump you from the saddle... and if you go through life alone then it finally going to destroy you... Therefore, never forget what friendship is - it will never let you down...

Scene 3 - "It's raining..."
It's raining... it's better not to go outside. Nothing can be done with the mother's nature rage... neither haste nor perfect equipment of the backpack or experience will not protect against the treacherous weather. It always starts inconspicuously... and deceives with its initial delicacy... then to attack with a full fury - crushing everything on its way... therefore it's better to patiently wait...

Scene 4 - "Training is a health..."
Training is a health... this isn't up for discussion... Excellent condition and strength are essential to survival in an cruel and harsh environment. When you run out of breath and your temples are pulsating intensively from tiredness, then you realize that you weren't ready for this... but it is already too late... Adversities will not wait until you draw air - only crush you immediately... so take care of your health...

Scene 5 - "Almost there..."
Almost there... it is often repeated sentence. Saying it - more or less gives a hope and uplifts... However, sometimes it is only a excuse for exaggerated optimists... Still, don't be discouraged, because of hope we are able to achieve the desired goals... Therefore, never lose hope...

Scene 6 - "The climbing..."
The climbing... one simple activity associated with huge effort. Climbing is the most competitive and dangerous activity - many people have died... And yet they are still trying, because there is nothing more beautiful than reaching the top and great satisfaction with it... That is why it is always worth taking a risk...

Scene 7 - "The coveted support"
The coveted support... so much expected and desired. There is never too much support... no matter if there are some resources or other people, because you can never predict what adversities you will have to deal with or whether you will face with the raw mother nature. She treats all her children equally... judges them regardless of whether they are polite or not... therefore, never despise anyone's help...

What do you think about this scene... this time? :)



Comments (18)

I think we need to show better that my hero is scared with this Keni's shoot

OK, I will correct it...

I corrected that MariogD would actually look frightened by a rapid movement of the ant's abdomen... Keni's shoot didn't scare him... :P

I added sweat to Mazurek's face because he was left behind because he got tired... Zip was pulled in and Steve is very athletic... :P

Has anyone found any new error, yet? :P

He's got that attitude!

I like it. The file's really getting pretty big too, took so long to load I was wondering if it was... even before the loading screen appeared. No errors at a glance...

It's strange that in your PC animation been loading so long and are walking so slowly :/
For me it takes a few seconds... So, do you like scene 7? It seems to me that she came out well...

Might've been the connection, it's working fine at home now. :) Also noticed that if I download the file itself: I can play it without lag! :D Finally seeing it as it's meant to! As for the scene: agree. New character, new fort, top of the mountain... gets you intrigued about what's coming next.

Connection problem? Well... it's important that you good watch movie well at home. :)
I didn't know it could be possible... Download and watch on PC. Nice!!! :P :P :P
And great that you don't have any lag at the end... :)
Next?... Even more new characters... in episode 8 there are 4 additional ones... In future scenes, two more hero... More... More... MORE... BUHEHEHEHE...
It sounded like a crazy doc? :P Hehehe I always wanted to be once...

For sure. :) Yupp, it's all in the source code! Just need to find the link. And have Flash Player installed (which of course I do). Oh btw, forgot to mention: the two quality toggles before you start the movie: it seems you can't click on the icons, only the background there. So there's one I guess.

Crazy sounds good though! :D Looking forward to it.

Well, it's cool... :P Maybe in the future it will be useful - when you will no longer be able to watch on the internet...

I know you can't click - if something move on the button, then you have to click next to... That's how Flash works and it can not be done differently... :/

When it comes to the latest characters, I will like make definitely design Steve zombie character - it will be interesting and laborious :) (I can tell you - only a few people see Posters, uninitiated people will not read this anyway :P :P :P), and this bad guy... isn't difficult to make...

Yeah you never know. :) Sometimes I think about trying to archive the entire site, but I don't think my bandwidth could handle that...

Ah, strange, you can't have the hit area cover the entire thing? Hit area on a layer above the icon/animation?

Sounds awesome. :)

Uuuu archiving the entire page? It would be cool. :) And what other people do recently doing, for example: Tom Fulp?

It's not like that... in this case, I split it into 3 objects, because when everything was together, the button reacted only on the highest layer and the background was stopping a button... And that's how long I struggled with it... Well, I make it my best how I can...

I know it's cool... :) it's a pity that creating scenes takes so long... :/

Hmm well there's always: https://web.archive.org/web/*/newgrounds.com

Would be fun with a personal archive though. :P

Ah, so the animation wouldn't play otherwise? Seems there should be some way to work around that though. Maybe an action to play the animation MC on.buttonOver, and then stop it when you leave the area? You can work outside the button itself with something like _root. if you're using AS2. Never really learned AS3 though. Anyway: it works alright as is too. Just one of those things that might bug someone.

For sure.

An interesting website... :) Thanks :P

Yes, it would be... :P :P :P

Animation would not behave as I would like. Yes, I know... I use a lot of different elements and functions in AS 3.0. It seems to me that the area in which you can click the button is large, so I don't have to waste time and energy to correct this... Especially that it is a quite small mistake and the improvement would take a lot of time because I would have to change many things... So maybe let's leave it as it is? :)

After all, it's great that you noticed it. :)

PS. It's true that most of the great artists - animators has gone... so-called: they stopped making animations?

Hey if you didn't know about it before it might really come in handy! :D There's so much archived there. A lot of newspapers use it for source material too, to validate edits.

Alright, you gotta focus on the more important stuff after all. :) Like: the main animation.

I haven't thought about a lot of animators leaving here, seems some go but new ones keep coming in, and a lot of my old favorites are still going too. Definitely not so much in Flash, though. The content's changing a bit. Any particular ones you're thinking of?

Well interesting, interesting... :)

And I like this pause screen for different scenes - I think I've done a great job - interface and graphics, and the diverse appearance of subtitles and standing heroes add atmosphere. The choice of scenes using a moving film is super modern... :P :P :P

I have not seen a good animation for a long time... :/ Maybe they are new, but a long way before them... :) Old fans? Develops? What are they doing? And how is it not in Flash?

You definitely have. :)

Well regarding Flash: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1424896

...unfortunately a lot of people probably don't even bother installing the player when they come across Flash content these days, but there's still a lot of us who grew up with this stuff here, at least. :P NG's working on an unofficial Flash Player that'll keep working even after Adobe shut down theirs too. Old fans? Develops? Not sure what you're asking there?

What kind of animations are you looking for? Here's some recent ones I really liked:
https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/728889 (this one's a bit dark)

I'm very happy about this. :P
Especially this unofficial Flash Player, and that's because I have rules. I think that real animation should have a menu, extras and many interesting things. This is what shows the greatness of the artist, when his work is so extensive and guides around after the viewer's adventure... :)

I meant that a lot of fans left. Just like from me and others, I think...

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/728889 - pretty OK :)
https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/724515 - Superbly done, it reminds me a bit of my ex HEHEHE :P
https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/702621 - OK, but not my type :)

I'm very happy that you are... You are a great friend :)

Yeah that's one of the things that still makes Flash so great. :) I enjoy animation both with and without, but it's definitely something extra when there's some additional content, and an interface for it. Like it's an official DVD. Agreed! Definitely a big part of the journey too!

Ah right, don't know how many you used to have really? Or you mean they're just not as active anymore? I do know how that is. A lot of people join in overtime but don't all stay very long. A lot of people coming back again though too. :) Especially these days. Feels like NG's a lot more active now than it's been in a few years.

Hehe that's some special ex you had. :D Definitely the most emotional one of the three that one. Also speaking of friendship, if you haven't seen this one yet it might be worth a watch: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/614511

Probably my favorite on the site. :) And thank you, you too. Good to swap perspectives and thoughts a bit. Honor to be a part of this too.

So you understand how it feels... A great Flash like vinyl records - cool and old-school. :P :P :P

I'm happy with those fans that I have - though I don't know why they donot wrote anything. Scene 8 will be premiered for the character Delsin for fan: Animetion24 or AzureDragoonGX. I hope that then, he will say what he thinks under the Poster. :P :P :P

Well, it was a very beautiful woman - 15 out of 10 on the heheh scale. But she was crazy and mentally ill... LOL. It is important to remember the good moments, and not to ponder those sad :) These are sweet memories that nobody will take away from me. :)
And I have seen this animation a long time - very nice.

I have a question for you. What do you think about the:

- i want to add screen note before Subtitles (dub screen) - the "Attention!" board, which will contain: two pensive figures, MariogD and Mejson, and below the information explaining ambiguity, such as why the dubbing has changed and other stuff...

- on scrolling scenes (cliche) - the arrows from side to side as it moves...

And I do love a good vinyl record too! :D Each one a work of art.

Well maybe they're just waiting for the release. :) They're all getting these notifications though?

Hah the heheh scale. XD Bittersweet memories... for sure, best remember the better ones the strongest.

Nice. :)

Regarding the ideas:

- I like this one! Always good with extra info, and some might wonder. Would they be animated there too? Actively involved in a discussion about this?

- With this you mean navigation? Being able to forward/backtrack between scenes? If so that'd definitely be great to have. Especially when you're previewing these scenes, it'd be good to skip a few to the newest ones.

Vinyl records is great listening. :P

Notifications from me get 6 fans currently, so they are certainly informed, so it's their business. :/

Yes, no one will take away your memories and experiences. :)

Regarding the ideas:
Animated? Oh, no, it would be too much work. Static rather.
I mean navigation - no, rather visual improvement.

Yeah the sounds' pretty special too. :) It's also pretty practical how you can skip directly from one track to the last one right away, no need to skip between track to track. Course you can do that digitally too, but not with any of the other physical mediums.

Ah alright, good to know.

Hope so. :)

Well static's good too! As for arrows for visual improvement... not sure what you mean there? The arrows they shoot? Or arrows on the interface, beside the text?

Such arrows for the interface :)

I already have 10 seconds of animation - Scene 8 :P
Sometimes making 10 seconds takes 10 minutes, and sometimes making 3 seconds takes 3 hours. LOL :)

Time really is a relative thing. XD Nice. Arrows for the interface sounds good! All the more clarity.

Hey man! Sorry for the continuous ghosting!

I did get to take a look from time to time, but all these crazy developments recently in the thing we do called life has really been keeping me from actively, consistently showing up. I do want to be here though, because I am excited to see more and more from Reduce! :)

I did also see the preview of this scene, and it is refreshing to have a new character in the mix (also read the comments and found out I'm up next; super intrigued now!). Keni certainly seems to fill an openly aggressive void left behind by Jason (sure Steve also seems to be vindictive, but he certainly tries to keep it reined in). It'll be interesting to see if their continued interactions will remain beneficially altruistic.

I hope I don't slip in comments, but just know I am listening and always appreciative of the work you put up! ;D

P.S. I have heard from MariogD long before that you could make do with me voicing new clips for this story. Now my voice could be a little different from when I last read for Delsin, but if that's still on the table, I might be open to getting back into it; depends on how hectic the future schedule will be. <:U

No problem, you don't have to apologize :)

It's known, sometimes it happens that we don't have time because something is absorbing us. I'm glad that you like it and your presence is important to us :)

Yes, Keni is an "unprecedented" heheh figure - he certainly has a strong impact on the environment. Exactly, Delsin is already in scene 8 and is an inseparable element of Reduce's story :D

Cool, you are a valuable fan - one of the last and I value your opinion. :)

It's good to hear that. Voice that you recorded for the character Delsin is well done and will be (in total already is) used. :P

This message is for everyone interested :P

Well, due to the fact that my brother is very busy - I am asking you to check the board - ATTENTION!

As I wrote earlier, it aims to clarify the inaccuracies that arise after the changes.

Please check if the text is well written and meaningful :)

@Mejson I have checked it and I've send you my comments internally.

Thanks brother :) (it's great that you have found time for us), I already improved it. We already have 35 seconds of scene 8. :P :P :P

I finished episode 8 - so far animation, without subtitles and sounds. For now it's the longest scene because it has 50 seconds. :P