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Reduce 2 - Nightmare

Posted by Mejson - February 16th, 2020



this screen shows the beginning of Scene 16, which is divided into two parts - as you can see the first is Mejson's nightmare, and the second is the "normal" scene.

Recently, I started to create an action (there is climatic music and the environment), currently it has 18 seconds. I planned one additional element - Mejson hears the self-extinguishing bonfire he approaches, and the meat (which was fried) is all in fungus - scary_momment.

I hope that next week I will find more time and I will made more of animation (Scene 16). Maybe I'll take two days off.

What's up? It worries me that there was no trace of: @Animetion24 and @uncookboi... Anyone know how to contact them?

Best regards,




Comments (28)

Looks nice! I like the mist. Waiting for full scene.

I cannot help with @Animetion24 and @uncookboi

I'm glad you like it! Ahhh, just waiting...

I have to admit something to you... After publishing Reduce 2 - Part I I'm a little less motivated, although I was ready to get 3.30 again... and it happened. Well, I expected that the depth of this project would be appreciated, but nevertheless people spend very little time and probably hardly anyone got through the main menu.

It's a pity that I don't have my own muse and inspiration... but I think that if our fans talk a lot and motivate as it will be better. :)

Hmm apart from NG I don't know about @Animetion24 and @uncookboi, though they'll be getting a ton of notifications now...

As for the poster: it sounds ominous! I like the bonfire idea too, this turning into a real horror movie now...

Well, I wrote an email to @Animetion24 / @Azuredragoon, so there's a chance he'll notice.

Well, I hope that he will be suspenseful and terrifying. XD

Still hope interest will pick up on that first part in time, but you're right, people don't really have the patience they used to... it's a bummer.

And tell me my friend @Cyberdevil - what has changed?
Have people become terribly vain and selfish?
And they have everything in the ass?
And they can't appreciate anything because there was a terrible degeneration?
And by the way, someone got this error with NG Player?
Well there only @MariogD, @Mejson and @Cyberdevil... :/

wohohohoho... what happened here!? Do I see more details and better contrast? NVM. How for me - quality much better than in Part I. Good job @Mejson

And what would happen? You see what you usually do. As I did a beautiful rain in Reduce 2 - Part I in main menu you said nothing. :P
I don't understand your feelings... but everyone has individual feelings. :)
Well, I'm glad you like this simple trick. :)

In response to the first response: nice, and hope so!

In response to the second: one second...

OK, go for it! :)

Vain and selfish... maybe! At first I felt people were creating less, and consuming more, but now it seems like everybody's just creating in a different way. A lazier way. The social media way. The meme wave. Video, streams, Lets Plays - anything that's easy to get started with. It doesn't seem to be so that people only want to create, and not consume, but that at the same time there's also so much content that they become lazy with consumption, and consume whatever's easiest to. People don't seem willing to actively partake in the content they cater to for consumptional purposes either - like navigating through menus and looking for Easter eggs - just pressing play and not thinking any more about it. But then again all interests have their niche following, and it's strange some content gets left out even of that loop...

I can't really figure it out. At the same time as a lot of people seem to be riding on the lazy wave it also seems like a lot of people want to get back to the old one. Where there was purpose and detail to everything, even the simplest things. Sometimes it seems like only old users feel that way, but there seem to be exceptions there too, new users coming in and binge-watching old KittyKrew submission...

I can't really figure out the formula.

About the NG Player error though: the link error? Something else?

You're right, I've noticed that sometimes they literally draw two lines and publishing on NG. And they often paste / cut pictures - instead of drawing something himself.

You wrote it very nicely and I totally agree with you. I am very saddened by this generation - lazy consumers... They only do what pays off and they profit from it...

Well, there is a significant difference between old and new creators - the latter are very impetuous and want everything quickly - but it's Flash - you can't do anything fast.

As @MariogD wrote below.

@Cyberdevil my brother was thinking about it: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1448655

Yes, exactly.

@SayMeBott Good to see you here!

Indeed is a unique opportunity. :)

@MariogD Ah right, it was the link thing! I remember. I asked Tom about that, but unfortunately they're currently focusing all their time on: https://ruffle.rs/

...the goal is to make that compatible with everything, so people won't need a third-party program at all anymore. It makes sense they don't want to spend time fixing bugs in a problem that'll eventually get replaced, but you really wish they had enough time to do both, since a lot of people are using the Flash Player too right now...

If you want to test Ruffle btw it's being tested with a bunch of classics right now, like: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/59593

OK, I understand, they will fix it or replace it with a newer one as they find time... but what I think is rude in these times... they didn't give any information... it's probably not a problem to write: "We'll deal with it later, thanks for the info". :P

Ok, I will test it boldly. XD

*bugs in a program

Bugs or Errors - in my work we use it as the same.

Hey Mejs and rest. Just wanted to pop in and say I'm still kicking, albeit barely. Work situations been rather turbulent, family troubles overseas had me away from reliable net, and basically a reboot of priorities had happened since I last commented. I hope that soon I can even find a moment to take a look at the new changes you all have made to the Reduce project, and I'll be sure to make a larger effort for when we move forward on the next installments.

I hope that in fact your life will work out very well and everything will be fine. :)

Cool, you don't have to try to find time now. I'm glad that you will be with us in the future, certainly your help and support in creating Reduce 3 will be very useful - not only because of the 'voice actor', but also because we would like everyone to be able to say in advance what they think about the script and how they want he took part in it.

Yeah it would've been good with a message, gotta understand they're just three people managing this massive website though, both keeping up with content moderation, user support, bugs; working with all the changes they're planning. Redesign's probably coming along slower than they expected...

About *bugs in a program, that was just to correct my 'bugs in a problem' typo below. XD

Damn... only three? Why so little? After all, this portal is cosmically large :P
Well, now I understand... it's a massacre.

Heheheh XD

@MariogD @Animetion24 Sorry guys I got a lot of things going on at the moment, so I haven't be able to view everything.

No problem :)
Nice to see you.

Yeaah the portal's huge but the budget isn't. :) Apparently they're four right now though, my bad, if this is still up-to-date: https://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/about-newgrounds/staff

Is NG not holding up good?

@uncookboi Good to see you here!

Scene 16 (Nightmare) is already 25 seconds - it's a good start. :P

Well everything was looking pretty bad a few years ago, steady decline since maybe 2009, Tom was funding things from his own pocket, they had to cut down on staff, and other stuff, getting banned on Google Ads was pretty tough too since they're by far the biggest network... but right now it seems a bit more hopeful. :) Supporter base keeps increasing. Both new and old users keep finding this place again.Still seems like a constant grind but it wouldn't be as amazing if it wasn't! Things have been pretty crazy all the way from the beginning.

So cool? For the next 30 years I can still do animations and upload to NG? :P

There's a lot to read here btw if you're interested in the whole story: https://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/about-newgrounds/history

Oooo interesting :) I'll see in my free time.

Hope it's an enriching read. :) And yeah, hopefully NG lives forever! It's outlasted so many other similar places, Tom seems intent on keeping it going too, but when he starts getting older... who knows. Hope to still be along for the journey and see what happens.

Well, soon it will be just a place with animations around the world, so I hope NG will last forever. :P

@Mejson are you going to finish scene during weekend?

I don't know, it's possible ... I'm currently sick - I'm sleeping and doing animation. XD
Scene 16 currently has 32 seconds. :P

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