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Reduce 2 - Scene 17! Background...

Posted by Mejson - March 28th, 2020



for a moment I gave no signs of life XD But cool, I'm fine, I'll live :)

And how are you doing? To be honest... I'm worried about you...

As you can see on the screen... I finished the background for Scene 17... but you can't see the whole... like for example. Door... these legendary doors... hehehehe :P

In this scene, as you can see... there is a new insect - the caterpillar and cocoon (chrysalis).

What do you think about this background?



Comments (12)

Hello Mejson! Good to see you're OK too - how's the situation where you live? Family OK? I'm doing OK, working from home next week, trying to stay away from gatherings and events...

Door hmm? Inside joke...?

I like the visuals, and I like the turn they seem to imply, that things are about go get better again. Characters reborn, in a way? It feels symbolic to our world right now too. We're entering a time of stagnation and stillness, of vulnerability, but hopefully we'll come out of this more resilient than ever!

Nice work.

In Poland? So average... But there is probably no tragedy... Family OK. It's good that you're okay. :P

Yes, the door. The heroes reached the building - the door... :)

I don't know, certainly physically ok ... and what will turn out.

Thanks for kind words! :P

Hopefully closing the borders helped a bit too. :) I actually had a trip booked to Krakow at the end of March, but the airline cancelled it when everything shut down. Got a full refund at least.

Ah structures we haven't seen much of yet so far. :) At least not in the segment I've been following...

In regard to the characters/the world?

Closing borders and complying with quarantine is the best solution... and the only one.
It's a very nice idea that we can meet in person because I live i Cracow, but a bad moment... it's a pity. It's good that you returned the money.

Yes, in Reduce 3 the characters will sneak through the wooden veranda, but it will not be better because it's a new threat such as new insects: spiders, skins and others. However, our heroes will not give up and develop technologically creating new weapons, etc.

Best option so far yes, though for some reason it seems no one country has done it perfectly so far, if only people would really respect authority in times like this... oh man you live there too? :D Did we speak about that before? I have a cousin who's adopted from there, so the main intention with the visit was for him to show me around a bit and see how he grew up, but it would've been awesome to meet you too. Maybe some other time then? It's not so far away after all, when borers are open.

Intriguing! Will be a pretty big change of setting/scenery from the one so far.

True, some countries are completely not complying, and some are trying harder. To respect the government? Are you kidding? :P Our government is the worst evil and the thieves themselves - we hate it!

Yes, I live and work and look for happiness. xD No, never... somehow there was no opportunity. Cousin? Nice :) Yes, it would be nice to meet in person. Yes, of course, at other times. Probably in 3 - 6 months.

Yes, but I will have to draw it nicely.

Great to hear that you are well!
Wash you hands and stay home!

Of course it's good!
You would give it a rest with these hands :P Everyone already knows it by heart. :P
How do you like screen?

Ah I didn't know that. XD Well I'm no fan of my government either, but I mean:; if they tell people to keep to themselves, and people actually listen, then this would probably be over so much faster. I think Swedes are generally pretty good at listening to authority, which in this case might be good, in others not so much.

So you're from the city originally? Awesome. :) Sure, if we're all free to travel again then the autumn would be a good time for it, hope we can speak more about this then.


Heheheh XD. We - Poles are stubborn and brave and we don't allow others to smother our homeland - even if it's approached or called racism. Many Poles think and remember how the government promises something and does not keep its word. That's why we don't like government.

Yes, awesome :P I hope you won't have to wait long for an example. half a year. :/

*not from the city originally, I meant

Well, finally I'm from Kozienice - a small town that has been beautifully developed for some time and has very clean air. :)

Well, it turns out that I won't be coming home for holiday, so I won't see my family for a long time. :/

Awesome. :)

Well during the summer I'll hopefully be with the rest of the family further up North, as you know, farming and taking care of things, so other trips would have to be after that. We have a bit unconventional summers, living in the wild, trying to grow our own crops and pick berries as best we can while it's warm. :) I take out all my real vacation time then, but fortunately work's flexible so I can still take shorter trips the rest of the year.

Ah that sounds/looks ideal, beautiful old architecture there too. Shame about the holiday though. :/ Is it because trains are closed down? Or you're not allowed to travel at all? Or just safety, to not risk family getting sick...? I have a trip booked to visit my brother in a few weeks too, seems that'll probably be going the same way...

Yes, it's a wonderful and fulfilling way of spending time with your family. :) Trips have to wait longer. And what other crops besides berries? A fun way to spend time. :P I rarely travel.

Yes, but not old :P New, admittedly there are villages and farm horse outside the city. For safety, let my family not get infected... In a few weeks? I think it's too early. :/

Well pretty much all common crops you can think of. :) Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, onions, parsley, dill, a few types of salad, arugula, kale, potatoes, a few types of beets, a few types of sugar snaps, a few types of beans/peas. Not sure of the translations for all types. Some more interesting things like Japanese cabbage and: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blitum_virgatum

...it's been fun to travel around a bit earlier when it's been so cheap, but I wonder if things will start changing again with this. Fewer flights = higher prices. I assume. Just going up North to the farm is a couple hours by plane though so hopefully it doesn't rise too much...

Ah alright, the pictures I found via Google seemed to be turn of the century architecture at least. :) Good to know, and good thinking. Yeah it seems so, the train company recently started letting people change dates on their trips for free now, so I guess I'll be doing that soon... doesn't seem to be over in a long while. Probably months at least. The big question is how long we'll be able to close down certain parts of society as we are now, some things may change but we'll still have to go places sometimes... all my estimates are probably optimistic.

Uuuuuu, quite a lot :) I also cultivated on my plot (for my own needs) - in the village of "Cudów" (near Kozienice) except for Japanese cabbage and Blitum virgatum. :) It's nice to have such a plot, right? But I also think that for relaxation, and not just to hard work a living (my aunt has the only goal in life to be physically weary - I do not understand it completely...).

You know, for certainty - is it safe to wait... By the time, when exactly will you be away? Help me think about it. When should we do the 'Reduce 2 - Pass of Time' project? Planning everything? And more importantly - recording voices to this animation? You can't do it without the voice of the actors... :/

Briefly summarize this fragment... Let's hope that better times will come soon... and on the occasion - Scene 17 already has 12.6 seconds. :P Returning, however, to the main plot, according to the high-low principle, the world will change. I don't know if you know what I write...

Yupp. XD It's hard work, but worth it. If we were there the whole year I'd think it'd be a lot easier, no need to do as much with as short a window of time... still wouldn't want to live any other way. Best time of the year. Yeah it's relaxing too, I've read about even the particles in regular dirt have a certain effect on the body, not to mention that grounding yourself improves blood circulation, something about negative ions and oxidative stress... don't remember exactly. You could think o it as simply getting rid of static electricity. I feel like a lot of these things we did naturally in the past had functional purposes we miss out on these days, maybe most notably how physical exertion releases serotonin and dopamine and all these positive chemicals, whereas when you sit by a screen and work you'll need a totally new kind of stimuli for the brain to get the same sense of reward. And your body stays in shape at the same time. Anyway, I just love being outside, when it's possible. What kind of crops did you grow on that plot? Hehe, well you sleep well if you're really tired too. :)

For summer? It's usually most of July and August, and a week or two in May and September if it works with work. So basically I'll be busy till the end of September, which is when we close the farm for winter. Oh, when I'll be available for voice acting? I'll be in Stockholm a lot even during summer, it's just July that I'm offline completely. Back and forth with work otherwise.

Nice. :) Hope so, and the high-low principle hmm... it always gets better when it's been at its worst?True indeed.

Well, most importantly, that you are able in such a short time and that you are happy. :) Interesting... yes, certainly after a hard effort you are tired and happy. In my place? Not always at once, but yes: potatoes, grapes, various apple trees, sunflowers, gooseberries, strawberries, raspberries.

Good to know :P We'll think about it, I don't know yet when Reduce 2 - Part II will finish...

Hmm, it means that after the death of such a number of people something else will appear in their place... which does not mean something good that worries me a bit...

And such information, which is completely unrelated to crops: Scene 17 - 29 seconds... :P

Yupp. :) Honestly it's not all just good times, does get a bit stressful occasionally, but that's life isn't it. Go through those lows to appreciate the high points too. Oh grapes too! That's one thing that won't grow up here, at least not in Northern Sweden. Have tried sunflowers a few times but they don't always make it in time.

Hmm what should I think about? :P I'm definitely up for more voice work if that's what you're asking? Hopefully it'll be a while yet; no rush to the ending...

Like... zombies? Or a new virus? Not sure if we're talking about life or about Reduce at this point...

Nice. :)

Well, lots of nice crops... :)
Well, I would like us to cooperate better because my brother blames me that he has no interest in animation. xD

Not necessarily Zombie XD but maybe new animal species or their evolution.

Yupp. :) Sure, I'm just low on time overall lately, but voices don't take so long/are fun/is something I think I'd like to get better at and do more of too.

Ah, intriguing. :) From the early Resident Evil to Nemesis, something new entirely...

Great, we'll be in touch all the time and I let you know when we start working on it. :)

Well, I will certainly let you do it, you can be sure.

Hehe, I hope you don't overdo XD

Awesome. :)