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Reduce 2 - Summary (first look)

Posted by Mejson - July 9th, 2020


Hello my friends!

Has become! Together we won the first trophy / cup: Daily 5th Place!

I know that everyone thought and hoped it would be 1-3 place, but I think it's great too :P

Anyway, THANK YOU again for being with us and for your huge contribution to all projects!

Let's get to the main topic though :)

Before you! - a new project I started, with a significant name: Reduce 2 - Summary...

You have certainly noticed that it's much more interesting and more extensive than: Reduce - Summary (Survival)...

All content is divided into two main sections: Heroes and Map:

In 'Heroes' we have the opportunity to choose 22 characters (there is pagination) and look at them from different angles:

  • 'Look' - looking at the character's appearance and behavior,
  • 'Information' - all information about all heroes - how they were before and how they changed through this... "adventure",
  • 'Condition' - heroes' mental and physical condition - what wounds they have suffered and the changes that have taken place in them (not always good),
  • 'Secrets' - special hidden 'flavors' (about some heroes) - that is what new equipment in Reduce 3,... you will need to be complited / arranged puzzle to see it - that's why it's a 'Game Project' type - I think it's a nice idea, and you?

In 'Map' will be presented a map 'drawn' by the characters with marked places that took place throughout the 'Reduce Saga' along with the opportunity to see photos from a given moment of history and a direct link to a given animation. What do you think about it? Interesting? :)

@Cyberdevil could you please check the text, please? I know that at the moment it's only to 'Mejson' and 'MariogD', but in the future there will be up to 22 characters... and so is your 'hero', so choose the name and let's discuss it's appearance... although I have nice idea :P

@Animetion24 and @uncookboi and @SayMeBott will you see if there are any navigation / operation errors, please?

If you have any ideas and questions, it's great :) We'd love to hear.



If you missed and want to watch Reduce 2 - Part I just:

If you missed and want to watch Reduce 2 - Part II just:



Comments (2)

I need to finally find time and work together on translations. I have this feeling that I did not spend enough time on it. Keep working brother!

It would be nice, but... you have a lot of your classes and you just don't have time... the easiest way to correct me is my brother :P

So awesome we finally got an award on this, it's not first but still, just made it! :D Congrats!

Thanks! :)