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Reduce 2 - Pass of Time - Scene 2 (Planning/Draft)

Posted by Mejson - July 25th, 2020


Welcome everyone!

It's a next scene planning/draft - this time it's: Scene 2 - Our "friend" to Reduce 2 - Pass of Time - the first and also only addition to Reduce 2 :)

Scene 1 - Run and hide! - Approved!

However, the latest information for the project Reduce 2 - Pass of Time:

  • main menu - OK,
  • nature effects - OK,
  • extras - OK,
  • new quality - OK.

If you want, you can see the project overview - I have already added.

Scene 2 - Our "friend"

Inscription (on black background):

Episode 2
Day 13
(~1 hour later)
6:57 AM


1. Keni, Mazurek and Zip are breathing hard over the muddy cliff; Keni stands hunched, Mazurek crouched on his knee, Zip is sitting on a stone.
2. Zip speaks / screams first, he looks at the ground: "What the fuck was that ?!".
3. Mazurek glances at Zip, then at Keni, then down to the ground and says in a gasping voice: "Calm down... we need to hide... and rethink the next steps".
4. Keni looks at Mazurek and starts the sentence: "You have no idea..." and at this moment the camera on Zip, followed by God-DL Zombie and pushes him to the ground (Zip is lying on his stomach).
5. Zip is bitten on the neck. Mazurek jumps up and hits God-DL Zombie, who wants to hit him back, but Zip attacks him with the back of his head.
6. Mazurek attacks again and this time God-DL hits him and Mazurek flies backwards.
7. Camera close-up on God-DL Zombie and Zip - he wants to bite him again, but suddenly Keni runs up and breaks his neck.
8. God-DL Zombie slides down, Zip who is panting heavily and whispering, "Fuck, it hurts like hell!".
9. Keni gets up and goes to the left - the camera follows him (looks into the distance, with his back to the others) and says in an irritated but calm voice: "You are useless..." then turns and says already more agitated: "Fuck you cannot be left alone for a moment ".
10. Camera on Mazurek, who picks up (helps to get up) Zip and ignores Keni's words.
11. Mazurek says with an worry voice: "We shoud treat this wound", and Zip (at the lift): "hisses".
12. Suddenly, God-DL Zombie's growl is heard. The camera on him (starts slowly to rise), then on Keni, who is initially surprised and then frosts his eyes a bit, and he walks over and smashes the head of God-DL Zombie with his foot (you can't see the crushed head, but a little over - Keni - his leg a black blood gushing around her). Keni says firmly with a serious face, "Stay down!" Blackout.

Light effect:

Yellow (early morning).


Zip: "What the fuck was that?!"
Mazurek: "Calm down... we need to hide... and rethink the next steps"
Keni: "You have no idea..."
Zip: "Fuck, it hurts like hell"
Keni: "You are useless..."
Keni: "Fuck you cannot be left alone for a moment"
Mazurek: "We shoud treat this wound"
Keni: "Stay down!"

What do you think about this scene? Do you have any ideas?



Comments (10)

Keni: "You no idea..." -> for me there is lack of verb here. "You have no idea..." maybe?

Yes, I'm already correcting. :P

What do you think about this scene, @Animetion24?

PS. I cannot send any more PM (private message) to you. :/

There is, and always was Mazurek- no Mazurka (10.) :P

Hehehehe, I didn't really mean such a correction. XD

@Mejson That's strange, I haven't touched my PM settings at all, and I'm nowhere near full on the inbox.

Anyways, with the grammatical error dealt with, this scene is mostly good. I think there's only things like Mazurek seeking one of his spears to attack God-DL, who swats it aside before returning attention to Zip. I suppose Mazurek might've lost a couple of those while fleeing, but a resourceful guy like him ought to have a couple in reserve.

And perhaps a final/penultimate scene of Keni either dragging the zombie away in case it revives again (the crew are probably too early in their adventure to know if they can't come back a second time), or he curbstomps DL's head to show his more callous form of prudency.

@Animetion24, yes is really strange...

All three heroes ran away in a hurry and even Keni does not have a weapon (that's why he broke the neck of God-DL Zombie). We pay attention to details and the spear cannot be hidden in a pocket. Only Delsin has a container for spears on his back (which will be also used for something else :P), also this situation - they are theoretically defenseless, only Keni is really strong - he can break someone neck.

I think even if he were to wake up again it... However, Keni doesn't care that much about them and Mazurek is very focused on helping Zip. In this scene, we (with my brother - @MariogD) took into account the character of the characters and the relationships between them.

Thanks for your ideas! You have a great imagination! I like it! :)

Anyone else have any new ideas? If not, we start the next scene. :)

@Animetion24 @Mejson
I agree with @Animetion24 about second part. Let's add some step of being sure that God-DL is dead. Maybe destoying his head? From my point of view this behaviour is logic. @Mejson please take this point into consideration.

About first point let's assume that guys lost spears during running.

Again @Animetion24 thank you for your participation!

@Animetion24 @MariogD
Ok, You're right, I didn't have time to think about it because I was going to the gym, I'm already correcting it.

As for the first point, I think they abandoned on purpose because they can run faster. Don't you think that when you're empty-handed, it's easier to run? :P

Thanks, it's the second time @Animetion24 when we have realized your great idea. :P

Today I will add the draft project of another scene! :P

“8. God-DL Zombie slides down, Zip who is panting heavily and whispering”

I think panting and whispering does not convey the emotion enough, instead of panting, how about a growl of agony, like, “Grrgghhhh”, or, “Arrgghhh”, not screaming, but grunting or growling, “Fuck! It hurts like hell”

You're right, but... 'Zip' will not record them because he is working and busy. @ChordC, I would like to ask you for help with these sounds, I know there will be a lot of difficult sounds in this scene :/

This scene is also difficult to animate, only the next one will be easier.

@Mejson Alright then, I’ll see what I can do