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Reduce 2 - Pass of Time - Scene 5 (Planning/Draft)

Posted by Mejson - August 1st, 2020


Welcome everyone!

It's a next scene planning/draft - this time it's: Scene 5 - Still Alive! to Reduce 2 - Pass of Time - the first and also only addition to Reduce 2 :P

Scene 1 - Run and hide! - Approved!

Scene 2 - Our "friend" - Approved!

Scene 3 - A New Hope - Approved!

Scene 4 - A New Beginning - Approved!

However, I'm finish working on improving / changing the navigation (film) for Reduce 2 - Pass of Time. We have everything prepared for 12 scenes, we will see how many will come out - this is the 5th scene. :)

Scene 5 - Still alive!

Inscription (on black background):

Episode 5
Day 14
(~11 hours later)
7:09 AM


1. It's early in the morning, Keni is creeping up on the traces of blood (grasshopper) that drive him close to the grass.
2. Suddenly there's scary_momment and Keni looks around but sees nothing. He goes on and the bloodstains keep getting bigger.
3. He crouches for a moment and touches the bloodstain, then looks up and smiles to himself.
4. He gets up and creeps on, suddenly someone getting closer to him and grabs him from behind, covers his mouth and pulls him into the grass.
5. Keni free himself and yells in disgust, "What the fuck?!" and Rash (the camera shifts to him - new hero "Rash"), who is staring to the left, quietly says, "Be quiet, they're comming!"
6. Keni also starts looking in the same direction as Rash (they are both hidden in the grass and only their heads are visible).
7. Suddenly 3 Ant Zombies run by and a scary_momment sound. Zooming in on the figures, Keni says, slightly puzzled, "What are you doing here?" And then adds, "I was sure you are dead" (Rash has already healed / bandages on his arm and leg).
8. Rash smirks and says, "It's not easy to kill me".
9. Keni and Rash smile at each other and they make a special handshake.
10. And after a while Rash says, "So let's find your lost trophy" and smiles, and Keni smiles back. Blackout.

Light effect:

Yellow (early morning).


Keni: "What the fuck?!"
Rash: "Be quiet, they're comming!"
Keni: "What are you doing here?" 
Keni: "I was sure you are dead"
Rash: "It's not easy to kill me"
Rash: "So let's find your lost trophy"



Comments (2)

When Rash first speaks to Keni, and I'm only presuming he can be just as volatile and/or unscrupulous as Keni, but perhaps in representing that, he would say "Shut up, they're coming" over "Be quiet." I'd even go for a "Shut the fuck up" if we go down that lane.

And to further reinforce how these two bad boys can be so cool with each other, should we consider a special handshake they have rather than a simple high five, like you had for Stuk and Bott* in CS3? Speaking of that line, maybe a more sadistic euphemism for hunting the ants in the final line could be used, from "So let's find this food" to "Wanna get some breakfast?"

I'm thinking too that when Rash suggests that, perhaps he could be seen painting on the blood of the ants to his skin in a minimally tribal pattern to mask his odor, since I believe ants have a pretty great sense of smell. He would then offer it to Keni, who grins at the opportunity.

Rash isn't like Keni, but he's actually his buddy. They respect each other, so they are not malicious to each other, so there is no need to exaggerate.

Yes, a special handshake - great idea :) something will come up. Well... Rash means they're back to hunting the grasshopper. No stranger reads this, so I will say that in future Keni and Rash will hunt Ant Zombies - Mazurek will order them to do it, because he needs to make equipments and armors. It will be needed (beyond getting chitin) because then the relationship between Keni and Rash will be shown.
PS. I think eating Ant Zombie meat can be dangerous - risk of infected you.

Great idea! We will use this idea in the future (in the aforementioned hunting scene on Ant Zombies), when the heroes will be hunting they will be already smeared with Ant Zombie blood - it does not have to be their first trip to 'this' hunting, so they could have painted themselves like that. I also believe that they will already have some Ant Zombie chitin armor: knee-pads, elbow-pads.

Thanks for the great ideas, @Animetion24! All in all, in this scene we are adding a special handshake. :)

And the rest of our team has no ideas? Don't they feel like thinking? :P :P :P

My brother and I agreed that the final statement should be "So let's find your lost trophy" so that it would be known that it was about the grasshopper Kenia was looking / hunting for. :)