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Reduce 2 - Summary (Music - Unification and Volume Slider)

Posted by Mejson - September 24th, 2020


Welcome everyone!

How are you all feeling? Well? I'm curious how your health is. :)

New super design improvements (Reduce 2 - Summary):

  • unified Volume Slider (the same for all songs) - this will prevent a situation when you set the volume to 15% (because you are, for example, tired), and then move to another section and another song will "blow up" your eardrums,
  • music system (automatic) - when the song ends by itself (the whole song is played), it will automatically end and the appropriate icon should be displayed,
  • music system (manual) - when the user decides that he or she does not want to listen to music (at all), when he mutes in one section, it will be "silence" in all the project,
  • adding pagination to Hero (showing pages) - in the Hero section I added a pagination that informs how many character pages there are and where the user is currently on,
  • adding info about the project version (Project version) - that is, it is still "Early Access" and the version number.

I believe that these are useful improvements that are needed. What do you think about it, @MariogD@Animetion24, and @Cyberdevil?



Comments (8)

My health is alright, thanks for asking, feeling at least a little invigorated from the recent trip. :) How about you?

This is pretty awesome. Must've been a bit heavy coding to implement?

In the last months (August and September) I have been working remotely from my family home. You know, I work, I help my parents in various works and I do Flash project :P Actually, I'm a bit tired of all this XD

Not necessarily difficult, but I had to figure out how it would work :P

Aaah yeah I can relate to that, work and free time float together all too easily here too; it feels a bit stagnant when you're always in the same place. I felt that before vacation. Always around the family too. Really fortunate to be able to switch locations if only for a short part of the year, and during summer even when I'm not North my parents still are, so we have our individual households for a while.

Maybe you need a short break with Reduce? Or just to break the routine - roadtrip? :P

Mmm, it sounds difficult!

Sounds super interesting, it's nice that you come true :)

No, the animations don't tire me as much as my parents do, hehehehehehe. xD

Somehow I don't like traveling, maybe because I've rarely done it.

Hard? Difficult, I came up with a heroes wheel for navigation (character selection) in Reduce 3 hehehe. xD If there will be nothing intresting to presentation, I will present it one day :P

Yeah. :) Interesting how the neccesary balance between isolation and socializing really becomes clearer in these times...

Aha. XD I feel like the older I grow the more I appreciate being around them myself. Or maybe the older they grow the less pressure they evoke all the time. :P Gotta find the right balance though! And for me I feel more and more like I'd better find myself a new family before it's too late! Age is a sad thing.

Hmm do you think you would if you did, though? Getting away a bit seems to let you appreciate being home more too, when you get back again.

There's a lot of pretty complicated-looking stuff in here! XD Too true. Interfaces are a special part of it all too.

Because everyone misses it :P And the more forbidden something is, the more you feel like it. xD

Yes, I wish I was immortal... and no, I wouldn't boring at all! I would have had time to finish everything and get XD.

Hmmm, I don't know, maybe yes, but... I don't like traveling alone, and at the moment I don't have anyone (I don't want with my parents XD), so that's why I don't.

Maybe yes, my skills have improved a lot this year - not only in terms of animation but AS3 and sense of taste. :) Yes, a properly planned interface is very important!

For sure. Both the solizaing AND the isolation sometimes, from some people. :P

Same here. :) Or at least have maybe twice the lifespan. As long you stay healthy there's so much to accomplish here! It's not enough! Living forever though hmm... if you were eternally young and flawless in all ways too thay might be just perfect. :)

Aha. Your brother? Too busy? I've been taking solo trips (before this covid thing of course) for a few years now, basically to both maybe meet new people and exactly because I really don't like to travel alone. XD To get out of my comfort zone a bit. It's easy to feel a bit lost in foreign places at first but it feels like you settle in a bit when you really start to explore. At least within Europe it's not so different after all. Just the language that has you feeling a bit left out sometimes. Visiting Baltic countries where a lot of people don't speak English at all... actually felt more at home in Malaga. Knowing a bit of the local tongue goes such a long way.

Ah sense of taste too! :D Interesting. True that.

Well... we are a herd species :P

Yes, I'm going to live a long time! Hehehehe.

Well... I've never been away with my brother. But yes, my lack is often busy, but he goes on vacation with his wife quite often XD

I am happy for you :)

Yes, but I don't like (I don't have too much style) office projects.

Yupp yupp.

Good luck! ;) Medicinal/technological progress within our lifetime too, who knows how much we might be able to extend things... not sure I want to end up a cyborg though if that's where we're headed.

Ahh he's married too! Somehow assumed he was way younger. Good to know, and thanks.

So far the interfaces have all looked pretty good though!

Well, we'll see! Cyborg? It could be interesting! xD

Also? Who also besides my brother? :) Cool!

Thanks for another compliment! :P Soon a new Poster, talking about good interfaces! xD

So far so good healthwise for myself. Appreciate the concern.

The technical features presented make a lot of sense to me, so I'm happy they are there.

Seeing the comments below, indeed hiatuses between work periods are short, and it's very noticeable because time overall is short. Which is why when you can, you really ought to take one. :)

That's good! :P

Everything for the sake of the user and comfort! :)

I will come back to Krakow soon and I will rest :P

Ah you'd consider being one? XD Some people are walking around with antenna implants that can sense energies as colors already, implants that work like artificial ears for those without hearing, video cameras instead of eyeballs, exoskeletons that make you stronger of course... some of it does look pretty cool but I'd rather live without as long as it's possible! XD

Ah you weren't? XD Maybe I'm mixing you two together then. But he was the younger one right?


If each people was a cyborg it would be the norm of XD. At least I wouldn't have to wear glasses. Hehehehe. Well, if they improve their quality of life, it's good for these poor people...

I was engaged :P He's younger, he's 28 and I'm 34 :P

lol yeah, if there was a good way to cybernetically fix my eyesight I might take that too. It is, just not totally in tune with the idea of relying on technology to the point we start implementing it within our bodies...

Ah right, I remember. I'm right in the middle then, 31. XD

Hehehe, yeah :P
Anyone would need a great eyesight :)
This could be the future of XD
Yes, youth :P hehehe