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Reduce 2 - Summary (Start Page - Part I)

Posted by Mejson - 1 month ago


Welcome everyone!

I know that "a long time" there was no Poster (already two days XD), so I adds!

I'm glad you all are doing well! This is very important in the current world situation.

Here is the first part of the title screen! :)

There are still no transitions between elements (they appear statically), but that's because it's not finished yet :P

However, the entire action (system) is ready, the so-called does its job :)

As in the above Screen, you can see (after the whole action with the Logo presentation) the choice - what file does the static user have:

  • Windows (EXE) - viewing the project by running from your own disk / computer. It includes such additions as: automatic full screen, program closing button, buttons: window / full screen, hiding unnecessary options under the right mouse button and the header,
  • NG Player (SWF) - viewing the project by starting from the NG side (clicking NG Player), which is devoid of any add-ons (pure project), as they are not supported by the said Player.

I have a questions for you, especially @Cyberdevil.

Adding Quality Selection? Does the project run smoothly on your computer? And if we add it where? It seems to me that there is no room for Start Page (I don't want too many elements because it looks unsightly and illegible).

What do you think about it, @MariogD@Animetion24, and @Cyberdevil?

PS. I forgot to add that you can naturally see this project (as usual) because I already updated it :)



Comments (18)

You're a supporter :D

Oh yes :P

All in all, it's my life passion!

I will not let NG fall!

Especially now!

Looking pretty futurstic! :D Maybe a bit much empty space on the upper part though? Seems like it'd be the perfect spot for a logo or preview, or just for centering the two options horizontally too?

As for lag it works alright so far if I turn the quality to the lowest setting with the .exe. When it's embedded it's a bit slower. But personally I usually use the right-click menu to change the quality from the beginning, so it doesn't really need to be added into the interface anywhere. For the average user it probably plays fine!

Futurstic? It was supposed to look stylish... well, it turned out that way.

Well, I wrote that there is no logo animation yet (there is no logo either) :P Yes, that was where was xD

So not to make a quality options? Cool!

By the way, how do you like the playlist I'm completing? :P

Well futuristic can be stylish too. :) Does look stylish.

Ah, right! Sounds good then!

Yes, thanks! :)

Good playlist too. Nice to see the scores rising a bit with the most recent ones...

Yes, that's good news.

@Cyberdevil, I have a question for you. :)
Will you make a summary-commentary on R2 - Part II as you gave to R2 - Part I?

Ah the review! I forgot about that. Hopefully soon, there's still a lot of things I need to catch up on here. :)

Not that I'm impatient (although it's hehehe xD in my old age), but I really like your reviews for the animation :P Like in the McDonald's ad - I'm loved it!

Another puzzle is completed, 4 more and they will be all. I improved the medals icon (they are much clearer now), but the old ones still appear in the design - after arranging. It's a browser cache issue, @Cyberdevil?

It might be yeah, if it doesn't start showing after a while/you clear the cache a few times it might also be the file just didn't get replaced like it was supposed to. Seems to happen sometimes if the change is minor. Maybe the checksum somehow stays the same, though technically that should be impossible...

In icognito mode it's the same... do I need to delete and add again? It's a tragedy... I don't feel like doing this.

Man tragedy's a heavy word. XD Does it take a long time to upload though...? It probably is the only option...

Not much time, but for 13 medals I have to remove and add descriptions etc it's awfully inconvenient. Why is 'Edit' if it doesn't work?

Ahh you can't keep the medals if you swap files? or was it the medals that were posing a problem? Maybe something I could test here? Not seeing any medals on the submission preview though...

I have changed the medal icons to new ones. You can compose a puzzle and see if the icons aren't blurry. I don't know why, but it looks like NG stated that no medals will be shown in the submission preview.

You can only see them in: Reduce 2 - Summary > API Tools > Medals

Hmm seems like Ruffle doesn't really support Reduce yet, takes me to the 'Congratulations! screen right away. :) I'll give it a shot when I'm back home!

I don't think Ruffle will work properly on our projects. Cool: P

Yeaaah though it should hopefully eventually work for everything! Downloaded the NG Player at work anyway btw, Congratulations screen looked good but didn't see the pop-up overlay I expected... is the medal in the circle? No fuzziness for me...

The medal is shown when you click the "Trophy" button, which shows up after completing 96 puzzle pieces. :P

Hmm, missed that! That puzzle really takes a while to test... any chance you could add in a temporary shortcut just to test medals without going through the process?

Ok, I changed the quantity needed to complete the puzzle to 3. That should speed up. :P

Ah I didn't realize you already had one for testing. XD Nice. Checked the medal, and I think it looks alright... is this the same as it is for you? https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/ed126c37401cdea744e3ba88dab5d478

Wonder if it wouldn't be easier to unlock the trophy right away though, without having to click a button? I can see how some might miss that...

Ahhh, that is, for others they display well :P. That's good XD. These are the corrected ones. :)

I'm sorry that I did not reply earlier, but today I returned to Cracow.

Maybe, but that's the only option the user can do, so how would you like to miss it? Even there is information in the form of a text, I did it, because after arranging it, there are enough effects and adding another window will hang the project.

Good to hear. :) Must be some kind of local cache issue then... you did clear your cache though I guess?

No worries at all. I might be a bit slow responding to messages this month too, going to be pretty busy with the Inktober challenge.

Ah so it's a performance issue if you have both... maybe you could 'lock' other menu options until the user clicks the trophy? If they try to leave before? Maybe unnecessarily complicated a workaround though, hopefully most people do read instructions, it's just such a norm that the medal unlocks automatically that at least I don't expect there to be any additional action required.

I opened in incognito, I will not clear the browser cache because I will lose too much data...

Okay: P

Today I will listen to what you recorded! :)

Walk away after completing one puzzle? It is a bit not logical, I doubt anyone would. Without exaggerating, people should think and read sometimes. There is even a picture of the trophy... it won't be more intuitive.

Mmm, maybe it still has an effect somehow though... how about installing a separate browser? It's handy to have a few different ones for testing too. Plus you can divide up your sessions; don't need to think twice about clearing some of them. ;)

Thanks man, feel like it's taking a while to really warm up again but hope you enjoy it. :)

Feels like we're maybe getting a bit shorter attention spans when everything's so feedback oriented though, people SHOULD read instructions, but do they always? Hmm. I thought the picture of the trophy was probably a note that I'd actually gotten the medal the first time...

It's cool, it's important that for others it works :P

For sure it turned out great :P I haven't had time to listen to it yet, and I can't wait! :)

I think that's good because it's the only option and the user can't click anything else.

Yes indeed. :)

Ah no rush, I know how it is to be busy. XD Can link to some of the better ones later on if you just want a few. Today might be the one best yet, should be up in some 9-10 hours...

Ah they can't? No other menu buttons? The earlier suggestion implemented? In that case sounds good, no potential to miss it at all. :)

Yes indeed... :P