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Reduce 2 - Summary (Look - Mejson)

Posted by Mejson - 1 month ago


Welcome everyone!

There hasn't been a new Poster in a month... I could say I had a lot of work and was busy, but the truth is, I had no inspiration and hardly no made this project. It's hard to be inspired when everything is closed and you can't meet virtually anyone... well, but don't worry. You have to fight and not give up! :P

How are you guys doing? Friends and folks from NG? Are you not giving up? Healthy?

Okay... here's a new Poster about: Hero > Look > Mejson. Character animation that lasts 1 minute (I found it appropriate).

Let's summarize what is left to do:

  • Logo (part II),
  • 12 heroes looks (animated),
  • 2 puzzles (draw and cut),
  • system of remembering unlocked medals.

What do you think about it, @MariogD@Animetion24, and @Cyberdevil?



Comments (16)

Hmm least inspiring month for you turned into the most inspiring month in a long time for me it seems. :) Have barely interacted with anyone, except online, but putting things out daily you do get a more consistent response than you do otherwise... it's pretty appreciative. Can't wait to take a bit of a break after this though! XD Anyway, each time this year it seems I realize again that the more you push yourself the more you're capable of. It's an inspiring feeling too...

No worries about the lack of posters, though do hope you get back that inspiration soon! Been sleeping a bit less than I'd like with these crazy schedules but otherwise all good here. :)

Poster looks good! Will have to check out the real thing a bit later.

Hmm, but it happened, I'm happy with you :P Do you mean your work? I have to finally listen :) It's definitely great. I'm glad you think so! :)

Good :) Hmmm I've been sleeping a lot lately... even during the day. I don't know what it's caused by.

OK, thanks!

How long is this going on for?Seems like years

Who you are? And how did you get here?

We've been doing this summary for 4 months... so you got it wrong :P

Well both work and music. :) Get off work, record and mix until 1-2 AM, get up sleepy, rinse and repeat... catch up a little during the weekends though. Occasionally I write something a bit in advance so it's not as intense every single day, but somehow it feels like if you start trying to write more in advance then it's like you start losing motivation, you just can't stay ahead of it, the challenge disappears and that willpower wavers, soon as you're low on time it comes back again... wouldn't think inspiration is something you can actually awaken by necessity unless I'd tried this. :) Ah yeah please do if you have some time, curious what you think of some of these! I'll post a summary of the best ones in a bit hope; send a link then if you haven't gotten around to it then.

Ahh we're like polar opposites this month. XD Maybe that cold though? Sometimes they stick around a while. or this season, you do get sleepier, the darkest months it's almost like you just want to hibernate entirely...

Nice :) Both. Oh, massacre... you have a lot of work :) Respect! I am not surprised that you are tired... As always you are right! My motivation has dropped because I have no deadlines and currently hardly anyone motivates me, and my parents think that my work is stupid...

It's Sunday, today I'll start listening / judging! :) Hmmm summary of the best? Cool!

Yes, it's cold too. Damn... you might be right! Am I turning into a bear? Hehehe XD

@phenorax as for the whole series it HAS been going for years though. ;) One of the longest standing franchises on NewGrounds at this point...? It justmight be!

Hehehe, actually yes!

Hehe yeah, I have some todo's I can finally get to now too. :) And want to keep recording things at least occasionally, can't lose the momentum now, last year it just all stopped after this month. All other things took over again. Thanks too. Even though it's exhausting it's so fun though, feels like there's a resistance you need to overcome in the beginning, but the closer you get to the end the greater a sense of accomplishment, and it really becomes a routine... gotta do it again next year!

Ah man, yeah, my parents don't understand the appeal of rap either, fortunately I do know some people who do. :) I've stopped trying to get the family in on this though, it's a bit discouraging especially if it's something I'm really proud of. The one exception's my nephew, he's into the genre too so always a great boost of confidence to play something for him. Gotta get some more motivating people around you maybe hmm? If only the Flash community was as big as it used to be.

Awesome. :) lmao well let me know if you start growing a real furcoat, that'd be interesting. XD

Oh, a few things? How to comment on Reduce 2 - Part II? :P Yes, I noticed it's for this month (last). We are similar - if there is no deadline, we are busy with other things and we are not so hardworking... Yes, it certainly makes you happy! :) Next year... and another and another! Don't stop!

Hmm, apparently my parents are like that... well what to do. I did not intrude my family in my work, but sometimes they got interested and then they asked why I was doing it... Yeah, there's nothing like understanding XD

Yes, pride is important! I am also proud of my work, but to finish a project it takes a lot of work...

For me it is my brother @MariogD who will sometimes find time. Well, for the hundredth time you are right :P I need more motivating people... it can't be denied that I need... I think our NG community is stable :)

Hehehe, funny XD but rather I'm try to trim them hehehe XD

Welll that's a bit further down the list, but yes that too. XD First up get to a few collabs I've had to postpone this month, submit a quick VA thing, finish testing that game I linked to earlier... yeah the thing is I do feel like I am hardworking, but it's strange how time and effort plays a trick on you, no matter how much you feel like you're doing you're usually not doing as much as you think you are... will do! Happy to see you tuned in too, seems maybe you're going all the way from start to finish too? :D

Ah they show interest and then dismiss it, that's a shame. :) Yeah, it's a generational thing too I guess, times chance, as with interest; what we deem important; how we perceive the world...

As you should! Yeah definitely, with the level of detail you put into these too, it's impressive.

Haha I don't feel like I've been right THAT MANY times already. XD Really cool we both have at least certain family members who appreciate the same things! Indeed! The community does feel stable but... everyone who's making stuff is making stuff; it seems hard to get that big a response from people who appreciate the craft as much as creators do, more so casual viewers. :) Though of course they're great too! Hope the audience keeps growing!

Sounds wiser. :) Reminding me there actually is a 'werewolf disease' too where you just grow excessive hair all over, would be pretty crazy if we all get that every winter...

Ok XD People have probably forgotten about Reduce Saga :P Ambitious work with this game :P It's true... strange times and you think that you will do something faster, but not.

Yes, but it looks like I have had tonsillitis (Angina) for a month and that's why my throat hurts and I'm constantly tired.

I think it's because I publish projects very rarely... this crazy goth girl and a squeaky squirrel - she posts a lot of all kinds of crappy animations and that's why she's popular.

Thanks, it's nice what you wrote :P

Yes, but it's a pity they have so little time. Stable and probably not changing anymore.

Sounds like si-fi XD Interesting.

@Cyberdevil HA, knew it.It might as well be called an epic at this point.

Hehe, @phenorax do you say this is an epic series? XD

People will only forget if you let them. ;) Yeah...

Ah, alright! Good to hear you figured it out then! Better now? Getting better?

illwillpress yeah, he's crazy prolific. :) It is a full-time job for him at this point though, he basically works on the franchise all day ever day, it's pretty crazy. Manages art, animations, comics, merch, a few parallel channels for all of them too. I feel like Foamy was a lot more fun in the beginning, like he's run out of inspiration a bit but... gotta admire the grind. Feels like with time he's earned the place he has right now, even if I don't always like the newer ones. Of course he also works with themes that lure people in too, a lot of some-might-say-unnecessary sex appeal...


Yeah, seems so.

The official name's Hypertrichosis if you ever want to Google. ;)

Well, yes... but then, lest they forget, I would have to add an XD animation every week, I am not able to :P you, our wonderful @Cyberdevil, you can add your works more often, and I also don't know what to write on the forums XD

I figured it out :P Do I feel better? No xD

Well... what can I say... bastard lined up! XD He has positioned himself! Well, I'm modest and imperceptible :)

Ok :P

I'm currently working on our LOGO (recognizable and with a message), which will be already in all our projects :P It will be in black and white and color mode (depending where). For now I will say that it turned out amazing XD hehehe I like when something comes out :P Currently I still have to animate them and add sounds and it will be ready! I will definitely show you in the new Poster, which will be in a few days :)

PS. I realized that I was tired of having to do, for example, 15 of the same animations - it's not as wonderful as creating or making a scene. :P

That'd be a lot of work yeah. XD Putting out this daily stuff for a whole month does burn you out a bit! Couldn't keep it going for long. Meanwhile ZabuJard has been putting out something every DAY for YEARS right now, all content forms, not all good but it's still a crazy amount of work...

Well damn! XD Nothing you can do to get better though now that you know what it is? Just have to wait?

Hehe that he did! And once you get a certain following it seems everything keeps rolling on by itself a bit.

Nice! And ooh, grand revelations now! :D Looking forward to it!

Ah repetitive work with the character scenes? Understandable.

Hehehehe, yes :P So you can see for yourself that it's not possible. :) Everyday releasing new things is a massacre. I'm not surprised. Ooh, this guy has the power! :P

I take various medications, but it's such malice that this won't give up XD

Well, I think there would be a solution for us, but I don't like it... we could publish eg Reduce 2 - Part II - Scene 11 (publish each scene separately). However, I would never want to agree to something like this...

As for LOGO, I sat over it all day after work yesterday and I'm done! I'll do a 'Skip' on this LOGO and I'll be able to present. I suspect that after work today I will add a new Poster. :)

@phenorax @Mejson You know...i might as well call it LOL EPIX at this point, considering how much effort has been put into it.

Well, so far (from outside the team) no one has bothered or interested XD, and everyone ignored that we do one animation for a year. XD hehehe

Yupp. :) Though Zabu makes me wonder if maybe you just have to keep going for a certain amount of days to overcome some kind of inner limit... seems like it might mean sacrificing the quality of your work to do so though. :P

Ah, bummer. Maybe diet chances? Less dairy for example? Well hope you get it sorted somehow!

Mmm I wonder how the audience would react to that... maybe it really would give a sense of continuity, and keep people coming back, short episodes that leave you wanting more... does feel a bit less wholesome though I agree.

Nice. :)

Well, even if I worked on projects 8 hours a day, I would do the project a year, maybe 1-2 months shorter, but still once a year I will be published project XD

I bought medications that probably help me. XD

In my opinion it would be terrible tacky and probably someone would notice :P

Adds a new Poster :) Write your answers in the new one :P

*diet changes

That'd be a massive project then hmm! :) You're not spending THAT much time on this already are you?!

Aight! Hope they do!

Maybe. :) But maybe you'd reach waaaay more people... hard to know really. Would be cool to start some side-project and test things like this, totally different account, but of course no time for that now...

Gotta stick to the context with these though. XD But maybe not much more to answer here after all! Onto the next one!

It's huge XD Well... I was actually spending and spending: P Maybe except October.


Hehehe, but you have ideas: P Maybe... but there is no time for such things :)

Okay :P

Oh woah, really 8 hours per day?! :O After work?

Time's the limit yeah. :) Unfortunately. We need some clones...

I've always sat there for animations :P

Maybe we need XD

So wait, animation during work hours too? :D

Seems so!

Sometimes :P but more after :)

Real dedication! :)

Yup :P