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R2 - Pass of Time (New Main Menu)

Posted by Mejson - December 3rd, 2020


Welcome everyone!

It's high time for a new Poster and a new design! I know you weren't expecting, but here's the new Poster! :P There is no need to rest on your laurels, and you have to constantly create new ones :)

Here is Reduce 2 - Pass of Time, to be exact, its main menu. As you can see, it has been adjusted and I added various effects to suit the climate of... the inevitably approaching winter (in the world of Reduce), which will have an impact on the heroes :P

I would like to know from you what you think about:

  • new look and inscriptions - is everything legible,
  • character descriptions (from R2 - Summary) - did I 'trim' them well (because they won't fit in full version, of course),
  • in the upper right corner (as on the screen) there is a book icon, which is two buttons: one is a link to R2 - Summary (to learn more about characters - full descriptions), and the other is Ailment (for a specific hero),
  • information balloons - show descriptions and behavior of buttons (two - one per button), whether they are understandable.

What do you think about it, @Cyberdevil@Animetion24@MariogD@SayMeBott and @Mazurek? I updated both the swf in the project and the exe file, so feel free to watch and opinion :)





Comments (5)

The white text on that background hmm... it does feel maybe a bit difficult to read, maybe easier if the text was white entirely, possibly with a shadow outside it? The black that blends in doesn't make it easier I think. On the wheel maybe the names are a bit dark before you hover over them too, otherwise looks good... I like the idea of winter in the Reduce world too, feels new?

I like the book and bubble too, really stands out but in a good way, reminds me of old software interfaces a bit. I miss those old pop-over tips.

Overall nice! Maybe one more thing: the way the old Extra menu fades before the new one's presented, does that need to be there? It's like it disappears just as you're about to click it - maybe doesn't need to have that transition for ease of use.

Forgive me... my friend for not writing back yesterday, but I was engrossed in corrections to the project XD

The third case (which you mentioned) has been working / has been around forever and nobody has complained... so sorry to say it will stay that way. All others will be corrected as much as possible :)

Yesterday we had a meeting where we discussed the project :) Here are the fixes that are needed:

- adding a LOGO (yes, this logo) at the beginning of the animation (with the 'Skip' option of course),
- improving the visibility of the text (adding the 'Glow' brown color),
- I changed the info text (in character selection) to SELECT
'NICKNAME (also dead)', because I have the impression that the observers did not click on 'tombstones',
- I added a tooltip to '(...).' as they are now active objects to explain simply where the data is,
- I added (in the upper left corner) the information 'NG Player doesn't support this feature (linking).' So that the observer knows that the linking will not always work and not to blame us for this. @Cyberdevil, can you confirm it doesn't need better wording?

Also, @Cyberdevil, could you please check the meaning and correctness of this text for me? That's it:

'Events the expansion (this animation) begins when our heroes are separated by an unfortunate ambush by zombies. The group who not broke through must retreated... Keni, Mazurek, Zip and Rash. Could they truly hide? Whether they will survive?'

The above text will be used for a cool item in the main menu :P Thank you in advance!

I have updated SWF / EXE.

New look and inscriptions - maybe better contrast/gamma?
Book is a great idea - thumb up!

Thanks for the comment, @SayMeBott! Sure, we're making changes! :P

No worries! One day's short time to wait regardless. :)

Nice. Regarding the third point I must have clicked twice by accident earlier, it seemed like the Extra menu just faded immediately and the wheel came into focus, thought the menu had been replaced entirely and this was just a leftover now. My bad. That definitely needs to be there if you want to reach the the other options too.

Can confirm I did not think about clicking tombstones either. :) Good changes. Seems to work on all parts but the text... still not sure about readability. Feels like the way the text shifts from white to black makes it a little difficult. Have to really focus to read.

One minor thing but maybe some tooltip hit areas are a bit off: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/73ee5bfb5de71c33ea764804b6826a77

@Animetion24 would probably word this bit better, but just sorting out the grammar how about:

'Events within this expansion (animation) begin when our heroes are separated by an unfortunate ambush by zombies. The group that can't get through must retreat... Keni, Mazurek, Zip and Rash. Can they truly hide? Will they survive?'

Cool! :P

Don't worry :) Everything's cool! Anyone can get confused sometimes :P

Sorry... I removed this white highlight (in text) and it is better immediately XD

This hover outline is normal, but Flash sees some effects as an object, and so does like usually XD

For now I will add the one, as @Animetion24 will come back, it will possibly change :)

@Cyberdevil @Mejson I may not have that much time right now, but I certainly have enough for that. :)

"This animation details the events of the heroes who became separated by Mejson and co. Keni, Mazurek, Zip, and Rash were unable to follow the others as they moved ahead when the ambush adamantly stood in their way. Forced to retreat, where could they possibly hide? Can they survive this new, despairing ordeal?"

Let me know if there's any other snippets that catch your eye, devil. :)

Well... a beautiful text, but I don't know if it fits... It's my fault because I didn't say what it was needed for and without this knowledge it's hard for you to know how it could sound better :/ Sorry, I didn't think... I wanted to it was a surprise.

I'll fix a few things and add Poster tomorrow. You will see what the context is and it will be cool :)

@Animetion24 Will do. :) Turned out great too, way better than mine here! And I should be a writer too! XD Inspirational lows sometimes though. Do occur. Thanks for stepping in!