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Reduce 2 - Pass of Time (Scene 1 - Finished!)

Posted by Mejson - January 19th, 2021


Welcome everyone!

It's been 11 days since the last Poster :P Unfortunately, scenes can't be created quickly in XD. A lot of work and taking care of health also takes time :) So I have the impression that if I didn't have so many responsibilities, this scene would be ready earlier :P Hehehehehe

Here is the finished 'Scene 1', I mean almost... some sounds are missing, which I will mention below, but more on that later :P Hmmm, what did I want to say? Aaaaaa, yeah... this scene lasts 57.2 seconds - including 'Part II' - 19.1 seconds. That's quite a lot, considering everyone expected a much shorter :P

@ChordC, I'm asking you for sounds :) I could cut some by myself, but I know that you would probably want to improve after me XD. Our wonderful artist is on training and only comes back on Friday :) We are waiting with longing :)

Here they are:

  • Mazurek - Heavy_Heartbeat (1,3s),
  • Mazurek - Slide (on that stone / dusty surface),
  • Zip - Slide (on one knee),
  • Zip - Heavy_Heartbeat with Heavy_Breathing (4,6s),
  • Keni - one light breath (0,4 s),
  • Keni - average breathing (1.9s),
  • Keni - heavy breathing (1,9s),
  • rope_hanging (what do you think?) - Crank / lifting the door (leaf lianna sound) (1,1s),
  • blocking the crank with a stick (both are wooden).

I hope it's not a big problem :)

What do you think about it, @Cyberdevil@Animetion24@ChordC@MariogD@SayMeBott@Mazurek and Rashty92? I updated both the swf in the project and the exe file, so feel free to watch and opinion :)

PS. The song: "Set Me Free" was added in all places (where it was supposed to be :P), so you can also take a look :) I think it's a great song :)





Comments (21)

I’m glad to see some progress :), I will preview the animation when I am back home on Friday. I will also start working on the sounds on that day, until then, keep on going ;)

It's great that you are also happy with this fact :) Great! You will see it on Friday and say what you think :D On the sounds also on Friday? Cool! OK, have fun training! :P

There is such an strange thing... Keni who says: "Move your ass, moron!" On the other hand, @Plasmarift recorded a sound that reads "...morons!", I don't know if it's a matter of pronunciation or if the 'Voice Actor' does not refer to the plural 'Zip'? This is definitely not a bug, as I'm sure @Plasmarift was right. Hmmm, I think we can assume we'll text: "Move your ass, morons!" Because Keni is stressed out and so shouted under stress. What do you think about it, @Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, @Mazurek?

I am totally sure that he said '..morons!' so I propose to change subtitle to morons only.

Yes, I agree :P Keni might have meant both the Zip and the Mazurek, because both of them have to be looked after XD


How to watch witchout Newgrounds Player? xd

Don't overdo it... it didn't take that long time to create.

Haven't you figured it out yet? I was disappointed...

Ok, I earlier Upload a File EXE, which you can dounload it in project: "If you prefer to watch Reduce 2 - Pass of Time on your desktop click here!"

@Mejson Im soo blind..
This mood reminds me Metroid :D

I understand that it's something good :D I don't know at the moment what game it is :P Hehehehehe

The rope lifting sound is fitting, I might want to edit it when I get home ;)

Cool, probably like that :P But it will certainly sound better :D

@Mejson @Plasmarift recorded a sound that reads "...morons!"

I mean, judging by the animation, Keni is referring to Zip, so it should’ve been “moron”, but from what I heard from past dialogues, is Keni a character who is not fluent in English? If so, I think we can let that slide.

Previously, Keni's voice was recorded by Zip, but from this animation Keni's voice is recording Plasmarift, so now she speaks fluent English XD Hehe... I think we can assume that she is thinking of two people (because she is under stress) :P

*I means HE :P

@ChordC, are you okay? Are you safely back from training? Nothing bad happend?

@Mejson Aside from a few scratches, I'm ok, and still healthy ;)

That's great, I'm glad you're okay :) Have you made these sounds yet?

@Mejson Yes, I've done the wood click for when Keni places that stick, footsteps, siding sound and breathing, gonna send it to you soon ;)

Uuuuuu, nice :)

Waiting for you to send a files, in meanwhile I help my parents on the plot and I will wash the car :P

@Mejson No worries, I'm mastering the sounds at the moment, I am going to send it in a few minutes

NIce! Thanks!

Alright, I have sent the sounds ;)

I was resting a bit, but I am already doing it now :P

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, @Mazurek and @Rashty92, I have already added all the sounds and updated the EXE file, so please give your opinion :) What do you think? Officially 'Scene 1' is ready :D

@ChordC, thank you for such great sounds :P :D :) They are amazing and true! I'm very impressed! Our great artist has even created walking (in future) and running sounds - depending on the surface :P Amazing! We haven't had such sounds yet!

@Mejson Heheh, downloading it here is gonna take a while, internet connection is not really fast at the moment.

"thank you for such great sounds :P :D :)"

My pleasure, and don't forget to change the scene selection song to Set Me Free, so that the animation will have 100% original song ;). I bet this is your first animation that has 100% original song, oh yeah, and the introduction song needs some changing too, I think I have a musical riff in mind ;).

Hehehe, I'm afraid to ask how much you have... I only have 10 in Kozienice (Home), so I already have the impression that there is low, and in Krakow 30 - Good.

Ohhh, I already changed in this file what you download :P I try to remember everything :) It's amazing! No pirated / "stolen" tracks :P Hmmm friend @ChordC... how do you see it? Rather, there won't be a new song in each Scene... Voices of nature, I have "Morning" and "Day" and "Night", which we use for Scenes. Maybe I'll send you and you see what to do with them? You probably would like to improve :)

Uuuuuu, a song for the Main Menu? Great, I'm curious how you would like to change it :P

@Mejson "I have "Morning" and "Day" and "Night", which we use for Scenes. Maybe I'll send you and you see what to do with them? You probably would like to improve :)"

Sure, I'll see what I can do ;)

"Uuuuuu, a song for the Main Menu? Great, I'm curious how you would like to change it :P"

No lol XD, not for the main menu, but for the intro credits ;), the one that has the black screen with names on them :P, like: "Animation and programming by Mejson, etc"

Ok, then I will look for these files and send you :P

Aaaaaaa, I never thought of this "conglomerate" of sounds as an track XD. We've been using it since its inception. Reduce... Ok, sure if you want to create something like this or what you think will fit, of course :)

@Mejson “I never thought of this "conglomerate" of sounds as an track XD. “
Yeah lol, I call it the ding dong ding dong song XD. I’ll make a song will fit in to the mood of the movie.

Yes, I know you will do it :) I'm glad that with such skills you are so modest - you are not vain :)

@ChordC, how do you like the whole / ready 'Scene 1'? Does everything fit together nicely? :P

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