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R2 - Pass of Time (Scene 2 - Keep Going)

Posted by Mejson - February 26th, 2021


Welcome everyone!

Time for a new Poster! I know that there hasn't been a new Poster for 7 days... I wanted to finish a specific fragment of the animation so that we had something to discuss :P

Upgrade to Reduce 2 - Pass of Time - 'Scene 2' is currently 49.7 seconds :) I think I did quite a lot :P I managed to make an animation until God-DL Zombie attack :D.

Current events in 'Scene 2':

  • the camera shows the area - a cliff (depressions),
  • zoom in on Mazurek - breathes heavily, then looks into the abyss, then goes to the others (left),
  • the camera (with Mazurek) moves next to sitting Keni, who looks at Mazurek (he stops next to Keni),
  • the camera pauses (zooms in) on the Zip, who is breathing heavily (dripping sweat), and after a while says irritated: "What the fuck was that?!",
  • the camera returns to the other heroes (the two), Mazurek looks sadly at Zip, then looks at Keni who shrugs and relaxes his neck,
  • Mazurek (his face expresses irritation at Keni's behavior) turns away from Keni and looks down at the ground (he touches his chin with his hand - thoughts), after a while Mazurek says: "Calm down, we need to hide and rethink the next steps...",
  • Keni says (with pity) looking at Mazurek: "You have no idea...",
  • Mazurek looks at him with discontent, then turns (towards Zip) and makes a terrified face, Keni also looks in that direction and reacts similarly,
  • camera moves on seated Zip...

As we all know well, at this point there will be a God-DL Zombie attack :P However... you have to wonder where Zip will be bitten, because... this wound cannot be fatal :) It can't be in the head (brain damage) or the neck (spine injury), so I think the best is the arm (where the triceps is). Do you have a better idea?

@ChordC, when it comes to sounds, you can already try to do:

  • walking the Mazurek,
  • neck "crackling" / relaxing by Keni.

What do you think about it, @Cyberdevil@Animetion24@ChordC@MariogD@SayMeBott@Mazurek and Rashty92? I updated the .exe file, so feel free to watch and opinion :) And also @Pop-Tart, @Anonymous-Frog if you like.





Comments (10)

Arm sounds good. :) Looks good.

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Have you updated the animation preview? I need to watch the animation for walking to time the foot steps. Crackling the neck to relax, I can make that sound ;)

Well, I wrote that in the project you can download a link to the .exe file :P

Maybe I send you a walking animation?
Can you create a sound when drives your neck when your head turns? Cool :P


@Mejson alright, I’ll see what’s new, when the download is finished.

Sure, you can send the walking animation, I’ll see what I can do with the neck sound ;).

Thanks, how are you I missed you guys :P I had a lot of work, but you know what? I'm weird XD... When I do animation I do it even when I'm tired, I just create on a rampage. :P And if I take a break for a day or two, I can't mobilize myself to continue do animation XD What's wrong with me? xD

@ChordC, File is already downloaded? :) It's taking a long in Indonesia :P What do you think? How are sounds created there? How are you?

Something exceptionally quiet today :P Usually, he hums from comments XD

@Mejson thanks for improved performance. Making background as image turns out to be brilliant idea. The second thing is sound. They make movie better. @ChordC thank you for your work!

Beautiful words, brother! Yes, this performance is amazing :) Yes I'm happy @ChordC is with us! I've also done background optimization for 'Scene 1' as well, but haven't added to NG yet. Thanks to background optimization, you can watch on 'High' on a fairly normal computer. :D

@Mejson I've watched the latest movie preview, converting the background props into .png files makes the animation smoother to watch, this definitely a great decision ;). I'll send the sounds today btw, just need to remaster them.

@MariogD No problem, a pleasure working with you guys ;)

Cool! I finally got the hang of something good XD Hehehehe

Perfect! Speaking of the sounds... :P I will ask you for sounds to:
- Zip screams when he is bitten on the arm (the zombie bites off his skin),
- Zombies and Zip fall to the ground (Zombie from behind knocks him down and crushes him to the ground).

We all feel honored!

UPDATE (@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott):

- a set of beautiful walking sounds :D (on any surface) from @ChordC - there is (OK),
- 'Hard' neck cracking sound fo Keni XD (relaxes) - there is (OK),
- sounds for God-DL Zombie (reworked from Steve Zombie) - there is (OK),
- sounds for Zip (groans, screams of pain, curses of pain) - Zip will personally record for tomorrow :D,
- hitting the ground (Zip with God-DL Zombie) - our great artist @ChordC creates :),
- bite sound (God-DL bites Zip) - as above :).

- God-DL Zombie knocking over the Zip (hit the ground / dust picks up / proper dynamics) - there is (OK).

Amazing how it goes on! Cool! :D


A lot of added attention to the audial aspect of this lately. :) Very nice.

Hehehe, okay :P The animation aspect is constantly devoted to - believe it! :P

@Mejson OK!

Your "OK" expresses more than a thousand words! xD

I believe it! The focus on animation always goes without saying I guess! XD Nice work there too.

Thanks! It was so with a joke! :P Hehehehe