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R2 - Pass of Time (Scene 2 - Zombie Attack)

Posted by Mejson - March 4th, 2021


Welcome everyone!

Dear NG connoisseurs, another Poster is waiting for you! I invite everyone! Another week - another Poster! :D

New project (animation) update Reduce 2 - Pass of Time - 'Scene 2' is currently 53.2 seconds :P I know it was "only" an extra 3.5 seconds, but the work I did was about 30 hours :P Well, I don't know about other artists work, but with us dynamic action always requires a lot of work.

Additionally, I did background optimization (.png) for 'Scene 1' so it will definitely be a smoother scene. :) You can test if it works equally well with 'Medium' and 'Hight' quality :P

Previously events in 'Scene 2':

  • the camera shows the area - a cliff (depressions),
  • zoom in on Mazurek - breathes heavily, then looks into the abyss, then goes to the others (left),
  • the camera (with Mazurek) moves next to sitting Keni, who looks at Mazurek (he stops next to Keni),
  • the camera pauses (zooms in) on the Zip, who is breathing heavily (dripping sweat), and after a while says irritated: "What the fuck was that?!",
  • the camera returns to the other heroes (the two), Mazurek looks sadly at Zip, then looks at Keni who shrugs and relaxes his neck,
  • Mazurek (his face expresses irritation at Keni's behavior) turns away from Keni and looks down at the ground (he touches his chin with his hand - thoughts), after a while Mazurek says: "Calm down, we need to hide and rethink the next steps...",
  • Keni says (with pity) looking at Mazurek: "You have no idea...",
  • Mazurek looks at him with discontent, then turns (towards Zip) and makes a terrified face, Keni also looks in that direction and reacts similarly,
  • camera moves on seated Zip...

Current events in 'Scene 2':

  • ...God-DL Zombie appears behind him,
  • lunges at him (grunts) and flips him to the ground,
  • Zip squints his eyes tightly and groans (from the impact),
  • his impact raises dust around them,
  • after a while, Zip tries to get up (he looks terrified),
  • God-DL Zombie, seeing this, immediately presses him to the ground,
  • Zip freezes his eyes softly, God-DL Zombie roars in anger...

As you can see, I don't have a bright future for Zip :) Especially that the next event is not a pleasant one... poor Zip... Keep your fingers crossed for him! :)

@ChordC, thank you for a lot of sounds without which it wouldn't be so great! Thank you! :D Well, I have the impression that the sounds (at times) interpenetrate so much that most people will not hear a single sound XD But I still think it's a 'melody' of combined sounds :) We can make a contest :P How many sounds can you hear? (during a zombie attack) :P

What do you think about it, @Cyberdevil@Animetion24@ChordC@MariogD@SayMeBott@Mazurek and Rashty92? I updated the .exe file, so feel free to watch and opinion :)





Comments (13)

Skull penetration! :OOO

You are delightful! :P Thanks for the comment! You are the first :P

@Mejson this attack look just pretty :3 work harder and make more scenes like this one 3:)

Ohhh, thank you :D Harder than now? :P Hehehe XD Well, we stick to the plan :) Action scenes will be intertwined, but we also want to show the plot and the relationships created between the characters :)

Alright, glad to see more progress :), I’ll watch the preview once it’s done downloading

OK, how long do you download this file? :P

I’ve watched the preview, it gives me the sifvssa2c #4 vibes.

Ohhh thank you very much :) As if someone did not understand it a compliment XD

Fingers crossed for Zip! Was thinking it seemed like the zombie really was unnaturally still right after he'd pounced on him but... aha, that's where the scene currently ends now. XD Maybe one of the others come to his aid, hope so but I guess I should expect no...

Hehe, yeah, XD Unfortunately, this action is not too long yet :)
Hmmmm, don't you remember the script? Why would they not help him? :P

Or more so: expect they don't really make it fast enough...

Fast enough to...? xD

...to truly save him. :P

But hmm, can't say I remember the script in detail no, it's nice like this though, when it's possible to be surprised. :) But I seem to recall he was destined to be bitten somewhere...

Well, maybe they will save :D

Well, it's nice to be surprised :P It's a pity that I can't be surprised by XD's own work. Made to be bitten, XD sounds weird. xD

I'm kind of tired today, probably because the week has been busy. I have a few things to do...

lol yeah. XD It's a strange destiny to have too!

That's true, it's such a different experience to read something than to write it too, you need to keep in mind all the things you need to convey to really make everyone experience it the same way too... though I hear a lot about authors getting immersed in their own worlds, and writing as if they were actually going through the journey themselves. Maybe it's possible to reach that level of inspiration too...

May you do those things you need to do then. :) Same, tiresome week, good thing some days are a bit more free...

It happens XD Hehehehe

Well, writing a book is difficult and you need to have talent :) I usually describe events as XD notes / leaflets

Well, for the story to be true... you have to be inside the story :P It's true. Only then will it be so realistic :P I do that too :)

Yes :P I'm just writing back now because I was working on a 'bite' which is not easy (I haven't done it yet) :P But cool, I found examples and it will definitely work! :P

Maybe a little talent, but mostly I think just enough dedication to really commit to the task. :) Like so much else. Basically: passion!

Nice. :) That's true.

Mmm currently responding here since I'm stalling with a voice acting thing too. XD It's strange how difficult it is to just get to certain things right away, no matter how excited about them you are...

Probably yes :P But not everyone will always manage to achieve the same level as they wanted :P Yes, passion! See for yourself :P :D Passion is important :P

Are you procrastinating? What voice game? :P Get into certain things? xD

You could say that. XD I like to think of it as getting things done but maybe not in the best priority order...

I understand :P And what are the most important? xD

The ones with the closest deadlines. XD Had to have some voice lines delivered at latest yesterday so that was really the priority right then... but now no one particular thing I think. Just plowing through as much as possible today. Plus work.

Yep XD
But what? Did I watch what are you recording? xD I'm curious :)
You know, work :P Sometimes I have a lot of work, sometimes not much (and they pay the same :D).

@Mejson when scene 2 will be ready? Work faster please...

Ohhh thanks, slave herdsman XD Hehehe. But you are motivating XD. Have you thought about working on the phone for the self-defeatings? xD

How much more? It's hard to say... but I suspect that a lot more... is a very difficult moment and very laborious :) I do not want to say that maybe 100 hours, and in future it turn out that more... and I do not want to think about it... No there is nothing to be depressed about.

Not yet. :) It is another FNF jam entry, but a bit more professional this time, two other voice actors and a background artist on board too. I'll let you know when it comes out. :)

mmmm you really do have the perfect kind of job. :) Well it's not always hectic for me either but always something, dreaming of the kind of job where I'd actually have time to spare on the job too...

Uhh that's good :P I thought I missed something XD That sounds great! It will be interesting! I can not wait! :P

My job is pretty cool! : P Surely you will also find your dream job :)