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R2: Pass of Time - Part I (Credits)

Posted by Mejson - 9 days ago


Welcome everyone!

New Poster again, there is no need to delay because it is a minor update :) I looked again and corrected / updated the final Credits.

Updated to be detection so Scene 6 is the last one. And I added / finished credits - dialogues and photos :P

What do you think about it, @Cyberdevil@Animetion24@ChordC@MariogD@SayMeBott? I updated the .exe file, so feel free to watch and opinion :) You shoud selected / palyed Scene 6 and wait a moments. :P





Comments (13)

Nice. :) The side-characters are a nice touch, and even the credit music custom made now! Sounds good, though maybe stops a little abruptly? Maybe the audio could fade a bit right before the credits end? If it actually plays at the same pace.

Wonder if I saw Animetion24 mentioned somewhere hmm, maybe I missed that name... also Bott*? Is there a reference to the * somewhere?

Looks good!

Thanks! I gave up falling snowflakes because they lagged animation and I think they are unnecessary.

No... I wrote about it last time (when I presented the end credits) XD These end credits and music are controlled with AS3.0 And this sudden finish is due to the listening event (the subtitles reach the end) and then the AS3.0 code responds and goes to the next part. :P In the previous animation it was the same :D You should get used to it. xD

The length of the music varies from person to person who watch animation (due to the playback speed / lag) and it is impossible to predict when the volume (of music) should be steadily lowered.

Ah, I forget quick. :) Good to know. I will get used to it!!!

It did lag a bit still, snowflakes or no, but not too much.

Lag, when will the subtitles hide / end? If so, it's always this lag because that's when Code is executed, it checks and takes action :P

Mmm that's possible. Seemed to be all throughout as the credits rolled, with the text specifically, but maybe it was just those particular points then.

I don't think I'll mind the loss of snowflakes in the credits. Indeed I had issues running high quality when they were there, so it'll be nice to stay off the mouse for the duration of the animation. :)

And @Cyberdevil, my username on NG isn't there because by request, I wanted to be referred to as "AzureDragoonGX" which was what I took up back when I left NG for a bit in favor of most other platforms like Deviant and YT. Much like how Alan Becker (of Animator VS Animation fame) is named noogai here.

It's good that it's better now :)

Ok, I understand but @Animetion24, tell me why? :P Maybe I should have more nicknames too? :P

@Animetion24 ah that explains it! Thought it might've been a name change left unedited thee. Good to know.

You know... @Cyberdevil, bumblebee! I respect people and their nicknames! :P I would never confuse them :) Shame on you! xD

@Animetion24 @Mejson I was barely a teen when I made the name "Animetion24" and while I think it is still good, AzureDragoonGX exhibited my interests far more in my eyes, as well as being more marketable and distinct; people often mistook this username for animation, for example.

So I'm not forsaking my old username, but if I can help it, I'd like it if I was known by a new one a lot more.

I understand, interesting :) Thanks for sharing it :) Interesting story :P

PS. Yesterday I was tired, and today a lot of cleaning, helping my parents with all kinds of work.

Well even you do make typos sometimes, even if only in the palnning stage. :P Better mention any potential uncertainties y'know!

Regarding SayMeBott, was the Bott* his choice too? Just curious. :) Don't think I've read about that before.

Cool, I was joking :P We haven't been joking for a long time! :)

"SayMeBott", probably because "Bott *" was already taken :P

@Cyberdevil yea, my nickname is Bott* and has a word-formation that only one person except me knows. Why double 't', why '*'? Maybe I will share this with you someday :D

You are so mysterious, mate! xD

@SayMeBott ahh the mystery increases! :D Intriguing! Looking forward to that day, whenever the time of revelation maybe draws near! :)

Yeah, I wonder when :) I also don't know why "Bott *" :P

Removing the snowflakes in the credits does make the credits run smoother, I don’t really mind that it is removed. Looking forward for the next update ;)

Cool! I am glad :P

Well... lately I am doing animation a little slower (this is a new area to be exact) because I feel lonely and people have no time for me (my brother is also busy lately) and I had no inspiration. Well, it's a pity... I like when you talk to me :)

Currently, I'm finishing the said area, I believe that I managed to create it the way I wanted. Next week I am going back to Krakow, so I will have more time for myself and I will be able to meet my friends :)

Ps. A new Poster (with the aforementioned area) should appear in a few days, maybe sooner. :P

@Mejson It's alright, no need to rush, I can wait. Well, I am kind of different person, I can last for a long time without people interacting with me, mostly because I know how to entertain myself, like watching Youtube, playing videogames and what not, etc, and I'm kind of a 'lonewolf' to begin with. I mean, nowadays, you can talk to people without actually meeting directly, using videocalls and what not, it's easier now than ever, try calling your loved ones or something.I usually talk to people online on playstation and play games with them, that also helps. You can do that too if you want, though I know you have a job, so pick your time wisely.

Alright, that's good to know, that should 'cure' your sanity ;)

No need to rush on the poster ;)

Cool, I'm never in a hurry when I do animation :P Hehehe.
Ok, that's cool :) It's good that you are fine :) It's cool :P
Yeah, but I mean they don't have time for me on the webcam XD I play with my brother... if he has time... if he has time XD But he's a very busy man XD I never complain about lack of time :P I have a lot of time :P

Yes, it will definitely help :P

Today I will finish drawing :)

@Mejson how is scene 3 going?

As I wrote, I draw the background / area. How are your things?

@Mejson I spent weekend with my wife due to her birthday. We took 3 days off work, but weather in Poland is terrible, so we were sitting home :C

Ooooookaaaay XD I thought you would say something new :P