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R2: Pass of Time - Part I (Scene 4 - Finished!)

Posted by Mejson - 1 month ago


Welcome everyone!

It's only been 10 days since the last Poster, and a month since the completion of 'Scene 3'... We are still fighting on the project 'Reduce 2: Pass of Time - Part I' like you see dear NG users :) Someone outside our team is also excited to finish this project? How are you doing? Are you okay?

Before I get into the details, I will mention the changes that I made, namely - after 'Scene 2' our heroes have more details of dirt on their faces due to the increased effort. Such updated to the details.

However, I currently finished the 'Scene 4'! It's a scene showing the emotions and approach of the heroes to the current situation in which they find themselves. My guess is everyone would like to watch a bloody massacre instead. XD Well, it's still 'Reduce Saga', not some pointless slasher. :P

Anyway, as you can see, our heroes have found a new place to hide from the monsters... but as @Animetion24 himself mentioned, this place looks terrible and is claustrophobic. It is not a perfect five-star hotel XD

This scene takes: 76.6 seconds, so quite long :) The four scenes ('Scene 1' and 'Scene 2' and 'Scene 3' and 'Scene 4') are 270.6 seconds.

This project will be a bit shorter compared to the previous one, but for sure it will have great and original sounds / music thanks to @ChordC - our great sound maker and artist :D

What do you think about it, @Cyberdevil@Animetion24@ChordC@MariogD@SayMeBott? I updated the .exe and .swf file, so feel free to watch and opinion :)





Comments (7)

I have a little break from NG because of flat's renovation and general preparing for my first daughter, but I'm back.

I like this scene:
- base looks like I have expected.
- sounds of night are perfect
- I like calm Keni's voice. It different than this normal 'you are stupid, morons'
- I did not feel that scene has over 60 seconds. It is interesting.
I did not like in this scene
- It worked slowly on my computer. I had to watch on 'low' option.

Looking forward to see next scene.

Keep well guys! Now pandemic is a little weaker, but it still exists!

Well it's understandable you're busy.

Keni says, what the situation is :P Before he screamed, and now he talks calmly. :P Normal...

In my 'window' view it runs smoothly on 'High'. I'm getting a bit cut on 'Full'. Unfortunately, the reason for this is the effect added to the character...

You have a weak computer XD Hehehehehe...

Thanks for the encouragement :) Nice of you :P

I'm currently doing a MovieClip - Keni sneaking... it's very labor intensive...

I like what you did with the scene, the lighting effect seems realistic for the animation style. Also, love Keni's voice in this scene!

Good! This effect laging this animation XD
Yes? I like Keni's voice there in every scenes :P

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @SayMeBott, how do you like this scene?

Hey, @Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, what's up, homies?

'Scene 5' is currently 20 seconds :) Yesterday I also worked hard on optimization, because it turned out that the 'original' grass lags the animation too much...

After a few tries, I chose: the nearest grasses are 'original' and the others are blurry .png format :P I hope everyone will like it :)


@Mejson seems like an effective workaround, it should smoothen the animation a bit.

Exactly. It's cool :) By the way, I'd like to add that @ChordC made / will make sounds for this scene, thank you for that :)

@Mejson when are you planning to finish scene 5?

It doesn't seem to take a long time... but recently I got the second dose of the vaccine and I felt bad and the consequence was a temporary halt in the animation, so there are situations that slow down the creation of 'Scene 5' :/

I don't hide that even if I have time, sometime I like to spend it on something else, such as: going out to friends, watching movies and playing with @ChordC in 'ARK: Survival Evolved' - such a rather hardcore survival... :P @ChordC can confirm, it's not a joke XD

Continuing my speech, hmm... hard for me to say... maybe this weekend, but I'm not sure, it might go wrong :D Are you happy with this answer, @MariogD? :P

@Mejson thank you for your detailed message. I am happy with answer!

That's a political answer like in a government... nobody knows XD