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Reduce 3 - Voice Actors (Part I)

Posted by Mejson - 1 month ago


Welcome everyone!

First things:

I wanted to ask @Animetion24. Did you read in the previous Poster or PM that I was asking you regarding the text to the narrator? I asks again because I didn't get an answer if it's okay for you to write something like this.

Going back to the current Poster:

With my brother (@MariogD) we came to the conclusion that it would be most convenient and efficient to ask you to record the voices of the character (VA) after each part (here: Part I). Certainly, such a solution ensures order and guarantees division into smaller parts (preventing the necessity to record many dialogues at once).

The division of dialogues:

@Cyberdevil - MariogD (30)

@Cyberdevil - Candy (2)

@Cyberdevil - Diablo (3)

@Animetion24 - Delsin (22)

@ChordC - Mr. Mate (11)

@SayMeBott - Bott* (6)

@Plasmarift - Mejson (33)

@Plasmarift - Bill (38)

*numbers in parentheses - this is the number of sentences for a specific hero.

I will send files (scripts) and additional information (materials) to you today on PM (private message). I can't wait to see the results. :D Thank you in advance for your help!

What do you think about it, @Cyberdevil@Animetion24@ChordC@MariogD@SayMeBott?






I firmly believe that dividing dialogues to 3 parts will be easier for people. It still big number of lines to cover. For example Bill -> with 38 sentences seems to be a lot of work.

I keep fingers crossed!

Well, but I suspect more in Part II XD. All in all, a good idea with this division :)

Hey @Mejson, yeah I got the last few notes. Apologies about the silence, but I am outlining the narration now.

I'll also get my voice together for the lines you got in the file dump. Can't do them right now since I got a sore throat, but I should expect it to pass by soon. :)

Cool! I'm glad you are taking care of this personally! :P

S cool! When you recover, you can record it calmly :)

PS. Only one thing... you can reply to me with one word that you have read the message because tactically I don't know what is happening to you XD

@Animetion24 I think you have plenty of time. @Mejson still has to finish Reduce 2 Pass of Time Part 2 before Reduce 3.

Stay healthy!

@Mejson @MariogD Recording voices after each part - I definitely agree with that

This sounds great. Should definitely make things easier when you have things split up a bit between parts... only possible downside is your voice might actually change a bit overtime, but hopefully all professional VA skills easily neutralize that overtime transformation. :P

Looking forward to hearing what ChordC sounds like as Mr. Mate too! The characters are really diversifying...

Yes, I think the VA's can handle it. :)

Mr. Mate sounds like @ChordC :P Aaaah you never heard him XD

Yeaah exactly. XD Exciting new vocal revelations ahead!

Yes! Brilliant!

@Cyberdevil ahhh, yeah, it’s worth trying. We’ll see how it sounds like in the animation ;).

Also, I’m making a song for reduce where you can hopefully rap and sing to. It has a linking park feel to it, might take a while, since I’m also very busy with college at the moment.

Yeah, we'll see someday XD

Seriously?! And you didn't confess to me? :P

@Mejson I thought I told you that on discord while we’re talking

Yeah? xD You said you were working on a project. XD I thought it was to college. :P

@Mejson before that, when you told me about cyber’s work, I said that I am making a song for reduce as well.

Okay, good, smartass :P Cool! Can't wait to hear it :)

@Mejson it will take an EXTREMELY long time to make because of college, but will be done someday.

Yeah! You are misusing this word :P Probably not too long time :)

@ChordC I'm sure it'll be great, just interesting to hear how you sound. :) And an official instrumental Reduce anthem?! Woo! Looking forward to hearing/writing to it!

I guess you might've known I'm a big Linkin Park fan too? If not that's an awesome coincidence. One of my favorite bands.

@Mejson I confirmed @ChordC words. He mentioned about it on discord. Shame on you! ;p

Okaaay, admits! I forgot / not noticed... I have so many work to do :/

@Cyberdevil Awesome dude! Used to listen to them a lot as a kid. I remembered hearing one of their songs in @mejson ‘s CS series, I guess he is also a linking park fan.

Yes, I like it and you can define me - I'm a fan. :P

@ChordC Ah so that's why you went for that sound! :D A cool coincidence it is then!

Wonder if whole Reduce crew just might consist of LP fans hmm.

Maybe, maybe... who knows :D