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Mejson - Over 100 fans! (14 years)

Posted by Mejson - January 23rd, 2022


Welcome everyone!

It's been a month since the last Poster... well, lately I have a lot of work in the office and I haven't finish planning Scene 12 yet... You know, sometimes it happens, and you can't do nothing. However, let's get to the specifics, because there is no need to extend it too long. XD

The first (which you probably noticed) is the official information about reaching (exceeding) the magic number of 100 fans! Over 100 fans! - as in the title Poster! We waited a long time for such a result, but it's now! So many years and still together! Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to this result! And I'm glad we've been together on NG for so long! Together we are invincible! And remember that: FLASH WILL NEVER DIE WHILE WE'RE ALIVE!

Here you can leave a memorable comment on the equally memorable Art:

Thanks especially to the entire NG team and their support! It is thanks to them that this gigantic portal can exist! Thank you! Also, I would like to thank all the fans who have always motivated and supported us and helped (help) in the implementation of interesting projects. Still with us fascinating and amazing people: @MariogD, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @Cyberdevil, @Mazurek, @Plasmarift, @Rashty92, @SayMeBott and @ZipSquad! Thank you friends for being with me for so long! And especially: @Animetion24! It is a pity that not all of them stayed with us that long... I hope they are well.

Probably the most pressing and interesting news for our team is, "What's going on with the Scene 12 planning?". I'm in a hurry to explain :) Well, it turned out that the scene required a lot of mutual thoughts and corrections with the team. It can be said that planning is divided into two parts: the launch of the rebellion by Keni, and the next spectacular and long fight - Mejson vs Keni!

Currently: we are working on planning the fight, it is not easy, especially since the fight itself will be exciting and long enough - to satisfy all emotions related to this fight. Therefore, I believe that it cannot be too short, of course remembering not to be boring and repetitive! I hope I calmed you down :) All right, let me tell you that we are currently writing the 38th point of this scene, so... XD I know, the description of this scene is going to be long, but actually the action is going to be fast.

What do you think about it, @Cyberdevil@Animetion24@ChordC@MariogD@SayMeBott?






Heeey, Congrats on the hundred fans, and rising! Considering how long this series has been going it seems it should be higher, but eventually surely it'll reach deserved numbers. :) Office work's been keeping me away from NG a bit here too, hope all calms down soon, all the best!

And huzzah, Flash will indeed live on FOREVER, for as long as ever we perceive it!!!

Thank you! Well... we don't have good popularity and we don't publish videos very often. These reasons make it what it is. :)

Yes, forever! And even if we die one day... we will still live forever! As legends!

As I said before - Apes together strong.

I am glad that "The Reduce Project" is as important to 100 other people as it is to me - we all are part of it :)

In my opinion, scene 12 is a mindblower whitch needs a lot of work - the longer you wait for something, the better it tastes later. Animation editing - it will be a challenge.

I'm looking forward to the premiere :)

Yes, I remember.

That's also true. :)

Yes, are you telling me this? xD

Three times yes, take part in mam talent XD

Well, the premiere will not be soon. ;P

Appreciate the heightened spotlight. :)

Congratulations for this achievement. I still recall some of the "old guard" from the early '10s, like Observador and Crazy. It sure is a shame they left us an OC and nothing more throughout the years, but I think all of us made do with what we had and developed pretty nicely.

I await Scene 12. Fight scenes are some of my favorites to write in my own fics, so I look forward to see what you all have come up with. :D

Thanks! Well they didn't come back, what do you think they would say? How would they come back? Surely why Conrad and God-DL died so quickly, perhaps they would be dissatisfied.

Well, I don't want to make a fight too short and boring so I'm not finished yet. I'm on point 43 is part 2 of the fight against 3 parts.

I greet you :)

Congratulations for 100 follows! It is an honor to be in this team. You needed original songs on your animations, I’m glad that I can provide them for you.

Thank you for making those CS videos back then, if it weren’t for them, I would not be making songs for you right now. Those animations have a special place in my heart.

Thanks! I'm glad you think so :) Especially that more people from the crew got involved in this project :) Your songs are great and provided an amazing experience. How is the work on the next work going?

I'm glad you liked them :D It's great to hear that!

@Mejson Oh, I was merely reminiscing about them, not claiming I'd like for them to make a return. If they had qualms about their representation in the animations, they could've said so a long time ago.

The crew we have now is more than enough. ;)

Well, they could :P Well, it happened :) will not be undone :P

Eeeeeeeee you know... honestly we don't have graphic designer to bitmap / background objects. It's hard for me to draw everything by mayself. We don't have too many Voice Actors (dubbing), and if something happened to someone, or someone would quit... massacre XD

Brother, congratulation! It is pleasure to work with you on Reduce Saga!
I greet all our crew!

Thank you brother! I am happy too! Well, we complement each other very well, like fire and water. I have a great sense of detail and you have a great sense of plan and logic.

Greetings to everyone on the team! I hope that new people will also join in the future :)

Congrats, Mejson! I haven't watched it yet, but I am sure I will really like it when I'm done watching! I am also sure about you will gain more than just 100 fans. The fact is, you deserve more than you'll ever gain ^^

Thanks! What exactly? :P Maybe I will gain, but people are not eager XD Maybe someday. We don't have very good advertising on NG XD

@Mejson I just need to make some adjustments to make it comfortable to hear, then I need to make the outro.

Uhh great! We cann't wait :)