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Reduce 3 - Fans and Max Level

Posted by Mejson - April 16th, 2024


Welcome everyone!

First thing:

It's time for a Poster, but it's certainly unusual because it doesn't concern the project - Reduce 3... and certainly something else. Certainly some people will be disappointed... but I hope not too much :P This poster has special value, probably only for me for several reasons :) Anyway, I will tell you about them, although I have a feeling that you have guessed :P Or at least in majority. Although for me this is a special Poster... but I'll talk about it in a moment. How are you? How are you feeling? I'm OK, especially after moving, yes, I moved into my own apartment. I can now officially say that I have my own apartment that I am proud of and decorate/beautify. Everything is going well and without problems. I would like to thank everyone who helped me in this endeavor - especially my parents and family. Thank you! Coming back to what I wanted to say... this is a special Poster because it is the first Poster that I am writing from a new place - my apartment! :) I wish you all the success and fulfillment of your dreams! Greetings to you!

Main thing:

Somewhat related to the main topic... I wanted to inform and thank you all for your support from the very beginning. Thank you! You have been with us for so long! It's amazing! It may seem like I'm bragging a bit, but I'm more proud of what we've achieved :) Namely, thanks to you, we've gained many fans - and I've reached 153 (on my profile)! This is a very valuable number for me! Thank you! And I'm happy that I reached the maximum level on NG - 60! I am honored! Like everything - and this time regularity is important, not only in gaining those 'XP' but also in projects and real life... with small steps you will achieve everything :) One step after the next and you can move mountains! Don't lose hope in achieving your own successes! I wish you good luck!

@Cyberdevil@AzureDragoonGX@ChordC@MariogD@SayMeBott@Mazurek@Colizza@XavierDalton@MATRVG@uncookboi@adr3-n? My crew, you can now see it in the project preview - Reduce 3 - Part I!




Own apartments sounds cool. I also had a move recently, but not on MY OWN yet - even more congratulations!
Level 60 is a wonderful distinction. We are proud of you!

Ok, now work on Reduce 3 ep.1! Get back to work!

Thanks! That's true! Own property is something! What about your friend? :) Well... it was enough to vote regularly every morning :P Hmm, thanks!

Well... I still have a lot of work to do to prepare the clips. I'm currently working on insects in Reduce 3.

Thanks for comment!

Projects of ours aren't everything of course...

Only a few but valuable can understand that the people (who create such amazing and great projects) have to get through struggling and tough times to achieve their goals.

Glad you're doing fine, boss. Never ever give up!

Of course not everything...

Well, you're right - people like us have darkness and sadness in them... I think that without it we wouldn't be creators because it creates us and drives us to express ourselves... Artists are usually sad because usually very cheerful people are mainly consumers.

Thank you for your comment! I will never give up! If only the world wouldn't give up... Hold on, golden boy! :P

Congratulations on reaching 153 fans and level 60 on NG! It is an honor to be in this crew.

Glad that you have family and friends that are willing to help out, especially with your new apartment. Hopefully it will help you out in a lot of ways, I’m sure it will.

I passed my private pilot oral exam, waiting for the practical exam now.

Thank you! These are nice words! Congratulations! It's also a great honor for me and the others!

Yeah! Don't overdo it with these friends XD Well... my friend didn't help me, but he promised, but there's no point in talking about it any more...

Congratulations on passing the exam! I didn't doubt you for a moment! I knew you could do it! You will certainly be able to pass the practical exam too!

Thanks for comment! Regards!

Congratulations! You got our support at any time.

Yes! Thank you very much! Thank you for your support and for this support.

Oh man, I didn't notice you were that close to level 60! :D Congrats!!!

And Congrats on the apartment! I thought you already had your own though, did you earlier? Temporary move back home? Or was it not really your own? That's a big thing too, good to hear it, and that all's going well overall. May things keep moving onwards in the best possible direction!

Epic poster. :) The Reduce ones are cool too but this is a highlight IMHO! NG forever! In a lot of ways it seems these both worlds are abridged here. :)

Congrats on the exam too @ChordC; good luck with the grand finale! :)

Cool! Well... I was :P Thank you!!!

Thank you for congratulating the apartment! Hehe, I wonder where I could get it? :P No, why temporarily return home? It wasn't mine, where did this idea come from? :P Thank you! I'm sure it will be okay :)

Thanks! I'm glad you like the poster! Hehe, the most important thing? Cool! NG forever? Yes! What do you mean shortened? :P

Yes! @ChordC - congratulations! Grand final!

Ah I recall earlier comments on buying new furniture for your apartment, it just sounded like it was your own apartment you were decorating already. :) But even better now then!

Oh I meant abridged more like connected, both Reduce and NG seem like parts of the same world, this alternative, digital; great creative one. :) Where our alteregos become ourselves, both in the series and on the site!


Hehe, yes! Well... previously it was a purchase/improvement as part of the rent/contract with the previous owner, but it all ended, and that's fine.

Aha, I understand :P Great! You're right, as always!


Ah, gotcha, actually owning your own place is a huge step then!

I think so too! It's a huge step - I made it, but I feel some sadness... There is a saying that if you have mountains of gold and no one to enjoy it with, they are not worth it...

Mmm I'm sure you'll find someone to share it with in time too. :) Can't be too easy or it wouldn't be life... fingers crossed you run into the right one soon!

I hope! Hehe... the question is how long :P Hopefully not too long :)

Indeed, ideally like this afternoon or tomorrow. :P Hopefully in the foreseeable future at least!

Hehehe, the best! :P Yes, in the near future!