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Mortal Kombat Stick - 90% finished

2012-11-27 08:38:19 by Mejson


I'm back !!!

I'm so sorry, that I haven't been writing so long...

I finished master's studies recently ...

Now I continue making Mortal Kombat Stick and I have almost finished this ...

On this poster I put all version of character's Scorpion and Yes I will make Mortal Kombat Stick 2...

I finish 94% Mortal Kombat Stick...


Mortal Kombat Stick - 90% finished


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2012-11-27 15:13:11

Finally, My brother starts work on Mortal Kombat, I can't wait to see movie :)


2012-11-27 20:26:01

LOL at people still making violent stick animations

The 2000's are over, get with the times.


2012-11-28 22:04:23

Yeah, ignore that Zero guy. One quick look at his page says he's a massive troll and he gets all his kicks out of being horribly immature. Good luck with your work--Mortal Kombat Stick might not be an especially creative concept, but stickfigure violence is hardly out of date and will probably continue to inspire beginning animators for many years to come.

Mejson responds:

Thanks man,

Nice to see this :)))

"Sticks" are immortal... just look at the



2012-12-01 17:04:24

it's great to see you back mejson, it has been so long since your last post m8 :D

Mejson responds:

Yes, but now I'm on the "newgrounds" regularly...

What do you think about the Poster - Mortal Kombat Stick?


2012-12-01 17:06:25

it is stickpage's 10th birthday as a website

Mejson responds:

Yes, I know it, surprising that there are so long on the internet... :P


2012-12-01 18:35:53

And so at all what are you doing?


2012-12-05 15:46:26

during your master studies i have created a cast list for my counter strike movies which is 7% complete (it is a pretty big cast list) they have random and cool personalities which are classified but some characters have theirs in their name (they have also got a nationality)

Mejson responds:


it seems that you're working on a fairly large project with a truly interesting climate... so good luck...

I look forward to the first views of the animation...:P



2013-05-01 10:06:55

First project was looks like one player in cssifvssa2c 1 and cssifvssa2c 2 :)