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Reduce #1 - Presentation of Characters!

2014-07-17 02:05:56 by Mejson



This screen shows Presentation of Characters! - Reduce.

Here's a link to this presentation:

If you have any questions don't hesitate to send on Presentation :)

What do you think?



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2014-07-17 11:38:33

it's pretty nice adds a little nice feature about the story,so we can know what the abilites of the characters are,how wounded/well they are...and so on

Mejson responds:

Thanks :)

As you can see some of the characters have negative traits...
What affects the course of the story :)

Which character is your favorite?


2014-07-17 12:50:16

hmm...i can't really choose...i guess everyone?

Mejson responds:


I noticed a certain regularity :)
New generation can not select a specific item from among the available... :P


2014-07-17 12:56:02

i hope soon you add more characters,like the unavailable ones like...Bill and Maty and Diablo and...some new people like Keni was it i dunno and God DC was it i dont remember

Mejson responds:

At the pictures in a floating menu is written when something appears in a character... :)

Certainly work on observant :)... of course don't say this maliciously.


2014-07-17 14:03:47

If you're talking about sending a message to the e-mail in Presentation of Characters I do not know what is added when we write on NG ... I guess for test :)


2014-07-18 02:48:25

Happy Robot Day 2014!!! :)


2014-07-19 12:09:54

I need to know when this comes out.

Mejson responds:

Over a 1 or 2 months...
If my fans motivate me better then certainly faster... :)

Anyway, why is this so important to you?


2014-07-19 13:02:17

And so in general Uncookboi what you think about Presentation of Characters?

PS. People buy fans like crazy... :P


2014-07-19 13:21:44

Because I been a fan for so long and i really like your work i seen all of them.

Mejson responds:

Yes, that's right. You were with us almost from the beginning. I am grateful to you for it. :)

Hmm, give me your email it will send you design and intro to CS.SiFvsSa2C#5 :)

You deserve it... :)


2014-07-19 13:27:12

Nice :P


2014-07-19 13:29:41

Mejson why I haven't in feature GENIUS ?

Mejson responds:

Pffff :P

At most you 'heart of cabbage' :P:P:P


2014-07-23 06:34:02

Mesjon do faster the movie, You lazy pig! :P

Mejson responds:


very funny... :)

It will be faster if our team would be more animators... :/


2014-07-24 08:53:18

Looks really interesting... Even shared your works on stickpage? You probably would get a nice cc from these guys.

Mejson responds:

Hi Dawcio510,

nice to see You man :)

And by the way I just finished episode 11... :P

Current status:
- animation length: 5 min 52.9 s,
- created items: 8676.

Now the most difficult episode before me :/

Once I tried to register on, but it turned out to be impossible... Error when registering... :/

What do you mean by 'cc'?



2014-07-24 10:09:24

Constructive Critism, even heard about this term?

Mejson responds:

No, somehow I have not heard this shortcut...

I was able to register on :)


2014-07-24 10:54:06

Already filled out all the fields in my profile on, now I wonder how to embed animation. :)


2014-07-24 11:59:08

And now we know how to publish animation on It isn't seem a very difficult :P

Mejson responds:

I don't know if you noticed but I wrote that I finished episode 11... :)

I don't know why but people just read the last comment and then don't know what's going on... :P