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Entry #42

Reduce - Should add an ant?

2014-11-15 07:42:58 by Mejson



all my fans (and not only :))...

I give everyone a choice, as you can see we have a choice... Should add an ant to the team or not?

Everyone can vote...

So what do you think?




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2014-11-15 07:50:29

My vote - "Yes" :)

Mejson responds:

The votes of "YES": 1
The votes of "NO": 0


2014-11-15 21:50:01

yeah, it´s Candy firend now.
they need any help they can get.

Mejson responds:

I understand that you are a "yes"...

The votes of "YES": 2
The votes of "NO": 0

Anyway who are You, marceber?


2014-11-16 05:44:19

you should,cause it might come in handy fighting the other species

Mejson responds:

Ok, I understand that you are a "yes"...

The votes of "YES": 3
The votes of "NO": 0

Artjoms3125, it's injury that you so rarely write...


2014-11-16 08:03:54

We'll need a second comic relief character, Mejson. Yes. :)

Mejson responds:

OK, right...

The votes of "YES": 4
The votes of "NO": 0

ps. I sent you something to the mail... :)


2014-11-16 08:27:17

i'm sorry mejson i'm quite busy now and can't really get on newgrounds that much

Mejson responds:

No problem, Artjoms3125... :)


2014-11-16 12:25:51

Hey Mejson. I just saw the mail. But when I try to open it, it says its damaged.

Damn computers. >:L

Ah well. I just wanted to let you know. Could be my fault, with faulty Adobe equipment, but yeah. :E

Mejson responds:


tomorrow I'll screen the individual pages of Script and I will send to You...

What do you think, it might be?


2014-11-16 15:22:07

Yeah, I'm fairly certain. I have ZERO luck with computers xD

Mejson responds:

OK, well my computer sometimes badly functioning too... :)


2014-11-17 12:44:30

you asked me who i am, i am a nobody/ writer/ pysichopath who likes your animations.
probably didn't notice me because i always forgot comenting liking and stuff, but i really like your animations.
actually, you inspire me to draw a comic of counter strike (i lost it later on)
anyway, keep going with the exellent work of reduce, and pretty much anyting you have made so far.
sice we are at it, i always wondered is the animations of the counter strike were played before an then animated (including all the crasy stuff), or simply made from zero.

Mejson responds:

Thank you,

I'm glad to join us :)

In our ranks are now: writer and pysichopath so certainly you will feel at home... :P

Yes CS was created from Zero, all drew we doing himself...



2014-11-23 11:38:56

Hey Mejson. I just wanted to remind you that I sent a reply to your second email. It is not very important, save for one detail. I haven't received a reply yet, so I just wanted to be sure you got it. :)

Mejson responds:


I see...

Thanks :)


2014-12-04 05:30:51

yeah you should keep the ant add a nice transport for hunting or yeah just something like that any who nice keeping the good work dude you've been doing this like you know what your doing so yeah I hope you have a good luck making this. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mejson responds:

Thanks :P,


The votes of "YES": 5 + 2 = 7 (I and MariogD (Too lazy to express yourself... I was joking :)... he is busy..))
The votes of "NO": 0


Simply, soon I will add Poster of ant that you enjoy :)



2015-01-05 04:14:27

who is ant?

Mejson responds:

Heh... realy?

Ant... is a insect... and has six legs :)



2015-01-11 13:15:43

Yea dude the ant should be part of the team

Mejson responds:

Yes, you're right :)


2015-01-14 08:55:01

yea i agree if the ant do something in the animation So when the animation come?

Mejson responds:

Yes, of course... something that she would help... :)

Sorry I don't interceded Poster but I have some changes in my life... This made me very absorbing... :/

When it comes to Reduce_2 - script is ready, and besides, it's hard to tell... Reduce_1 - I did nine months...

your animator, Mejson :)


2015-01-15 06:36:43

thats okay with no poster... , i know you are busy doing reduce_2 and another task

Mejson responds:

OK, as I'm done with my problems I will be more accessible...


2015-01-19 11:41:12

That's good to hear, Mejson. When it's ready, it's ready. :)

P.S. Sorry about not visiting NG for awhile. Got the flu (apparently my state did not get the correct vaccine for it D:) and didn't feel like doing anything. :S

Mejson responds:

Thanks... :)


2015-04-25 08:27:19



2015-09-27 13:03:59

Hey Mejson. Been some time. How are you keeping? Everything going good? Alright?

How are you on all your projects? They probably been keeping you buys all this time, huh?

Just wanted a heads up. :)

Mejson responds:

Forgive my good friend, but I already do not do that. It's sad, but I had to do something else, to have so as to put the pot. :)

How are you?