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Alright, no need to tweak the song :). I'll see what I can do with the panting sounds.

Oh yeah, Zip: “Get your ass, you moron!”
I think, "Get your ass up you morron!", is better

It's cool that you don't have to "cut" the song :P Ok, you can think if you can do something with the "panting" sounds that you should have because I sent you too (recently).

Well my friend... this dialogue has already been approved and recorded (by a professional), so there's probably nothing else we can do :) But thanks for the reaction :)

Ok, I just saw the animation, the animation is great in my opinion. I just have a problem with the sounds

The piano effect and the soundtrack is clashing with each other, and it does not sound pretty. What I think should be done:
1. Remove the tense piano effect and replace it with sounds that correlate with the animation transition (e.g. mushroom popping, water drippping) but keep the soundtrack.

Thanks :) Hmmm problem with sounds?

Hmmmm, these sounds create a 'horror' effect - anxiety (it is supposed to make the viewer significantly anxious, because the situation of the characters is bad), maybe they are too loud? Maybe set them to 50% volume? Hmmm sound - the 'crackle of mushrooms' is arleady added :P, but it looks like you can't hear them :) dripping water doesn't have any sound.

@Mejson Yeah, you can try doing that, for me personally, the piano and the soundtrack are not in tune, which creates a, "disagreement" in my brain

OK, I'll do it, but... I'm not as gifted musically as you :P I have a bit above average matching the image to the sound XD So it's not super, heheh :) My abilities are not at the level of yours and I'm not able to to choose it at such a you high level :P I envy your hearing like this :) It's amazing! But tell me, is my feeling 'horror' correct? I have learned from watching numerous films (a movie buff) that in order to emphasize a given moment (scare the viewer) - for example, a Zombie attack, you have to use the "scary_moment" sound that I used? Maybe I just didn't choose corectly "those" sounds for this music? I believe that in order to choose these sounds better it is already a higher level of "hearing", which I do not have :/

Hmm, after I rewatched it a couple times, it kinda sounds fine, maybe just drop down the volume of the piano a bit yes? :)

I will reduce it, but... I think you're right :) Maybe it's the wrong (mismatched) sound scary_moment? Consider that the longer you listen to something, the more your mind gets used to it and can make milder judgments :P

Do you have any idea for "those" scary_moment sounds?

Hey everyone!

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, @Mazurek and Rashty92, I think we "healed" all the "clashes" in this fragment of the animation :) Well, all the additional sounds (except music) were set to 25% volume and in my opinion it's great! Now they do not cause such "clashes" :P And the sounds of the characters are new :) Our music magician created better :) and we used these :)

I think now is better

Now? I have not updated anywhere yet :P

@MariogD @Mejson ok so it seems to be better to watch on NG player than flash exe. Or it was just power of suggestion

Funny situation :P Just before you wrote your message, I managed to update :P Hehehehe XD So it is possible that you checked the new version :P Ok... already updated XD

@Mejson Sure, I'll try to make more scary sounds ;)

OK, thanks! :P

@Mejson Just don't overuse scary sounds, it makes the scene cluttered with different sounds that are not really needed.

Like I said, my suggestion for scene 1 is that you should replace the scary piano sounds with sounds that correlate to the transition (e.g. for the water dropping animation, just use water droplet sound, and for the mushroom pop, just use the mushroom pop sound effect), that way, the scene will not be cluttered with unnecessary sounds.

Well, don't abuse it.

So is this latest version good? I set the sounds quieter and they don't disturb any more, yes?

@Mejson Yeah. it's better, but I still prefer changing the tense piano sounds with the correlating animation (e.g. water droplets with water droplet sounds, mushroom popping with mushroom popping sound only). It is a lot less cluttered that way, what do you think?

I checked the version without these sounds and it is somehow bland - no stress and I don't feel as anxious as before. I removed the sound tense_piano_5 - the one at the end because it was redundant. Some sounds must be, maybe you suggest a different sounds scary_moment? Although I think these are ok now.

@Mejson Yeah, perhaps I'll try to make different sound effects that would correlate with the animation without disturbing the song in the background, I'll see what I can do.

Thank you very much my friend, I don't know what I would do without you :)

@ChordC, you probably noticed that I used your sounds: "Running Pant 1 + Heartbeat" and "Running Pant 2 + Heartbeat", they're awesome! Regarding "Heavy Panting + Heartbeat 1 Fast" I think it will suit the Zip behavior (squat out of breath), but probably shorter (if I do the animation next, I see how long it will be needed) :)

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, @Mazurek, I have amazing news :P Soon I will finish the upload of the animation - new super version with amazing sounds @ChordC :D I'm very impressed! I wonder what you think :)

@Animetion24, I'm starting to worry about you... are you okay? You were gone for a while here.

@Mejson @Cyberdevil @Animetion24 @MariogD @SayMeBott @Mazurek Just doing my part gentlemen ;), glad to be in this project :D. Still working on "Set me Free".

I hope @Animetion24 is alright.

Also modest :) Cool :) Very cool :P We're waiting for the whole song :)

Me too...

Sounds awesome. :) Will there be any more posters before then, or this the final test now?

Thanks! Hmmmmm... this is the moment XD I just finished training (cardio and dumbbells) and I'm tired XD eeeeee I don't understand what you mean :P

@ChordC new sounds are cool.Thank you for your support!

@ChordC, thank you on behalf of the whole crew (even those who don't contribute - most XD)!

Nice. :) I mean are you planning to publish right now? Final time to test before publication?

Hmmmmm? The last version is already published - Scene 1 (Part I) :P That's why I didn't understand what you mean :P

Ahh I think I misunderstood your earlier message. XD My bad. 'Soon I will finish the upload of the animation - new super version with amazing sounds ChordC' - thought you were just about to publish the new part in its entirety. But: update! Got it. Nice.

I'm so sorry, language barrier. I think and write about like "Pole" Hehehehe, well ... at last I'm XD

Did seem a bit too soon!

How is it too soon? :P

@ChordC, is your new masterpiece: "Set me Free (Quality Choice)" the epitome / essence of Freedom? I'm wondering about the right picture for this music (in Playlist)? If so... I have something super perfect :D

And by the way, I used function to sort the list of these songs 'From A to Z' :P I think it's a cool idea :) considering that they are not added in the code one by one due to the order in the animation.

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