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@ChordC, how are you? Ok? Have you worked on this subtitle music for creators etc?

This looks pretty cool. :) Like someone just sliced off a part of land here... looking forward to seeing how this looks in animation/in part.

Thanks! (Better now, I corrected). Well... it won't be shown very much, rather a clipping :)

@Mejson song is almost done, just need to create the outro and do some mastering

How did the cliff form in the first place? It looked like someone cut a section of the ground cleanly, I wonder is someone did that intentionally ;)

Now it looks better (according to the correction @SeyMeBott) is more colorfully varied, especially since 'Scene 2' contains morning, which is strong yellow light.

And it's hard to say... maybe someone did it on purpose, or maybe not :P We'll never know :D Honestly, I have no idea XD

@Mejson oh yeah, I made the song creepy, similar to ‘Over your Shoulder’ and ‘Reduction’, I personally think it will fit the mood of the intro, unlike the ‘ding dong ding dong’ song you have in the intro at the moment :P

Uuuuuu, up like that? I can not wait! If you think it will fit, so it surely will! I believe you have great taste :)

Hehehehehehe, didn't you like it? This how I felt it :P

1) Maybe it's not a brightness problem - Maybe it's a matter of color?
2) 'tired' - remove this word from your dictionary |:

1) Edited: I gave a different brightness differentiation and I think it's much better :P
Brightness is also color.

2) I don't understand.

PS. Thanks for comment! Like now? Much better?

@Mejson generally looks better. But.. right side in my opinion is brighter than left (deliberate action?), almost glowing, Im not sure.. :/

Yes of course. On the left you have a cross-section (the camera shows a certain slice of the landscape) and on the right you have an empty space / hole (sunlight is falling). That is why it must be so.

Just might pause that clipping to see how it looks for real then. ;) Nice!

During the animation, the depression will be shown to the end of the roots (when Mazurek looks there) :P

Good to know :)

Okay :) How are you, mate? :D

I'm alright, trying to get started with a better work-out regime/diet now. :) Eating good; feeling good; accomplishing all the more because of it hopefully! How about you?

Great idea :) I'm fine, I exercise and I don't drink alcohol and I don't eat fast food... and I'm tired XD Yes, only good food!

Same here, though suppose I've been having too much snacks the past couple months now. :) Ahh maybe you just need more vitamins? D-vitamin? Been increasing my intake of that recently too, usually helps with the winter depression/tiredness thing.

Forgive me for writing back only now, but yesterday... I was very tired. Uuuuu, you can't eat snacks :P I'm taking vitamins, D-Vitum Forte 2x 2000j.m. I have the impression that everything is going twice as slow because I'm often tired from strength exercises, but it brings good results. Well, maybe not necessarily depression, but definitely a lot of loneliness because I don't meet anyone. I don't remember the last time I saw my brother - @MariogD, recently I haven't been to a party because my grandmother hasn't been vaccinated yet and I didn't want to risk her life... it looks like that is now our live... lonely / alone.

The problem is I CAN eat snacks. XD Sometimes I do wish I couldn't!!! Ah that's a pretty good dose, more than most of the people I'm trying to convince to take more. That's 50 µg right? Same as 2000 IE? Currently taking about 7-9000/day, so just about double. :) Took a test earlier and apparently I need more, was going on 2-5000/day before this.

In the long run then you should be all the more energetic hmm. :) Feels like exercise one day makes you all the more effective the next. Or just a quick walk at the start of the day: suuuuch a big difference in my workflow after that!!!

Mmm, ain't that the truth... it's a good thing there's the Internet.

Of course you can! I don't forbid you :P Why couldn't you? Well, lots of vitamin D :P Everyone needs a lot of vitamin D, especially since everyone is sitting at home now, or at least they should...

Well... in my case, not XD, maybe because I'm a man who doesn't have too much energy, hmmm I never had :P A quick walk? Sometimes with XD's mom

If there was no internet it would be a big problem...

Usually a 5000 IE capsule in the morning and 1-2 on 2000 IE later during the day btw, if you wonder about the range.

I take 4000 in the morning at breakfast :P

@Mejson yes, we have not seen recently each other. When you grandma will be vacinated?

My grandmother was vaccinated on Friday (for the first time).

@Mejson Just remember that vaccines take some time to work properly in your body, so just wait a few days after your grandma is vaccinated before you visit here. Sometimes you need to take more than one shot of vaccines in order for them to work effectively, so keep that in mind ;)

I know, in mine it's still a long time before we can get vaccinated :P Will I come to you? :D Grandma is fine, but she will get vaccinated a second time later :) Well, I'm not seeing anyone.

@Mejson correction: suppose to be, "visit her" :P

Ohhhh, ok :P

Hehe well it isn't the healthiest habit. XD But yes. Can but won't! New habits of which I am now prone! Indeed, and even more so during the wonder. :) Wonder how much you get naturally from the sun otherwise, I've never tested my levels before but I think I'll check again during summer, would be interesting to know...

Ah could that really be it... it's possible, though thinking maybe you just need more nutrients, or sleep, or something else to really harness the energy you should be able to have. :) XD's? Sounds good, usually go on a quick lunch walk with my mom too these work-from-home days. :)


I'm sure it will be okay :)

I think I'm not used to it and also my body too :P That's why I need a lot of sleep. That's cool too :)

Breakfast's the best time yeah. :) I get the impression everything's a bit more effective when you spread it out a bit when it comes to larger doses, so thus my splitting them up a bit. Usually D-vitamin for breakfast, then a little more for lunch + magnesium citrate/occasionally B12 or B vitamins, then a bit more magnesium citrate for dinner + anything else I'm taking, like fish oil/zinc/probiotics aaand finally some magnesium glycinate/malate and quercetin right before bed. :) C-vitamin between meals a few times too.

Yes, breakfast is important :D But today I don't feel like it... XD. Rightly. :) Nice :)

*during the WINTER XD

Okay :P

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott, yesterday I started an animation :P I hope that somehow I will create because it's hard to mobilize and motivate XD But I will try :)

Yeah that could be. :) Takes time to get into things. It's like that spring tiredness, for some reason just can't seem to escape it! Takes a while to get used to the warmth and sun and all; chase the winter weariness away...

Been skipping breakfast too sometimes if I'm just not hungry, or get up too late, intermittent fasting's good too. :) Still take the vitamins regardless though.

Good luck on the new animation!

Unfortunately, you will not run away from your fatigue and yourself :P In Poland it is snowing and then it melts... and so on all the time... It's terribly irritating, especially since I don't like winter.

Not good... don't skip breakfast because it's the most important meal of the day :) You can skip dinner :P Yes, I'm taking :P

Ehhhhh, as usual the language barrier and misunderstanding XD... I mean I started 'Scene 2' in Reduce animation XD Cool :P

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