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Flash isn't dead... he's still alive in my heart... don't worry my brothers :)

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What program are using using to convert to MP4? Swivel?

Also, "Steve" reminds me of my good friend StrawberryClock. Was the strawberry color scheme intentional?

Unfortunately, most of the free software is not able to convert my animations... :/ I bought quite expensive program: 'iLike SWF to Video Converter', which is very powerful and provides many options (different movie formats and all resolutions).

Ohhh, interesting :) And he is also this: powerful and noble, and at the same time he likes to tease (in a good way) and kick ass (even while training)? :P

Hehehe XD But he's red :P Although red, or strawberry, it's similar :P His color (red: D) reflects his character :)

I can't watch any of your SWF entries because I never got NG Flash Player to work after Chrome updates messed it up. Ruffle doesn't appear to be enabled on your uploads.. Are they compatible?

Ohhhh... just realized you meant a photo in this poster? It's not Steve... it's not Steve anymore... it's Steve Zombie who has been changed by the mushroom: 'Ophiocordyceps unilateralis':

Unfortunately, it's impossible to watch anymore... that's why we're converting our animations to .mp4...

My projects... are completely incompatible with 'Ruffle'... I use the latest Flash program and AS3.0 (only this is available in the latest Flash) because only this version of Flash is 64 bit, and my animations, which are even 1.5 GB in the .fla file, are not able to function normally on older versions of the program (they crash with older program versions).

They are currently working on 'Ruffle' for AS2.0... They probably need much more time for AS3.0... Probably not this year...

Holy hell, that fungus is CRAZY. I never heard of that before!

Yes it's true! It's hard to believe that there is such a thing... Well, I think it's an interesting case and you will like 'Part II' (.mp4), which will be released soon - if we handle the text and the highest resolution (1080p). :)

@Mejson do you have plan to convert Reduce I or even Counter-Strikes movies?

Good question... first I would have to "correct" 'Reduce 1' - completely rebuild and re-create this movie with the whole crew... It's probably after the Reduce series is over...

As for Counter-Strikes... I don't know when...

@Pop-Tart The fungus which turns ants into zombies exists in real life as well (search it up if don’t believe me). @Mejson is most likely inspired from from that ;)

Yes, I provided a link to 'Wikipedia' :)
It's also true, it inspired me :P

@Pop-Tart did you try the latest file replacement fix here? https://sonucais.newgrounds.com/news/post/1137244

It's been updated a few times, so maybe that could do it, Have NG Player running fine over here right now. Using Chrome too. Though not sure why the standalone player would be affected by the browser.

Can help :)

Update looks good. :) Though again would be great if @Animetion24 has some time for that description...

OK thanks! Yes, I suspect our wonderful @Animetion24 will help, I suspect he's not on NG every day.

Alright, let's give this Commentary a shot:

-Acknowledging the filetype and Resolution:
I think we can repeat it once more for the 2nd of 2 parts of Reduce II. For future installments, I reckon we should give the audience the benefit of a doubt as for why we're uploading this way.

As for resolution, should be good once/if 1080p is complete. I understand we've been having difficulties with the quality though, so we could probably use a sit down to decide what should be the recommendation, and maybe if it depends on what devices viewers would be using.

-Previously on Reduce:
"Mejson and his company bring Steve into their ranks. Undoubtedly a powerful ally, he would greatly assist their efforts to explore the grass forest and live through it. During one of these travels, they happened upon a fortress, occupied by even more friendly survivors.
With a chosen sanctuary to return to, the team journeys on to discover what else may lurk in this land. But if it was further relief they were hoping for, it was dashed the moment they came across a familiar threat transformed. And it was shattered when Steve was slaughtered before everyone's eyes."

-On this part of Reduce:
"The company does their best to recover from all the abuse, physically and psychologically, of their decisive defeat against the mutated ants. Morale is at a new low, and it leads to rancor between the remaining survivors. Mejson finds it difficult to keep everyone on task, especially when the memories of Steve are transforming into nightmares. It is not helped at all by how the threat soon becomes all too real, and brings along a nasty new discovery on top of it.
Moving ahead is the right course of action. But if all it leads to is more tragedy and misfortune, would even the most fortified be willing to go on?"

"We appreciate your continued viewership. We hope that you'll continue alongside us as we advance on this wild, whirlwind ride."

Yeah, adding the previous part should be all that's necessary.

As always, I am very impressed :P I like the descriptions of situations :) You made it up great! Admirable and respect! :) :D

The original issue he started posting about is what I'm experiencing. I did try the config file replacements he posted.

But you managed to "unlock" Flash Player (NG Player)?

I think that in SWF versions' Extras' is great, in which you can find character descriptions :) It gives a great idea of the complexity of our characters' characters and understanding of behavior :D

Update: I was able to generate the 1080p version, but I don't recommend XD is quite slow :P (I'll add this resolution tonight - midnight). Also, please, @Plasmarift to approve adding to the project :) And we'll be ready. :D

@Cyberdevil, @Animetion24, @ChordC, @MariogD, @SayMeBott and also @Little-Rena, @Pop-Tart, @RobertClock, @Anonymous-Frog (if you like), I ask you, when do you think we should Publishing this project? Please select a day :) (the time is always - 11:00 AM EST)

@Mejson For me, just upload it when the project is ready. Maybe upload it after you wake up the next day ;)

Okay, we'll see what others say :)

Just edit the original project to include the MP4 file.

We don't edit the 'old' publications, but add new ones, especially since we are giving a new description - as above (including Poster) :)

@Mejson I'm able to run 1080p videos just fine. What computer are you running this on?

I was talking about 'Capturing' an animation by a conversion program. During this process (for high resolutions) the processor is heavily loaded. :)

@Anonymous-Frog @Mejson You can replace the description

Hehehe, ok, I know :P It's about the principle that: "The past is history, which contains its mistakes, which we learn on then and leave for memory."

@Pop-Tart the one at the top of the post: 'I personally can't recommend using the browser Flash plugins (Chrome/Firefox) anymore, it can be risky for your computer from now on' bit? Something with that that messed up things for anything else you try? Or the ORIGINAL BLOG ENTRY further down? If it's the first I suppose this is outside my realm of expertise, but if you're just getting the block icon shown when you try to load a file here's a slimmed down version of that thing I posted elsewhere, I feel like you're probably way more well-versed with the workings of Flash than I am and probably know all about this stuff though but if not:

All you should really need is the file in this archive: https://www.joycot.com/downloads/flash/mms.zip

...replaced in both of these places:

And this: https://www.newgrounds.com/flash/player

Preferably with an older version of the Flash Player, personally I'm using (coincidentally the same one the guide reccomends): https://archive.org/details/flashplayerarchive

Recently our founder added:

,it follows that the new version of NG Player already includes the configuration / modification of mms.cfg in the installation process :)

@Pop-Tart should maybe also note the player should probably preferably also have updates set to manual. If you have a newer version you might need to uninstall that one first.

Well-worded as always @Animetion24. :) Regarding upload day maybe Tuesday or Thursday? At least competition always feels heavier on weekends, but there's probably a lot of people trying to figure out the best possible days to upload now so maybe it doesn't really matter after all. If you want to avoid competing with at least one popular artist though: https://illwillpress.newgrounds.com/news/post/1141388

I understand, it comes out that on Tuesday he doesn't add anything :P

I have not heard that principle before. I also don't understand why this would warrant a brand new submission for such minor changes.

The Flash (SWF) version also has more content (beautiful descriptions etc) that we wouldn't want to be forgotten / replaced. :)

Ah that NG Player update we've all been waiting for. :D Nice. You're in the loop more than I am right now, good knowing.

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