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Reduce 2 - Summary (Tip and Cooperation)

Posted by Mejson - November 27th, 2020


Welcome everyone!

Due to the fact that the previous Poster (update) was "small", today (a day later) the next one :P As you can see, there were a few fixes, and the time to release is so near, so I want to show everything in front of the Publication Poster (informing about pre-production tests and release date) :P So little time, so many Posters XD

Here is the last Poster with changes / additions in Reduce 2 - Summary :) It's:

  • in this project I set 'Quality' to 'Medium', as it turned out that in most cases / situations there are 'Lags',
  • the above solution gave the reason for 'Tip' (on the left in the Main Menu), which perfectly informs about the current quality of the project and ensures and explains the functioning changes Quality,
  • while on the right side we have information (Promo Commercial XD) about the possibility of joining our Crew / cooperation. This text is from the Poster that promoted Reduce 2, so it's written correctly :) It's perfect - fits perfectly and looks :P

I think that these are great additions / updates that fit perfectly into the whole project :)

Those who have not yet managed to download LOGO, and would like to invite you to this Poster: LOGO_POSTER

What do you think about it, @MariogD@Animetion24, and @Cyberdevil? I updated both the swf in the project and the exe file, so feel free to watch and opinion :)





Comments (34)

Poster intensity increasing hmm. :) Looks good, though should have more time to test fully in a day or two, so few days now...

Thank you! :) It's nice that you like it :) Well... yes, and in fact you can :P This is the finished version :P There are not only 5 character animations that have no impact on the tests :P It's rather a matter of whether someone is willing :) As usual, you can click in the format: EXE and SWF.

You know what? It's probably the 5th time I've entered NG when you exactly add a smile and a comment at moment :P What is the probability of something like that? xD

Fifth in a row?! :D That is pretty crazy...

Nice, will be away most of tomorrow but we shall see, soon as possible then...

I feel when you come here :P Hehehehehehe XD

Cool :) When you have time :P

@Mazurek and @Bott tested and found no errors :) Bott had comments on the structure, but at the planning stage there should be such comments :P Now it's too late :P But in my opinion everything is explained :)

Me personally and my brother @MariogD tested the project and we did not find any bugs, so it's probably ok :P We are waiting for your tests :)

Big PLUS for:
+ good character details

Thanks! @SayMeBott, you mean the details of the character's appearance? We have them for a long time :)

@Mejson exactly :3

Ohh, I understand... we keep the quality level all the time :P

How are you @Cyberdevil? I'm working on the last character animation, I should finished tomorrow afternoon :P

I'm finally done! Phew! I am tired :P Today I have to rest and generally clean up my apartment... well, it worked :)

Hey, sorry for the delay as usual, finally got a moment to go through it in full. I haven't actually completed all the puzzles yet, hopefully no bugs there, but regarding everything else...


- Seems like the - and + symbols for the volume control might work to control the volume too, tried clicking those first. :) Maybe those don't really need to be there at all when they're not clickable? Since a volume slider generally works the same way, and you can see the percentage increase? Not a big thing but just a thought there.

- (fastly) > (faster)

- The 'JOIN US!' box, maybe it could actually link to a newspost with more details on this? Or open a 'send PM' window?
- The X on 'all music used' box is maybe a bit difficult to find? I know there's a 'tip' here but it still took a second to see it. :) Would it be possible to have it so you can also click the ESC key to go back? I seem to press this instinctively for windows like this, so that'd be a quick shortcut. Again a very minor detail but...

- the 'and next category (on the left)' text on character page maybe better shown only when a character has been selected?

- The .exe/NG Player buttons, curious if they make a difference? Seems I can choose .exe version via the NG Player too, and vice versa?

Summary texts:


- The uncertain mind > An uncertain mind?


- this nickname reads the -> this nickname reads


- 'but one crisis after the other have shown that this is not who he is underneath and other options to fight are available' a bit run on, maybe comma before 'and other options'?
- the narcissism > his narcissism?


- might be good with a comma after 'self-sacrificing man'


- The switches in past and present tense here... were they intentional? Feel like it was mentioned in an earlier post...
- One possible fix either way: found themselves in > find themselves in


- better life > life better
- maybe 'of the team, the' to 'of the team. The'

That's all I got here. :) Seems everything works great, just those puzzles that'll take a while to test, maybe not enough time before release now...

No problem, don't worry! :) It's important that you found the time :P

Navigation Music - when creating this... I thought about it, but when you reach the volume limit, the button activity disappears (the button is grayed out) :P But I came to the point that this is an exaggeration and these symbols are only to "symbolize" the volume.

Typo: (fastly) > (faster) - FIXED

The 'JOIN US!' box - newspost with more details? Or open a 'send PM' window? I have no idea how to do this... for what other project? We do not have such... I would have to create, but I do not know if it makes sense because there is no problem to contact us at NG XD

The X on 'all music used' box - this button position is the same for all opening windows :P This is a special place on the leaf (the 'X' has its place and is not 'hanging' in the air). Hmm, clicking ESC to close? Maybe, but... this is used for 'Full Screen' / 'Normal Screen'. I would have to add many conditions... because one button to close many windows. It can spoil everything...

- the 'and next category (on the left)' - it couldn't be better... I don't know how I could do it better. Other ways I tried caused bugs and inconsistency...

The .EXE / NG Player buttons - change the possibilities of using e.g. EXE - full screen, application closing button etc.

Summary texts:
Still to be improved? I didn't expect it... I thought it was OK :P Okay, I'll correct it.

'The uncertain mind> An uncertain mind?' (Mejson) - there is no such text...

'This nickname reads the -> this nickname reads' (Zip) - FIXED


I don't know where you found it... I don't see this text in 'Hero'> 'Info'... :/

No need to change all of this of course, just notes. :P Trying to be as scrutinizing as possible! Hope you get that rest and clean up time too!

But is this text wrong? Or not? Because I don't know what it is anymore...

Interface: sounds like you really thought about this too, nice. :)

Regarding the JOIN US! box, of course it's still easy for users to send a PM either way, but it might be more incentive with a newspost about the application progress, what they can contribute with, what people we need, things like that? And then you could link to said newspost via that 'button'. Just a thought though, maybe too much work right now!

Ah right, I haven't navigated enough opening windows yet I suppose. XD With this particular one I don't believe there was any other pop-over than this... but anyway, if it's a complication with ESC then no worries.

Ah, good to know.

The more you revise something the more you notice. XD Yeah...

Ah 'The uncertain mind> An uncertain mind?' I think is under his vitals/status? That was the one thing you didn't find here right?

'JOIN US! box'- much too late for that... I don't know to what' application progress', I don't know :/

I don't know why to change the text... and I don't know where (most of), you gave too little precision... for my current state :/

Ah yes, if you can change all the text-based suggestions that'd be great, all should be improvements there!

Aha, all of them? I believe all these things are under character summaries. Should I mention which section for these? Not possible to search/replace via Notepad or similar?

*all except for the one with Mejson, but maybe there's some other exception....

I can give it another run tonight; give more details as to the text locations if you need them. Otherwise these are all minor things of course, not important if time is short.

Just always aiming for perfecting as per the proofreader way. ;)

No text (I don't know where you found it... am I crazy?):

Mejson - The uncertain mind > An uncertain mind?

MariodG - 'but one crisis after the other have shown that this is not who he is underneath and other options to fight are available' a bit run on, maybe comma before 'and other options'?

Jimmy - might be good with a comma after 'self-sacrificing man'

@Cyberdevil @Mejson All of them are in the text, please search better

Ok, I corrected :P I woke up and improved... I was too tired :)

Ah you found them all? XD Lemme know if there's still some lose end there. Sounds like a MUCH needed rest there...

I found, my brother @MariogD helped me :P It looks like it's all :) A bit of a nap and I'm like new XD

Awesome. :) It's amazing what a quick nap can really do!

Yes of course! :P :P :P

@MariogD, @Animetion24, and @Cyberdevil...

I regret to say that the script that is to check (in the project) whether a given medal is unlocked - does not work :/

There will be complaints about it if anyone notices it :/

Well, it was impossible to check it on 'production': /

Ah that's a shame... though seems medals still unlock as they should? Or have been until now? It seems the one I unlocked earlier registered then at least.

Is this possible to fix you think?

Of course, it's fine on the NG side. Our project simply does not remember it on reboot (if someone closes it).

It is impossible to fix... apparently the scripts on NG do not work as they should, or we made a mistake somewhere... well, hard :P

Why can't I make a playlist: movies + games? I am disappointed with that... I wanted the whole list here: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/098d93dbc80aa13ee0ee33e05f6fc26a

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