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Mejson's News

Posted by Mejson - June 29th, 2014



Greetings to all of our fans and fans of Counter Strike !

Long time ago there was a new "Poster".
This screen shows New Adventure! - Reduce.
This is a new role-playing adventure with all the characters (a total of 20 characters in the entire saga). So, it will be saga - counting 4 or 5 parts. Each character has different abilities and individual approaches to the situation in which he found himself. Reduce animation will be full of twists and humor, and full of fatal dangers from which few will come unscathed health.

Posted by Mejson - May 9th, 2013


long time ago there was a new "Poster".
This screen shows one of the categories - "Characters".
It's an intuitive interface and the ability to zoom in on (to solve) for a clear views.
Besides, it is described above buttons "Back" and "Music".

Please write as You like it :}


Mejson's Puzzle - Poster #2

Posted by Mejson - February 26th, 2013


The project which I currently working on is a "Mejson's Puzzle". It is an interactive puzzle game with many levels of difficulty and special animations that you can unlock. These animations that aren't upload in the "newgrounds.com".


Mejson's Puzzle

Posted by Mejson - January 14th, 2013


especially for my fans I put links to the different wallpapers that can be downloaded below... :)


Bott* - 1024x768 - Bott*
Bott* - 1280x1024 - Bott*
Bott* - 1600x1200 - Bott*

Candy - 1024x768 - Candy
Candy - 1280x1024 - Candy
Candy - 1600x1200 - Candy

Diablo - 1024x768 - Diablo
Diablo - 1280x1024 - Diablo
Diablo - 1600x1200 - Diablo

Pawelo - 1024x768 - Pawelo
Pawelo - 1280x1024 - Pawelo
Pawelo - 1600x1200 - Pawelo

Jason - 1024x768 - Jason
Jason - 1280x1024 - Jason
Jason - 1600x1200 - Jason

MariogD - 1024x768 - MariogD
MariogD - 1280x1024 - MariogD
MariogD - 1600x1200 - MariogD

Mazurek - 1024x768 - Mazurek
Mazurek - 1280x1024 - Mazurek
Mazurek - 1600x1200 - Mazurek

Mejson - 1024x768 - Mejson
Mejson - 1280x1024 - Mejson
Mejson - 1600x1200 - Mejson

Steve - 1024x768 - Steve
Steve - 1280x1024 - Steve
Steve - 1600x1200 - Steve

Stuk - 1024x768 - Stuk
Stuk - 1280x1024 - Stuk
Stuk - 1600x1200 - Stuk

Zip - 1024x768 - Zip
Zip - 1280x1024 - Zip
Zip - 1600x1200 - Zip


Wallpapers for download...:)

Posted by Mejson - December 7th, 2012


This Poster is dedicated to the overall situation of CS.SiFvsSa2C # 5...

Here we will discuss the current situation and problems associated with this movie... so please ask questions and I answer them all... :)


Discussion about CS.SiFvsSa2C # 5

Posted by Mejson - November 27th, 2012


I'm back !!!

I'm so sorry, that I haven't been writing so long...

I finished master's studies recently ...

Now I continue making Mortal Kombat Stick and I have almost finished this ...

On this poster I put all version of character's Scorpion and Yes I will make Mortal Kombat Stick 2...

I finish 94% Mortal Kombat Stick...


Mortal Kombat Stick - 90% finished

Posted by Mejson - October 9th, 2011


now is time to show "Review of death" which there is in "game statistics", when You can always see reviews of characters' death...

You can watch a review of select death indefinitely when you click on the button with an arrow what an attached screen shows :P

You can also (if you like) click on the button with an arrow to see this short animation from the start...

The review of new short animation is added when you see it in main animation...

PS. My first cousin forgot making an article about Rowny... but nobody worries :)

PS. 2 Everytihng ( that means "game statistics") occupies 1056 lines to use code of scripts :)


New Informations about SiFvsSa2C#5! (4)

Posted by Mejson - September 1st, 2011

I have pleasure to show you my movie which I did on university. It's 3D animation. Unfortunetely it's so big that I had to use programs like rapidshare.

When You download all parts you have to "combine" files ( I do this in program "Total Commander")

http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/67617327 /file.html
http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/17241289 /file.html
http://www38.zippyshare.com/v/19198854 /file.html
http://www65.zippyshare.com/v/31818039 /file.html
http://www65.zippyshare.com/v/87921457 /file.html
http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/83536248 /file.html

Ps Interview with Rowny is done :)

Mantrap - My 3D movie

Posted by Mejson - August 23rd, 2011

Hey, have You ever troubles with music in Animations, haven't You?

Yes we too... ,

so we did special tab in "game statistics" when You always can check all songs in SiFvsSa2C#5 :)

PS. In the next post a big article about Rowny, his change, and big interview with him...
PS. 2 Thanks for questions to him, we use them and tell from who they are
PS. 3 Everytihng ( that means "game statistics") occupies 524 lines to use code of scripts :)


New Informations about SiFvsSa2C#5! (3)

Posted by Mejson - August 17th, 2011

Regards :)

Do You remember "characters" from SiFvsSa2C#4? We remeber and revamped it!

1. Now You can see how many people and zombies our player has killed
2. We added system of levelling. If level is higher, that player has better skills
3. We changed a bit skills of players because sometimes there weren't suitable

BTW In the nearest futere you will see very interesting interview with Rowny. If you have some questions to him, please write in a comments :)

PS. Little mystery. Could You tell us ,which player is this screen :D?

New Informations about SiFvsSa2C#5! (2)